Eli’s Old Coach Defends Skittish QB

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In what has to be a more pleasant development for Eli Manning than an expression of empathy from Rex Grossman, the former received a big vote of confidence from, uh, the man partially responsible for tutoring the erratic Giants QB. From Newsday’s Jim Baubach.

“I think resilient is a proper word right now,” former Ole Miss head coach / current Tennesee offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe said today by telephone. “I’ll tell you why Eli is resilient. Eli is a guy who is accountable. He’s accountable to himself. He doesn’t pass the buck. It’s square on his shoulders. He understands it’s important – regardless of whether it’s all his fault or not.”

But what about the laid-back way Manning carries himself on the field, in the huddle, on the sideline. In the wake of his four-interception performance, fans have expressed a strong desire to see Manning break out of his mold and show more emotion, to show outwardly that he cares.

“I see that demeanor that is exposed to people, but I also know Eli,” Cutcliffe said. “And I’ll tell you this: You don’t take things on your shoulders without being a tough guy. He’s not a soft guy. People take quiet as being soft. That’s not the case at all.”

“Eli is a man, and he knows how to step it up when he has to,” Cutcliffe said. “He’s just a little quiet. I guess if people can find fault in being a little quiet then he’s guilty. But it’s not soft. I’ll go in the foxhole with him. He’ll fight until the fight is over with him. I know that from knowing him for a good part of his life.”

“He, probably like a lot of us, just sometimes is a little hesitant to talk to much. He’s just more of an action guy.”

I’m not sure at what point in the call Baumbach explained he was asking about Eli Manning rather than Eli Wallach

The Man’s Harassment Of Tony La Genius

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Much as I’d like to presume Cardinals skipper Tony La Russa just needed a little more rest last March, surely he knows better than anyone else exactly how many stray cats and dogs are killed each year by drunk motorists?

Let Me Be The First To Suggest Sascha Baron-Cohen For The Part Of Pedro Gomez

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Richard Dreyfus as Victor Conte? Robert Iler as the Giambino? From Variety :

Ron Shelton has been set by HBO Films to direct a pic about San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds that will air on HBO.

HBO Films has acquired rights to “Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO and the Steroids Scandal That Rocked Professional Sports,” a book by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, the San Francisco Chronicle reporters who broke numerous stories about the nutrition company accused of distributing illegal steroids to athletes including Bonds, Oakland A’s and New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi and Olympic gold medal sprinter Marion Jones. Shelton will write the script with his œTin Cup writing partner John Norville as soon as the writers strike ends. The film will be exec produced by Ross Greenburg, the HBO Sports president who exec produced Roger Maris biopic œ61*, and Michael Greenburg (œStargate SG-1), who™s now exec producer of Score Prods.

A Surefire Method For Austin Residents To See Tonight’s Packers/Cowboys Game : Impersonate An Elected Offical

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Time-Warner subscribers wishing to view this evening’s Green Bay/Dallas tilt are shit out of luck, but the same cannot be said of those being lobbied by AT&T, writes the Austin American-Statesman’s W. Gardner Selby.

State legislators, family and staff members are invited to the Alamo Drafthouse South on South Lamar Boulevard to watch the game, with food and drink tossed in ” courtesy of AT&T.

“We couldn’t invite the public to something like that,” AT&T spokeswoman Jodi Bart said Wednesday without elaborating.

Invitations sent to legislators promise a “high-definition demonstration of our incredible new video product U-verse,” which is competing with cable and satellite TV in the Austin area.

Tracy King, AT&T vice president for public affairs for the Western region, said U-verse became possible because of telecommunications deregulation approved by the 2005 Legislature.

Separately, the Texas House Committee on Regulated Industries will hear testimony Dec. 10 on the dispute between the NFL Network and cable providers.

There was no word Wednesday on whether the committee chairman, Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, will be at the Alamo tonight.

Cliche’-Crazed Minny Scribe Claims The Red Sox Are “Favorites” In The Santana Chase

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From the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Charley Waters

A little birdie says the Boston Red Sox have become the favorite in the Johan Santana trade sweepstakes.

The Twins would receive four players for the Twins’ two-time Cy Young Award winner, including center fielder Coco Crisp, 28.

Others would be shortstop prospect Jed Lowrie, 23; left-handed pitcher Jon Lester, 23; and right-handed pitcher Justin Masterson (above), 22.

Before a deal could be made, the Red Sox would have to have time to negotiate a contract extension with Santana, 28, who can become a free agent after next season and could have a market value as high as $150 million over six years.

Lowrie did not play in the major leagues this year but is considered ready and is a good-fielding shortstop who also can hit. Lowrie had a slugging percentage of .500 at Class AA and Class AAA this year.

Though not possessing the ability to speak with birds, the Boston Herald’s Tony Massarotti has a bit more information to offer :

The bottom line is that Ellsbury, Buchholz or Lester could be in any package for Santana, but that two (or more) of them will not go in the deal.

According to one major league source, the Twins are looking for a package of players that includes a pitcher, a positional player and one or two prospects. In the case of the Red Sox, Minnesota™s requests translate into something like this: Buchholz or Lester; Ellsbury; and one or two minor leaguers, perhaps someone like Justin Masterson.

Is that a lot to pay? You bet it is, which is why the deal hasn™t happened yet.

Yankee president Gene Michael told ESPN NY’s Max Kellerman earlier today the Bombers are willing to part with Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy in order to obtain Santana, though you’d have to figure one or both would be on offer for a serious discussion to take place.

Possibly a smart bit of dumpster diving on the part of Tampa in signing former Angels/Tigers closer Troy Percival to a two-year deal. After missing all of the 2006 season and retiring in April of last year, Percival looked pretty sharp for Memphis before compiling a 1.80 ERA in 40 innings for the parent Cardinals later in ’07.

Michael Caracciolo Tribute Act Plugs Irrelevant College Football Game

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For perhaps the first and last time, we’ve heard Colin Cowherd described as “quirky”.

Greenland’s Hoops Suckiness Confirmed

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I don’t get it.  Can’t the Suns or Spurs send a qualified scout to Godthaab for a few years?