Healy Polishes Glavine’s Plaque

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FSNY’s Fran Healy, introducing Mets left-hander Tom Glavine prior to his first pitch tonight against Colorado.

“…he’s a brand new pitcher….he’s been a Hall of Famer…and he’s going to win 300 games as a member of the Mets organization.”

Hyperbole about Glavine’s improved 2nd half aside, Healy would have us believe that Glavine is the only active player currently enshrined in Cooperstown. He’s also asking us to accept that the Concord, MA native (who turns 40 next spring) will win 25 or 26 games for the Mets in 2006, despite not having won 20 since 2000 (and never having won more than 22 in a single season previously).

If this is indeed Healy’s last weekend behind the Mets microphone, he’s going out in style.

David Stern, Fashion Killer

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(one of these gentleman can look forward to a makeover)

The Boston Globe’s Shira Springer on a move that seems solely designed to make Allan Iverson look like a square.

As part of the new collective bargaining agreement, the NBA and its players’ union devised several new initiatives designed to improve the athletes’ accessibility and professionalism. Players will be required to attend pregame autograph sessions and participate in pregame giveaways of T-shirts, hats, and wristbands. Inactive players will greet fans and community groups on game nights. The league increased the players’ minimum number of community relations appearances from 10 to 12. Players must make themselves available to the media for at least 15 minutes after practice. And among other new rules, there will be a dress code Stern expects to include sport coats and collared shirts, and exclude bluejeans. When it was mentioned that some of the league’s most highly regarded players, such as Tim Duncan, dress more casually, Stern said, ”Well, the job description has changed.”

”We’re working on a job description,” said Stern. ”It’s to help the players understand what the job is. The job is not only to go to practice and win games. The job is representing the NBA to all constituencies. Community relations. Public relations. Sponsor relations . . . Maybe for a variety of reasons we pulled back too much. Or maybe we got spoiled by a generation of players who did these things as a matter of course and as we got younger we moved away from them. So, we have to slowly remind ourselves [what to do].

”Sometimes I worry that our players’ intensity can be misconstrued and their effort can be misconstrued. They are the most intense, the most dedicated. I think the younger base of our fans understands that, but perhaps, the mid-to-older aren’t quite as attuned to it. We’d like to use our convening power to have people focus on this game and our great players, who they are and how they play, rather than their variance from some norm . . . Being neatly attired in a certain way, that’s going to be our norm.”

Red Sox Trade For Stanton

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Knowing that a savvy veteran left hander is just what they need to counter the Yankees’ recent addition of, uh, Mark Bellhorn, Boston has acquired Mike Stanton from Washington in exchange for righties Rhys Taylor and Yader Peralta.

(Rhys Chatham, not involved in the above 3 player deal)

A 46-42 stretch was enough for the Cincinnati Reds to remove the “interim” tag from Jerry Narron, as Dave Miley’s successor was given an extension through the end of the 2006 season. No details were revealed about how much money Narron is supposed to pay the club for the privilege.

Congrats To The AL Central Champs

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The faces of victory, ladies and gentlemen;

The absolutely, 100% not crazy manager

The 100% committed to winning at all costs Chairman.

There’s no available footage of a nude Hawk Harrelson pouring champagne all over himself, but perhaps that’s because Comcast is wary of an FCC crackdown and/or scaring children just home from school.

Content starved bloggers across America are praying this team goes deep into the post-season, if for no other reason than hoping for a Carl Everett explosion on a national stage.

Carragher To Mourinho : Even The Cat Can Spell “Dignity”

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Miffed at the continued lack of respect from Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, and futher aggrieved over William Gallas’ disputed handball, Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher (above) vented after yesterday’s scoreless draw in the Champions League Group G (from The Mirror’s David Maddock).

“Oh, it was a penalty, a certain penalty, but we won’t spend our time bleating about it. Before the game, there was a lot of crying coming from their camp, they were crying about various things from last season, and there were some sour grapes.

“But we have a little bit more dignity about this club than that, and we will try not to cry too much about obvious decisions going against us. It was obvious though, wasn’t it!”

A typical reply from Mourinho in the Independent, speaking of Liverpool’s longball tactics since the arrival of tall drink of water Peter Crouch :

“A good game?” Mourinho queried. “It depends on what you love in football. Some like (Crouch), some don’t, some criticise direct play, some love it. As an opponent we don’t have to like or dislike it, just cope with it and we did that fantastically.”

Alberts : ESPN Destroyed Me

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Tired of playing a supporting role to College Gameday’s Three Amigos, Trev Alberts became the Butkis Award winner that wouldn’t kiss butt. As such, he’s now out of work and can’t say much on the record to the Lincoln Journal-Star’s Steven M. Sipple.

The 35-year-old former Nebraska football star was fired by ESPN earlier this month because of a disagreement regarding his role in the network™s œCollege GameDay lineup. He said Wednesday he can™t talk about the situation because of pending litigation. But he spoke enthusiastically and optimistically about his future, saying he™s keeping an open mind and considering various options.

He doesn™t envision resuming work as a college football analyst for another network.

œMy opportunities in broadcasting have probably been destroyed by ESPN, said Alberts, a native of Cedar Falls, Iowa, who now lives in suburban Atlanta. œMore than likely, I™ll be making a lifestyle and professional change, which I suppose isn™t always bad.

œMy wife and I have been praying a lot and looking for direction.

With his TV days apparently behind him, he said he™s become œintrigued by potential opportunities in construction and real estate, among other possibilities.

XM Subscribers Begin Petitioning Kevin McClatchy

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Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on “The Show”‘s Kevin Kennedy, “interested” but not “lobbying” for another managerial position.

Kennedy, the national baseball analyst for Fox Sports and host of an XM satellite radio show, doesn’t deny an interest in being the Pirates’ next manager.

“Everything would be interesting to me,” Kennedy said Monday when the Pirates were in Los Angeles. “I miss it, I really do. I get to manage from (the press box), but I miss the competition. No question about it, I miss the game.”

Kennedy, however, said he would not openly lobby for an interview. He would only be a candidate if approached first, and that has not yet happened.

“Out of respect to the people I work with, that’s the way it would have to be,” Kennedy said. “I have an ‘out’ in my contract, but it’s not a situation where I can really solicit a job when one comes open. I’ve got a great gig now. If somebody has an interest, my door is always open.”

Given his absence from the dugout, the 51-year-old Kennedy is a long-shot candidate, but no more so than, say, Kent Tekulve.

At least one XM patron is hoping that in the unlikely event Kennedy gets the gig, Rob Dibble is named pitching coach.