Potentially The Biggest Deadline Deal Of All : Matt Stairs Is On The Move!

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And the balance of power in the American League remains, uh, largely unchanged.  KC have sent Matt Stairs (above) to Texas in exchange for RHP Joselo Diaz.

Texas has also acqured Kip Wells from the Pirates, sending reliever Jesse Chavez to Pittsburgh in return.

Boston’s hopes of snatching Tampa Bay’s Julio Lugo will have to wait until next spring, at least.  The Dodgers picked up Lugo today, shipping Joel Guzman and Sergrio Pedroza to the Devil Rays in the process.

Dayton Moore’s house cleaning isn’t quite finished : the Royals have traded Jeremy Affeldt and Denny Bautista to  the Rockies for Ryan Sheely.

Dodgers Acquire Maddux

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From CBS Sportsline’s Scott Miller.

Right-hander Greg Maddux is leaving the Chicago Cubs after all: He’s headed to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who acquired him seconds before the trade deadline Monday for shortstop Cesar Izturis, CBS SportsLine.com has learned.

Maddux, who approved the deal because the Dodgers are a contender and because he owns homes in Dana Point, Calif., and Las Vegas, immediately will join the Los Angeles rotation. The move also reunites Maddux with Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti, who was an executive with the Cubs early in his career, during Maddux’s first tour with the Cubs.

Padres Pick Up Todd Walker

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Undaunted by the knowledge an association with Todd Walker can result in a massive warehouse fire, the San Diego Padres have traded for the not-so-slick infielder, sending RHP Jose Ceda to the Cubs.

If you’ve ordered an Oliver Perez Mets jersey from MLB.com, well, too fucking bad. The Mets have flipped Perez and Heath Bell to the Padres in exchange for Scott Linebrink.

Mets’ Sanchez Injured, X-Man Traded For Perez

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I’m trying to catch up with an afternoon of transaction lunacy and the first thing I’ve found when rewinder the Krukfest on ESPN, is the alarming news that Mets setup genius Duaner Sanchez is suffering from a seperated shoulder. The other shoe falling is the sound of RF Xavier Nady being traded to Pittsburgh in exchange for Oliver Perez (above) and yes-he’s-still-around Roberto Hernanez.

Addendum : Fox’s Ken Rosenthal reports that Sanchez was injured in a taxi wreck last night in Miami…and he’s out for the year.

Country Time, Jr. GM

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There’s a chance this wasn’t Roger Clemens’ favorite portion of Monday’s Houston Chronicle, as penned by Jose De Jesus Ortiz.

Former Astros closer Billy Wagner is ready to give Mets general manager Omar Minaya scouting reports as the National League East leaders pursue a trade for Roy Oswalt (above). Wagner also has assured Minaya that he could help straighten out slumping closer Brad Lidge.œI told Omar, just put (Lidge) out there with me, Wagner, the Mets’ closer, said via phone Monday morning. œI™ll get him straightened out.

œWhat would it mean if we got Roy Oswalt? Wagner said. œIt would be called championship. Put it on the board. I don™t even think Omar would have to ask me about Roy. If he asked me about Roy, I™d tell him, ˜He™s a gamer, goes out there, takes the ball and is ready to play to win.™ That™s what I™d tell him. It™s all about pitching. It™s all about pitching.

The Tigers have picked up the left handed power hitter
they coveted today, trading minor league RHP Brian Rogers to Pittsburgh in exchange for Sean Casey. Detroit optioned Chris Shelton to Toledo — so much for that hot April. Philadelphia’s fire sale continued, as Pat Gillick sent lefty Real Cormier to Cincinnati for onetime Padres prospect, right-hander Justin Germano (above).

Pop culture maven Roch Kubatko, not content with referrencing “The Jetsons”, says of the speculation surrounding Miguel Tejada,

Forget the Rangers and their Hank Blalock proposal. The Dodgers are fixated on Alfonso Soriano, not Tejada. It hasn’t been confirmed that the Angels added local product Nick Adenhart to their package, but the Orioles would have bitten by now if they liked what was put in front of them.

If Texas was willing to part with Mark Teixeira, a deal would be completed. But what’s the rush? People close to Teixeira know he wants to play here once he becomes a free agent (and that isn’t after the 2006 season. I swear.)

Anyone still believe Tejada is leaving Baltimore?

