The Kid’s Career Opportunities

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Following Manny Acta’s hiring in DC, there’s a whole bunch of openings in the Mets organization that Gary Carter might be able to choose from, writes the Palm Beach Post’s Eric “Don’t Call Me Kembra” Pfahler (link taken from Baseball Think Factory)

Gary Carter said he is one of three internal candidates interviewing for the New York Mets’ third-base coaching job.

The other two candidates include Ken Oberkfell, who last year managed the Triple-A Norfolk Tides, and Hobe Sound resident Howard Johnson, who was the Tides’ hitting coach.

Carter said he has been offered a job managing the Mets’ Double-A team in Binghamton, N.Y., but the Eastern League is not tempting.

“I think (the pay) would be actually less if I went there because of the tax implications,” Carter said of the New York income tax rate. “And, really, to be honest with you, I just don’t know if my body can hold up to those bus rides ” nine, 10 hours.”

Carter said he might consider coming back as the St. Lucie manager, but he could be promoted to the Triple-A manager if Oberkfell is named the major-league team’s third-base coach.

Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone floats a rumor the Braves have offered Tom Glavine a one year deal worth $8 million. Considering Glavine’s performance over the last season and a half, along with recent tremors in the marketplace, it sounds like Atlanta are expecting the pitcher to honor one heck of a hometown discount. Given what it would cost to replace Glavine in the starting rotation, the Mets can easily justify blowing the Braves’ offer out of the water.

In the midst of crazed grandstanding surrounding Mark McGwire’s inclusion on the Hall Of Fame ballot (is anyone else troubled by the thought of Wally Matthews having a vote?), the Daily News’ Adam Rubin writes the Red Sox are actively campaigning on behalf of Jim Ed Rice.

Making Friends All Over The World

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(video link taken from WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog and Ken Freedman.  For the first and hopefully last time, the Beware Of The Blogs’ comments have dropped below those of Deadspin on the nitwit scale).

Passing Time Waiting For The Kevin Durant Lottery

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The last time I watched a maroon wearing visiting team do-their-thing in Austin, Colt McCoy left the building in an ambulance. From the looks of the grey meat being sold by one of the city’s lamer barbeque emporiums, they might need an entire fleet tonight.

I’m gonna have to watch the replay of the Knicks’ rematch with Big Ben’s bandless-skull (not to mention Duke/Indiana) later on. At the moment, I’m surrounded by snowcones and talcum powder (I assure you, that’s not a euphamism for anything) at the Frank Erwin Center, watching Texas’ Kevin Durant lay waste to a hopelessly overmatched Texas Southern.

Durant, oft compared to Kevin Garnett (and hopefully he’ll hook up with a point guard that we cannot compare to the professional version of Stephon Marbury) has 15 points in limited duty, as the Longhorns are up 47-20, with 4:32 remaining in the first half. A week ago, Texas allowed the Aussie-heavy Nicholls State to hang around for about 15 minutes, but there’s been no such hospitality this evening.

(UPDATE : Texas 90, Texas Soutern 50, finale! 22 points, 7 rebounds, one block  and a pair of 3’s for Durant without breaking much of a sweat in 23 minutes).

Mets Lose Bradford To O’s

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Terrific. I spend a couple of days making fun of Baltimore’s big offseason signings being Roger Cedeno and Danys Baez, and this happens. From SI.com’s Jon Heyman.

Reliever Chad Bradford has agreed to a $10.5-million, three-year deal with the Baltimore Orioles, SI.com has learned.

Baltimore also reached a $900,000, one-year deal with Scott Williamson, who can earn an additional $600,000 on performance bonuses. He was scheduled to take a physical Tuesday.

Heyman’s report attributes Baez’ ’05/’06 stats to Bradford, but that’s ok. I’ve made worse mistakes. That whole Nelson/Francisco Liriano business, for example.

St. Louis’ signings for Tuesday include 2B Adam Kennedy (re-united with former Halo teammate the World’s Scrappiest Human), P Kip Wells, backup backstop Gary Bennett and C Eli Marrero.

The Journal News’ Peter Abraham is reporting the Yankees have won the negotiating rights for LHP Kei Igawa, paying somewhere in the ‘hood of $25 million to the Hashin Tigers. Never mind Barry Zito, even Gil Meche and Vicente Padilla are getting text messages from Ferrari salesmen.

Lance Armstrong, Renaissance Man

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Lance Armstrong isn’t merely a world class cyclist, budding marathon runner, aspiring stand-up comic and platonic friend to Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s also, allegedly, just as big a hacker as, uh, Matthew Lillard.

From Cycling News’s Tim Mahoney (link courtesy Sam Frank)

Although French investigators from the cybercrime unit of the Gendarmerie have yet to find the culprits who hacked the computer system of the anti-doping laboratory (LNDD) in Châtenay-Malabry, sending fake e-mails that were allegedly sent by a “close associate” of 2006 Tour De France winner Floyd Landis, according to French newspaper Le Monde, another American cyclist may be a suspect in the cyberspace tomfoolery: Lance Armstrong.An article published last week in Le Monde by French journalist Stéphane Mandard contained a claim that Lance Armstrong might be the mystery hacker of the LNDD lab, according to allegations by Betsy Andreu in her deposition of January 17, 2006 in the Armstrong/SCA Promotions arbitration case. When Armstrong’s attorney Timothy Herman deposed Mrs. Andreu, asking “did you already tell anyone that Lance Armstrong has hacked your computer”, Betsy Andreu, the wife of former professional cyclist Frankie Andreu said “I think [Armstrong] has hacked my computer and we are currently suing America On Line to find the IP address of who hacked my computer.”

