In The Midnight Hour, We Want Moore, Moore, Moore

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PopArt columnist / ukulele maven MJ Hibbert is slightly too classy to be consider for CSTB’s semi-regular Bidding War Alert. Kuff & The Buttheads surely must feel Hibbert breathing down their neck. (video link courtesy Jason Cohen)

Larry Bowa, Libertarian

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The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Frank Fitzpatrick asks:

Now that coaches must wear helmets, how many will the Dodgers’ Larry Bowa shatter this season?

The early line is none…. From a story that was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs:

Bowa did not wear a helmet during the Dodgers’ Grapefruit League opener Thursday against the Braves, the first time he was required by rule to do so.

“That’s not for me,” said Bowa, a former player and manager in the Major Leagues in his first year with the Dodgers. “My question is, how can I be in the league 40 years and the league says who wears a helmet and who doesn’t? One guy got killed and I’m sorry it happened. But bats break and they can be a deadly weapon. Do something about bats.

“Umpires get hit with line drives. I’ve probably seen 50 of them get hit. If coaches have to wear helmets, umpires should. I’ll sign a waiver. And there should be a grandfather clause. These are very cumbersome. They talk about delay of game, and when the helmet falls off, you’ll have to stop the game. It should be an option. I know I’m talking for a lot of guys who won’t say anything. I’ll write a check for 162 games if I have to to not wear it.”

Philosophically, it’s hard to say he’s wrong, especially since the ball that killed Mike Coolbaugh didn’t hit him in the head. And who’s to say a line drive couldn’t do to someone what a puck did to Chris Pronger? Can you imagine Bowa in a chest protector?

The Leap Day Wisdom Of Ron Darling

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The Mets and Cards are tied at 3 after 5 innings in Port St. Lucie, the day’s highlight thus far coming on Juan Gonzalez’ 3-run HR in the first inning off Johan Santana. As the contest dragged on, Gary Cohen wondered aloud about the wisdom of pitchers running in the outfield and foul territory during spring training games. While Cohen dismissed the practice as “an anachronism”, Keith Hernandez insisted “the fans love to see the great players” (doing wind sprints, presumably). Ron Darling (above), however, had what should’ve been the last word on the subject, opining “if you see a pitcher get lit up for 5 or 6 runs, I doubt you’ll see him running on the field afterwards”.

(UPDATE : Cardinals 4, Mets 3. Albert Pujols greeted the recovering Duaner Sanchez with a solo shot in the top of the 6th. Darling claims Sanchez has lost 25 pounds in the off-season, presumably the result of fewer late night cab rides to tasty eateries.)

L.I. Radio Host Successfully Enrages Local Trailer Trash

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Newsday’s Laura Rivera reports that WBLI’s Randy is unlikely to get any sort of prize from the Mastic, NY Chamber Of Commerce.

On Wednesday, Randy (above), a co-host on “BLI in the Morning” on WBLI, asked a caller from Mastic: “Did your pipes freeze under the trailer, or do you have that stuff down there to keep them warm?”

The caller, who was entering a contest, said she lived in a house and was “very angry” with him, to which Randy replied: “Just think, if you win this game, the whole trailer park will be excited.”

Station managers asked Randy to apologize on Thursday’s show, but he never did, co-host Dana DiDonato said.

“At this point, a hollow apology and a mere suspension will not be appropriate,” said William Floyd School District Board President Bob Vecchio, who called for Randy to be fired and for area residents to boycott the station and its advertisers. “You can’t get a free pass when you attack an entire community.”

Not to take issue with Pres. Vecchio, but this isn’t even close to the most offensive thing Randy’s done.

MLS Expansion To Philly, Verbal Abuse Of Players, On Tap For 2010

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Weeks after the Guardian’s Steven Wells checked out the phenomenon that is Sons Of Ben, the worst kept secret in American’s 6th or 7th most popular professional sports league was confirmed yesterday. From the Philadelphia Inquirer’s William Bender.

After months of speculation and political wrangling, Major League Soccer announced that, in 2010, Philadelphia will become its 16th team, playing in a 20,000-seat stadium to be built on the Chester waterfront.

The team, which will be named with fan input, already has an unprecedented level of support for an expansion franchise, said MLS commissioner Don Garber. And it would likely alter the dynamic of the I-95 rivalry between New York and D.C. United – perhaps siphoning some South Jersey fans in the process.“I live in New York and I know what it’s like for Giants fans to attend a game at the Linc,” Garber said. “I know what it’s like to be a Mets fan and try to go down and attend a Phillies game.”

Wait until Red Bull fans meet the Sons of Ben in Chester.

“There’s already some animosity between their supporters club and our people,” said Dan Ryazansky, who runs MetroFanatic.com, a site frequented by the Empire Supporters Club and other New York soccer fans.

“I’ve never seen this level of interest from the public sector, never have had a supporters’ group the size of Sons of Ben before a team’s ever launched,” Garber said after yesterday’s announcement at the Wharf at Rivertown, which adjoins the Chester stadium site. “I think there’s something very special being incubated here in Philadelphia for Major League Soccer.”

Former Tampa Bay / Metro Stars executive Nick Sakiewicz has been installed as the club’s first CEO, and while he’s unquestionably qualified for such a position, Philly Phans might well gaze longingly at the star power another MLS franchise has brought to the boardroom. Sure, Sakiewicz knows the league, but how does he look in fishnets?

The Blindingly Bright Future Of Oklahoma City’s NBA Entry

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Interesting stuff this Friday morning from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Art Thiel, who quotes King County executive Ron Sims predicting the Emerald City’s long-term NBA future lies not in keeping the Sonics, but in convincing the owners of another failing franchise (New Orleans, Memphis) to move. As for Seattle’s present present hoops team, Sims figures the situation to be hopeless.

“David Stern is not going to stand in Clay Bennett’s way, because Stern likes his teams to be able to move,” Sims said by phone Thursday. “Bennett (above) so far does not want to sell, since he has six first-round draft picks over the next few seasons and likes what he has.”

Even in the likely event of a June defeat in federal court for his attempt to get out of the club’s KeyArena lease, Bennett, in Sims’ view, will endure the necessary losses to relocate the team in 2010 to his hometown of Oklahoma City.

Super Sonic Soul’s Peter Nussbaum
would probably change the word “endure” to “embrace” as the current Sonics seem to exist purely to build a foundation in another market.

The franchise of Payton, Kemp, Gus, DJ, Lenny, Haywood, Rule, Mac-10, Karl, Sam … reduced to a probable 22-win season, and this coming off consecutive 30-odd win seasons?

I don’t think it would be unrealistic to expect the Sonics to enter the lottery again next spring, considering the odds of them picking up any true help this summer is somewhere between slim and none. Short of dealing away the entire non-Durant portion of the roster for more expiring contracts, this team just doesn’t look capable of winning 30 games next year, either.

Thanks alot, NBA. I didn’t know it was possible to destroy a 40-year-old business in the span of two years, but, well, when you’ve got Clay Bennett doing David Stern’s dirty work, I guess anything is possible.


Up Close And (Too) Personal With Utah’s Kyle Korver

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Sam Cassell and PJ Brown are Boston bound, Devin Harris’ Nets debut was a smash and the Mavs and Spurs are in the middle of a scintillating heavyweight battle….yet, I expect you to watch a video clip hailed by Yahoo’s J.E.Skeets as “one of the most awkward interviews I have ever seen.”

It’s rough, granted, but this one’s worse.