If the Orioles wanted to deal with the Dodgers, they could have traded Melvin Mora, the player Los Angeles really coveted before he signed his extension. Like many teams, they’re sniffing around Daniel Cabrera, hoping that the Orioles lose patience and make him available.

Edes : Sox, Padres & D-Rays In 3 Way Dance?

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With the return of Mike Lowell’s hitting form…it’s time to send him back to the National League?  From the Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes.

It flies in the face of Terry Francona telling third baseman Mike Lowell last week on the West Coast that he would not be traded, but according to a major league executive who said he spoke directly with one of the three teams involved, the Red Sox are working on a three-way deal with Tampa Bay and San Diego in which they would end up with Devil Rays infielder Julio Lugo and Padres setup man Scott Linebrink, with Lowell going to the Padres. The Devil Rays presumably would end up with prospects from one or both clubs.

Though SI.com’s Jon Heyman claims the Mets are showing late interest in Houston’s Roy Oswalt, the Newark Star-Ledger has Wilpon Inc. chasing after another premiere NL starter.

Late last night, the Mets were in negotiations with the Giants in an effort to acquire right-hander Jason Schmidt. The deal is a long shot, but it was intriguing enough to both sides that they were exchanging names. Interestingly, Lastings Milledge, who’d been the key name in the Mets’ murky efforts to land Barry Zito from Oakland, is not one of the names involved in talks with the Giants. San Francisco, according to a person close to the talks, would rather make Aaron Heilman the centerpiece of a Schmidt deal, adding a prospect or two around him.

The Mets likely would be willing to deal Heilman, especially for a pitcher with Schmidt’s resume, but if they did so they’d look to make another deal for a relief pitcher, possibly from the Roberto Hernandez/Salomon Torres/John Grabow group of available Pittsburgh Pirates. There are plenty of middle relievers on the market, and the Mets believe they could find someone to replace Heilman as their seventh-inning man.

Finally, for a guy who receives zero consideration when his club needs a 5th starter, Aaron Heilman has crazy trade value. The Baseball Prospectus’ Will Carroll has another scenario for the Mets’ middle reliever.

The Mets haven’t made the most of Aaron Heilman. Once expected to be a rotation fixture, the pitcher has instead found a home in the bullpen. He could find a home closer to his midwest roots if the information I got from a Mets official pans out. I’m told that the Mets are discussing shipping Heilman to the Cardinals in return for free-agent-to-be Jason Marquis. The Mets would need to fill the bullpen slot, possibly reaching out for Roberto Hernandez or shifting Brian Bannister to the pen.

The Mets have nothing working with Lastings Milledge (quick trivia question: Why is he named “Lastings”?) He was ejected, not removed, from his Triple-A game today after arguing balls and strikes. Any suggestion that this was indicative of an impending deal didn’t do the homework. It didn’t take good sources on this one, it took checking the boxscore.

Ryan Franklin : When “DFA” Stands For “Done Fuck All”

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Not did the Phillies have to suffer Bobby Abreu whining on his way out the door yesterday, but Ryan Franklin’s farewell to the club was less than fond as well, writes the Philadelphia Daily News’ Marcus Hayes.

Yesterday, the Phillies designated Franklin (above) for assignment. They have 10 days to dispose of his contract. The Rangers and Pirates are believed to be interested.

Did Franklin feel betrayed? Lied to?

“Yeah,” Franklin said. “They signed me to be a starter. I did nothing in spring training to show them I couldn’t start.

“After Leiber got hurt, they brought the young guys up, and I said, ‘Why? Why can’t I get an opportunity?’ ” Franklin said.

This is the latest misjudgment in Gillick’s first season. After touting their improved bench, infielder Alex Gonzalez played so badly he retired, catcher Sal Fasano broke down and was designated for assignment last week, and infielder Abraham Nunez is hitting .167. In the bullpen, Franklin, Arthur Rhodes, Aaron Fultz, Julio Santana, Ricardo Rodriguez all have failed to perform to expectations.

Franklin was failing, but hoped that starting might help him out.

Franklin said he asked manager Charlie Manuel twice, in private, and was rebuffed. Franklin finally got a chance: A spot start in Toronto. He declined, since it was made plain it would be a one-start deal.

“This really worked me mentally,” Franklin said. “I never would have signed if I had known this.”