OK / No Way : Don’t Tell Me That God (Shammgod) Is Dead

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With apologies to Mission Of Burma, who amongst us hasn’t awoken in a cold sweat wondering, “whatever happened to God Shammgod?” Thankfully, you can sleep easy tonight, as the New York Post’s Howard Kussoy reports Shammgod is putting up gaudy numbers for Raw 129th Street in the Tri-State Classic.

The man – whose name leaves as much of an impression as his game – is back playing streetball after a five-year hiatus, drawn back to the court that resides less than 50 dribbles from his childhood home.

“I play because that’s the park I grew up in. That’s the park where I fell in love with basketball,” Shammgod said. “I used to be in that park until like two in the morning.”

Shammgod, 32, achieved his greatest fame during his second, and final, year at Providence, leading the Friars to the Elite Eight in the 1997 NCAA Tournament, where they lost in overtime to the eventual champs, Arizona. The Wizards took Shammgod in the second round of the 1997 NBA Draft. He played in Washington for one season.

“I can’t say I didn’t get a fair shot. I played behind Rod Strickland, who was one of the best point guards in the NBA,” the 6-foot guard said. “It’s hard to argue [about playing time] when a person is leading the league in assists.”

Were it not for Kussoy’s street hoops reportage, I’d be blissfully unaware, for example, that Smush Parker, Allan Houston and Ron Artest are amongst the household names currently spending their summer on the asphalt.

Teixeira Gains A Halo, Braves Bail On ’08

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That Atlanta 1B Mark Teixeira has been on the trading block of late is hardly a shocker, but Tim Hudson and Chipper Jones going on the DL yesterday can only have hastened the Braves’ resolve in getting someone of value for what amounted to a year’s rental. ESPN’s Keith Law reported this evening on “SportsCenter” that the Angels have acquired Teixeira in exchange for 1B Casey Kotchman and P Stephen Marek (above).

While David Pinto scores points for being the first person to propose a Jose Guillen/Manny Ramirez trade, the Providence Journal’s Sean McAdam suggests the Red Sox are amongst those clubs coveting position player-turned-reliever Ron Mahay. Long before his conversion, Mahay was part of the same Trenton Thunder squad as Boston’s former shortstop Nomar Garciaparra. Perhaps he can platoon in left field after the Mets have exchanged F-Mart for Manny.

15 Months In The Stoney Lonesome For Tim Donaghy

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The rogue ref’s solicitor can neither confirm nor deny Tim Donaghy — sentenced to 15 months in what his wife hopes is a country club prison — is writing a book. Either way, it’s a bad time for Judith Reagan to be out of the publishing business.

Though Donaghy’s days officiating in the Association are most certainly over, perhaps the fledgling Premier Basketball League might offer him a gig once he’s paid his debt to David Stern society?  There’s generally not a Vegas line on games between the Montreal Sasquatch and Vermont Frost Heaves, though with the added visibility a Donaghy hire would surely bring, perhaps that’s something to aim for.

Not to diminish the seriousness of Donaghy’s crimes, but Kwame Brown’s been stealing money for years and the Pistons just rewarded him with a new $8 million deal

Never Shall The Name “Jumping Jim Brunzell” Be Uttered In The Mushnick Household

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(the Baron can be seen 11pm weeknights…and that is all the people need to know)

“Though ESPN Classic is normally loaded with old garbage — pro wrestling, American Gladiators — instead of classic sports, it carried yesterday’s Baseball Hall Of Fame inductions as if they made a good fit.” – Phil Mushnick, New York Post, July 28

A cursory scan of today’s TV listings reveals ESPN Classic (aka “The Ocho”) features “American Gladiators” at 6pm, and AWA Wrestling at 11pm.  By what measure does Mushnick consider one twelfth of ESPN Classic’s daily schedule “loaded”?   Would the Post’s TV sports columnist have us believe a channel that serves up a daily dose of Howie Schwab and Denise Austin is unworthy of Goose Gossage’s acceptance speech?  By what twisted perspective is Verne Gagne’s venerable midwestern wrestling promotion deemed “old garbage”, while impressionable viewers have just as much “Arli$$” foisted upon them?

The Best Newspaper Headline Of Your Editor’s Vegas Vacation

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Indeed, it’s something we can all feel good about.

And in the NL Central, It’s a Half-Game Up on Heinz

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The Cincinnati Reds get busy at the trade deadline by naming an official ketchup.

Orestes (Madison County) IN – Red Gold, Inc. has announced a new sponsorship program with the Cincinnati Reds, just in time for the Reds Hall of Fame Induction weekend activities.

With this multi-year sponsorship, Red Gold Premium Quality Ketchup is the official and exclusive brand of ketchup available in Great American Ball Park.  According to Greg Metzger, Director of Marketing, œThis is a great opportunity for the Red Gold company to support the Cincinnati Reds and their loyal fan base while becoming part of their rich baseball tradition.

Cincinnati consumers and Reds fans™ have enjoyed the quality of Red Gold Brand tomato products, which are hometown favorites, for years. Now fans will be able to enjoy the great taste of Red Gold Premium Quality Ketchup on hot dogs, fries, bratwursts and hamburgers served at concession stands throughout Great American Ball Park.  The striking and vibrant Red Gold Brand logo will be prominently showcased in all thirty-two concession stands.

This sponsorship of the Cincinnati Reds is yet another example of Red Gold™s involvement in the local community while supporting the hometown team.

And another example of a “Cincinnati” product that’s from Indiana or Kentucky.

Meanwhile, following up on GC’s earlier note, the Enquirer reports that Reds broadcaster Jeff Brantley is free to use Hunt’s, Heinz or Del Monte, since he and all the other broadcasters “have been asked to stay out of the players lounge and dining room.” If this had happened last year, do you think Joe Nuxhall would have been included in the ban?

That’s 105,408 Major Penalties

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(minor league hockey buffs Beecher and Schillinger, moments before the coin flip to determine who’d become Cornacchia’s cellmate)

Bush-league blueliner David Cornacchia of the Florida Everblades received a prison sentence for flying under the influence of alcohol and Ambien. The ECHL star’s behavior certainly topped Courtney Love or Peter Buck.

From Angela Busch of the Naples Daily News:

œSeveral times requested more alcohol … slapped male flight attendant with open hand … put in plastic restraints … exposed genitals in an apparent attempt to urinate … head-butted the assisting passenger … captain requested emergency approach to Dallas-Fort Worth airport.…

œI don™t think anyone could listen to or read that (report) without being horrified, U.S. District Judge John Steele said, just before sentencing the 27-year-old Cornacchia to one year and one day in federal prison, with supervised release for three years, including substance abuse and anger management programs, plus a $4,000 fine. 

œAt no time during that flight did I mean to hurt anybody … I harmed mostly myself, obviously, Cornacchia said. œI haven™t been drinkin™ for seven months here, and I just want to move on with my life and try to keep playing hockey.…

Cornacchia™s status as a professional athlete bought him free rounds of golf, free dinners, attention from women, adoring fans ” even here in Southwest Florida.

In two and a half months, a whole new Everblades team will take the ice at Germain Arena. Some will know Cornacchia™s story, some may not. Some may choose to take Ambien to help themselves through those long road trips. Some may mix it with large amounts of alcohol.

Night after night, they™ll take the ice, the fans will cheer, and they will spend five minutes in the penalty box if they head-butt an opponent.

Meanwhile, in a U.S. federal prison as close to his family in Toronto as he can get, Cornacchia will sit in his cell, day after day, his hockey gear in storage, the taunts of nearby inmates the only cheers he hears.