Lima Time (Out)

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from the BBC’s Hannah Hennessy :

A Chilean airline promotional video allegedly depicting Lima as a pigsty has sparked a row between Peru and its Latin American neighbour.

Peru’s government says it is suing a unit of the Chilean airliner LAN over the material which it says misrepresents the capital Lima.

This latest spat appears to have revived old grievances.

(on the left, a genuine pigsty. on the right, renowned supermodel Adriana Lima)

Peru will also protest to Santiago over alleged armed sales to Ecuador in the 1990s when the two nations were at war.

The main newspapers in Peru on Saturday expressed their outrage with headlines such as “Protest” and “Chile Must Explain Itself”.

The Peruvian government says it is filing a lawsuit against LAN Peru, which is Peru’s top airline and a unit of the Chilean flag carrier LAN.

It is angry at an in-flight video about Peru which included old images of a man urinating in the street and gutters filled with litter.

Members of congress complained that the video, which was intended to promote adventure tourism, showed Peru as a pigsty.

The airline has apologised and withdrawn the film and three of its senior executives have resigned.

But this was not enough to stop angry Peruvians smashing the windows of one of its offices.

Have You Seen This Man?

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If so, please get in touch with Jeff Van Gundy. He was last seen on the hardwood at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas for the first 3 quarters of today’s Mavs/Rockets game.

I don’t wanna be a snitch, but going toe to toe with Pete Rose and Mike Tyson wasn’t nearly enough preperation for Jim Gray’s interview with Carmelo Anthony’s mom.

Bud’s New ‘Roid Rage

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The New York Times’ Jack Curry on Bud Selig’s bold new plan to rid baseball of the scourge of (some) illegal substances.

Commissioner Bud Selig wants major league players to adopt a stricter policy against performance-enhancing substances that would include a 50-game suspension for a first offense and a permanent ban after a third offense, as well as a prohibition on amphetamines.

In a letter sent Monday to Donald Fehr, the executive director of the players union, Selig outlined stricter policies he hoped would be adopted in their drug-testing agreement. Selig’s letter, a copy of which was provided by a Major League Baseball official, seeks a 100-game suspension for the second offense.

Under the current policies, which went into effect in March, a first-time offender receives a 10-game suspension, a second-timer 30 games and a third-timer 60. A fourth-time offender is out for one year, and a player who tests positive a fifth time is punished at the commissioner’s discretion. Selig called his proposal a “three strikes and you are out” plan.

“I recognize the need for progressive discipline,” Selig wrote, “but a third-time offender has no place in the game. Steroid users cheat the game. After three offenses, they have no place in it.”

In addition, Selig said that amphetamines should be included as part of banned performance-enhancing substances. While amphetamines are banned in the minor leagues, baseball has no punishment for amphetamine use by players on 40-man rosters in the majors.

The proposal drew a mixed reaction among players.

“That would get it out of the game, in a heartbeat,” Kansas City Royals pitcher Brian Anderson told the Associated Press.

Jason Phillips, the Dodgers’ catcher and a former Met, was skeptical. “Put me on the record as saying that’s ridiculous – I mean, until they come up with a list of banned substances,” he told The Associated Press. “They still don’t know what you can buy over the counter and what you can’t buy.”

By making these proposals to Fehr six weeks after both men were pressured at a Congressional hearing investigating steroids, Selig is shifting some of the onus of strengthening testing to the players.

Yeah, no kidding. No mention of any sort of punative action against teams or owners who have reaped the rewards (in the standings or at the box office) of their players’ superhuman strength.

Lenny Dykstra will bet any one of you $20K that this will never get past the Players Association.

Zeke Has Coaching Candidate By The Neck

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Is Isiah Thomas putting a little mustard on the head-hunt? The Newark Star Ledger’s David Waldstein on the latest name to enter the Knicks’ coaching search, former Seton Hall fixture P.J. Carlesimo.

Spurs general manager R.C. Buford gave a strong endorsement of P.J. Carlesimo, the assistant coach of the Spurs under serious consideration for the Knicks head coaching job.