Betsy Andreu had already filed a complaint with the Dearborn, Michigan police department on March 31, 2005 when she tried to sign on to her AOL account and found that someone else had already signed on to her account and that the same thing happened to Frankie Andreu’s computer the next day.

Betsy Andreu told Le Monde’s Mandard that “Lance wanted to control everything; anything anyone might say about him and he was ready to do anything to do it.” According to Mrs. Andreu, her computer wasn’t the only one Armstrong had hacked. She claimed in her SCA deposition in January 2006 that former Oakley sports marketing manager Stephanie McIlvain thought that Armstrong had hacked her computer and had placed a bug in the computer of his ex-wife Kristin as the couple was going through their divorce.

“Stephanie told me that [Armstrong] told her he put a bug in Kristin’s computer and every word she typed was sent directly to him. Stephanie was scared that Lance had also hacked her computer.” Although AOL refused to cooperate with Ms. Andreu, she told Mandard the she next intended to take the matter up with the Justice Department.

When Cyclingnews reached Lance Armstrong at his home in Austin, Texas to ask him about the accusations in the Le Monde article, the seven time Tour De France winner was incredulous. “Oh boy… Just when I thought I had heard it all”, exclaimed a surprised Armstrong. “What’s next? Saddam Hussein’s WMD’s are out at my ranch in Texas? ‘Ridiculous’ does not even begin to describe this latest insinuation. These accusations are not credible in any sense of the word. Are we supposed to believe anything Betsy Andreu says? However, I do wish her all the luck in the world with her lawsuit against AOL, one of the largest ISP’s in the world today.”

Asks Sam, “is this more or less plausible than Harrison Ford in “Firewall”?”

Isola’s Pity For Marbury

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Charging that Isiah Thomas “went out of his way to embarrass Stephon Marbury in the home loss to Houston,” the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola hopes the NBA’s Self-Proclaimed No. 1 Point Guard can get a fresh start elsewhere.

Marbury and the Knicks would both be best served by a trade. As a third or fourth option on a good team, Marbury would excel. Plus, I feel at this stage of his career he needs to get out of New York. If he played for Miami, Houston or Dallas he would help those teams.

On some level, I feel sorry for Marbury because I believe there are people in the Knicks organization that have taken advantage of him and allowed his surly behavior to take over the locker room. When Marbury arrived in New York, Thomas gave him the keys to the franchise which only alienated the entire locker room.

Marbury was then told by executives which media members to avoid so instead of using the media to build his image, he acted like a creep and went to war with the press. It was wasted energy in a battle he can™t win. And yet no one in the organization had the smarts to tell him otherwise.

I™m one of those media guys that Marbury has zero use for. Our relationship has come a long way since he was an 11-year-old kid and would call me regularly to talk about high school basketball. Over the years, I™ve established professional relationships with Ewing, Oakley, Harper, Houston, Ward, Larry Johnson, Latrell, Van Gundy. But Marbury was told by the Knicks petty organization to avoid me at all costs.

Unfortunately, it could end badly here for Marbury and when it does those same people who are œprotecting Marbury will be the same folks who will bury him behind his back. That™s the MSG way.

I don’t know if this backs up Isola’s claim that Stephon is overly contentious with the media, but the Journal News’ Mike Dougherty was on hand for the following exchange between the former Coney Island product and the AP’s Brian Mahoney.

SM: œWe™re better than what we were last season right now.
BM: œThe record is about the same.
SM: œWe are?
BM: œYep, 5-10.
SM: œAt this time? Serious?
BM: œYes.
SM: œThis is a better 5-10 than last year.

Da Bulls’ Ben Wallace tells the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson that it was the Nets’ Uncle Cliffy who got him started on the slippery slope of headband-wearing.

“He told me I should try it and that’s a reminder not to let my head get too big in this league,” Wallace said.

The Orange Country Register’s Art Thompson III, along with covering Chris Kamen’s ankle injury, notes the Clippers might send Yaroslav Korolev to their Anaheim D-League affiliate. The Arsenal are visiting the Austin Toros this Friday, and this news will certainly generate frenzied ticket sales amongst Austin’s Russian community. Unless there’s something good on TV Friday night.

The Warriors have knocked off the Jazz and Spurs within 48 hours. If I want to see someone who sneered at Golden State’s hiring of Nervous Nellie, all I have to do is look in the mirror. I’m more recognizable without the snorkle and mask, however.

Sabes To The Hall : Fuck Y’all

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From the Kansas City Star’s Jeffrey Flanagan :

Bret Saberhagen
doesn™t hold any illusions about his chances of making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame now that he™s entered his first year on the ballot.

But Saberhagen had some startling words for Hall voters about what he™d do if he got in.

œI™d have to decline, Saberhagen said by phone. œI wouldn™t accept it unless the Hall decides to put Pete Rose in, which is where he belongs. You™re talking about the all-time hits leader. It™s never been proven that he bet on baseball while he played.

Saberhagen said he isn™t a close friend of Rose™s.

œWe talk when we run into each other, Saberhagen said, œbut it™s not like I™ve got his number or he™s got mine. We don™t hang out. But I just feel there™s a problem with the Hall and him not being in there.

I totally know where Sabes is coming from. In the unlikely event CSTB ever wins a Weblog Award, I’ll turn the fucker down, in solidiarity with Pete Rose.