Deadspin Finds New Ways To Avoid Covering Sports

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Faced with a choice Tuesday of pennant race baseball on the TV or attending a Bill Simmons/Chuck Klosterman love-in, guess which activity Deadspin opted for?

(both of these men are praying they remembered to Tivo “America’s Next Top Model”)

No word on whether or not Arianna Huffington felt left out of the fun.

Anyhow, this particular subject was dealt with a long time ago. Case fucking closed. You’re welcome.


Ball Busting – Titleist Resists Toppling

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The Guardian’s Lawrence Donegan on the brewing battle between a golf industry monolith and those who prefer their balls un-juiced.

October 11 will be a happy birthday for the world’s most popular golf ball, the Titleist Pro V-1, but also a troubled one. Five years after it was unveiled at the Invensys Classic at Las Vegas the ball accounts for more than one in every four sold in the United States – a success rate that allows its manufacturer to dominate a $1bn-a-year market.

That is the good news for the birthday boy. The bad is that the Pro V-1 now finds itself in the middle of a civil war over the future of the game. In one corner stand the traditionalists, who argue that balls like the Pro V-1, which travel much farther than their predecessors, are destroying the game, rendering some of the great courses obsolete and removing the strategic subtleties that give golf its appeal. In the other stand companies like Titleist, who claim there is no conflict between their commercial interests and the interests of the game.

This being golf, the war is fought with at least a degree of etiquette. But spend an hour or two scanning the golf web sites and trade magazines and you will find a debate as passionate as any Ryder Cup match. Under normal circumstances one would expect the manufacturers to prevail. They are richer and more powerful than the likes of Geoff Shackelford, a Los Angeles-based course architect who writes a highly respected blog and is one of the manufacturers’ fiercest critics. “People like me are but flies on the backside of companies like Titleist,” he says, but he is being modest, not least because the debate appears to be swinging towards those demanding change.

Ditka Gets Grabby

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From Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune :

Mike Ditka on Tuesday introduced his first hire as an Arena Football League owner–the Rush’s first mascot, Grabowski. “Twenty years ago I respectfully referred to my team as a bunch of `Grabowskis,'” he said. “That same description is even more perfectly suited for my Rush players–a bunch of hard-working, tough guys who play for the love of the game and its fans, not the paycheck.” Armed with a hard hat and lunch pail, Grabowski will wear Ditka’s number 89.

The above link is courtesy Rob Warmowski, who writes

Some polish bretheren and i were going to protest this outrageous stereotype of our heritage with a big keg party fundraiser in the backyard, but we lost the recipe for ice.

The Only Blue Jays Fan In New England Not Related To The Riccardi Family

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Vernon Wells takes Bronson Arroyo into the monster seats, and Mr. Retro-Mesh Jays Believer soaks it all in. It’s getting a little Vice Magazine in here, perhaps I’ll open a window…

Not Quite CSTB’s “Bidding War Alert”

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There’s some funny stuff over at Rock’n’Roll Confidential, but how do they manage to compile something called The Hall Of Douchebags without including Jason Starr or Keane? (link courtesy Brian Turner)

Dodgers’ Tracy Prepares For Florida, Pittsburgh Job Interviews

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$750,000 to spend 6 months in close quarters with Lt. Dangle and Milton Bradley just isn’t enough, writes the LA Times’ Steve Henson.

Jim Tracy has formally asked the Dodgers for a contract extension, wanting to ensure that if he is going to endure the lean times, he will be around to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

The request came during one of several meetings the manager had recently with General Manager Paul DePodesta, sources said Tuesday. Tracy has one year left on a two-year deal that would pay him about $750,000 with incentives that could increase the value to about $900,000.

Tracy, who has a five-year record of 426-379 after a 2-0 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium, has an opt-out clause that must be exercised within seven days of Sunday’s finale. Technically he cannot shop for other jobs during that time, and teams interested in him must gain permission from DePodesta before contacting Tracy.

However, intermediaries often are used to convey interest. By the end of the seven-day window, Tracy should have a clear idea of his marketability from the many teams expected to be shopping for a manager.

Bring John Perricone The Head Of Brett Tomko

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After watching the Giants squander a chance to narrow the gap between themselves and the Padres, Only Baseball Matters’ John Perricone, in a calm, measured tone, pays tribute to SF starter Brett Tomko.

Tomko’s failure, his inability to hold not one, but two separate leads, his failure to get the leadoff batter out in any inning he pitched tonight, his utter and complete fumbling of his one opportunity to wipe clean the slate of a disgusting, dissappointing, deflating and demoralizing 7-15 season from hell, probably dooms his intentions to remain a Giant, and has certainly doomed the Giants of any real shot to make the last week of the season reasonably interesting

He failed. He let himself, his team and the city of San Francisco down. The Padres were reeling, down 3-0 before they could even begin to think about how tough it was to watch Trevor Hoffman blow a save for the first time in 5 months…. And don’t you believe the bullshit the Padres are saying on Sportscenter, about how they knew all along they were the better team, blah, blah,blah. They were on the ropes after Bonds went yard, big-time. They were folding.

All Tomko needed to do was get the leadoff batter in the first, and he had ’em, 1-2 count, throwing 97 MPH. All he needed to do was shut them down, right then and there, game over, season’s worth of pressure on the Padres. Instead, he couldn’t throw strikes, couldn’t throw anything but BP fastball’s, couldn’t do his job!!

What a disgrace. Blowing 3-0 and 5-3 leads in the most important game of the season, Tomko should be ashamed of himself. If I was his teammate, I’d punch him in the mouth.