As The Star-Ledger reported Wednesday, Knicks president Isiah Thomas recently contacted Carlesimo (above) about the job — in fact, ESPN Radio reported yesterday that the two met in San Antonio after Thomas met with Phil Jackson in Los Angeles — and Carlesimo is developing into a legitimate candidate for the Knicks head coaching job.

Although this is his 26th year of coaching, including stops at Seton Hall, the Trail Blazers and Warriors, Carlesimo has been linked in recent years to the ugly incident in 1999 in which he was attacked and choked by Latrell Sprewell when the two were at Golden State.

But Buford said that one incident should not tarnish Carlesimo, especially if Sprewell was able to move on from it. Carlesimo was fired by Golden State later that year, and has never had another head coaching offer.

McMullen On The Celtics’ Inability To Keep Pace

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The Boston Globe’s Jackie McMullen is never lovelier nor smarter than when she’s agreeing with me.

This shouldn’t be happening.

If I were Doc Rivers, that’s what I’d be telling my basketball team this morning. I’d pull out the stat sheet and go down the Indiana Pacers’ roster, player by player, and explain to the Celtics in explicit terms just who they are trailing, 2-1, in this first-round playoff series.

Start with point guard Anthony Johnson, a career backup who cheerfully concedes he will always be a backup, and is just keeping the seat warm in case Jamaal Tinsley (injured foot) ever gets well. Johnson dished out eight assists in Thursday’s Pacers win in Game 3. He’s killing the Celtics by dictating tempo. That simply defies logic.

There’s All-Star Jermaine O’Neal, whose shoulder was so painful after Game 3 he couldn’t lift his hand above his waist. O’Neal also had his right ankle checked by the medical staff after the game, but was mum on the reason. O’Neal is encased in ice after every game, a nifty impersonation of Nolan Ryan after throwing nine innings of fastballs. It was a wise strategy to make Indiana’s big fella pay with hard fouls every time he ventured inside, but even that backfired when Antoine Walker took it one step too far and got himself tossed. Advantage, O’Neal.

The mercurial Stephen Jackson, the only player in this series who has a championship ring (he snagged his with San Antonio two seasons ago), played 33 minutes on a balky left knee that made it darn near impossible to keep up with Paul Pierce in the opening half. Pierce wisely took advantage of the mismatch — for a while. But when Boston closed within 7 and needed a big basket from its captain, why take a three against a guy who is having issues with mobility? Take him to the hole. Make it hurt. Make the kid work.

Junior Burns While Rome Fiddles

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Though he’s unlikely to go Jim Everett on Jim Rome’s ass anytime soon, Ken Griffey Jr. bristles at criticism from the radio/tv yackmeister writes the Dayton Daily News’ Sean McCelland.

“The sooner you shut it down, the sooner you get to Cooperstown,” went Rome’s TV take.

Rome has bashed Griffey through the years. Griffey thinks it’s because he has refused several invitations to appear on his nationally syndicated radio show.

“I’m not one of his little clonies,” Griffey said. “I should retire just because I haven’t hit a ball out of the park? He should retire.”

“Have you ever seen him at the ballpark?” Griffey wondered. “It’s all because I won’t go on his show. The only people I have to answer to is my family. Anybody else can say what they want.”

Caddy Cops To Cumming On Cue

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From the Associated Press :

Miami — A former caddie for LPGA golfer Jackie Gallagher-Smith is suing her, saying she seduced him in order to get pregnant.

Gary Robinson says Gallagher-Smith, who is married, used him as “an unwitting sperm donor.” He is suing for an unspecified sum, claiming fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress. No hearing date has been set for the suit, filed in circuit court this week in West Palm Beach.

A message for Gallagher-Smith’s attorney, Edwin Belz, was not immediately returned.

Earlier, he told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the suit was, “an attempt at extortion.”

The suit says Gallagher-Smith, 37, gave birth last month, but Florida law says a child born into a marriage is deemed to be a result of the marriage. A DNA test can’t be forced and Robinson has no legal claim to the child, said Cathy Lively, Robinson’s attorney.

Robinson said he has been affected professionally. He is currently out of work as a caddie and is pursuing a career as a professional golfer.

“The likelihood that I will ever get another caddying job, especially in the LPGA, is very, very unlikely,” he said.

He’s probably right, though a lucrative new career as a gigolo beckons.