Oral Roberts U. Alumni Club Comes To Austin

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(ORU’s Ogunoye : entertaining hundreds of people in about 90 minutes from now)

Either the the D-League’s Tulsa 66’ers are trying to save on housing costs or they’re concerned about the local draw. Either way, it’s kind of amazing to see Austin’s Saturday night opponents have 3 former Oral Roberts players (Moses Ehambe, Yemi Ogunoye and Adam Liberty) on their current roster.  I’ve lost my password to the Elias Koteas Sports Bureau’s website, so perhaps someone else can tell me the last time any sort of professional basketball team had 3 Golden Eagles in uniform.

Mr. Ehambe’s top MySpace friend is Jesus. You were expect Dan from the Bunnybrains?

Congrats to Vin Baker on finding new employment with China’s Liaoning Panpan Hunters.  I have no idea how easy it might be to find an AA meeting in Liaoning, but I’m gonna take a very wild guess that Vin’s next crib will not feature an en suite bowling alley.

Deion : The (Philadelphia) Customers Are Always Wrong

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Full credit to Philly.com’s Sheil Kapadia, who hung in to watch the NFL Network’s postgame show after the Iggles’ 48-20 whitewash of the Arizona Brendas rather than enjoy the Thanksgiving company of family or friends.  Kapadia writes that Deion Sanders reacted poorly to Philly faithful applauding Donovan McNabb during the QB’s postgame interview.

“Can I tell them something for you?” Sanders said. “First of all, I would like to tell all these idiotic fans to shut-up. Don’t get on his bandwagon now. You’re the same guys who booed him on his first incompletion.”

Host Rich Eisen then asked Sanders what he thought of the Philly fans.

“I can’t stand them. I really can’t. It’s not because I was a former Cowboy because I didn’t give a darn about any fans. They all hated me because I performed well,” Sanders said. “But they way they treated this man from Day One, it’s not justifiable. They will not treat any other quarterback in the NFL, like we said, Peyton Manning don’t get treated like that. Tom Brady. And I know you [McNabb] can’t say it, but I would really like on your behalf, you can take this…God bless you guys. … “

Funny, I was under the impression it was Andy Reid who benched McNabb last Sunday in favor of an unprepared Kevin Kolb, but it turns out he was only following orders from the public.  ‘Tis a curious measure Sanders applies to McNabb’s treatment, as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have two rings between them, yet does anyone really believe that if Brady plays as poorly next fall as McNabb has occasionally this season, Patriots fans will cut him a break?

Plaxico Fantastico’s Shitty Autumn Got A Little Bit Worse

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The New York Daily News’ Ralph Vacchiano and Larry McShane
have a source (Mark Bavaro? Ray Handley?) who insists the NY Giants’ “talented but troubled” (not Deep Throat’s words, presumably) suffered an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound Friday evening.

The Daily News helpfully provides hyperlinks to “report offensive post” when readers cross an imaginary line with their comments, and either no one is reading these messages or I’m the only person who thinks the paper oughta be embarrassed by this one :

I guess perceived talent makes you overlook all the “little things” you hope money will make go away. It hasn’t worked with michael vick, barry bonds, stephon marbury, to name a few.

Wow, I wonder what all those guys had in common?  Interesting point, though ; Bonds’ lack of cuddliness was clearly an obstacle to his success on the diamond. Imagine if he’d gone to charm school, the Sultan Of Sulry would’ve hit 1500 home runs in his career.

In all seriousness, while Burress is a pretty easy target for tabloid readers and chat radio screamers, his arrival at the Swamp has coincided with three consecutive playoff appearances and a Super Bowl ring.  How’s that for overlooking the little things?


Toros Ruin A Beautiful Thing

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And by the above headline, I mean a 4 year love affair between CSTB and Austin’s entry in the NBA Development League.  Tonight’s poorly attended home opener would’ve otherwise been notable for the regular season pro debut of Bill Walker (above, 23 points, 8 rebounds), who led Utah to a 93-91 defeat of Quin Snyder’s Toros. Rather than Walker’s performance or an OT buzzer beater from fellow Celtics hopeful JR Giddens,  I’m unfortunately gonna focus on the participation of local radio sponsor Hot 93.3, who presumably employed some moron to slap a sticker advertising their station on the back of my jacket.

Spray painting “please punch me in the face” across my shoulder blades would’ve been more subtle, but if this wasn’t bad enough, the incessant ramblings of compere-for-the-night D-Train (above, left) were the real ambience killer.  The pinhead in question actually refers to himself as “the P. Diddy of Austin”,  and considering Sean Combs’ history of basketball related fatalities, perhaps this should’ve given the Spurs front office pause before inviting him to the Convention Center.   Toros games remain a great value — a cheap seat is only a couple of bucks more than going to see “Transporter 3”, but I would gladly shell out another 4 or 5 dollars for a guarantee I’d never have to hear D-Bag D-Train ever again.

Pushead, Kozik, Fuck Off

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I’m gonna have to plead ignorance about Dennis or Under The Gun’s music, but when it comes to flyer art, this guy is nothing short of a visionary.  Flatstock awaits!

Darko : I’ve Gotta Be Me

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“I used to enjoy playing and scoring,” Memphis’ Darko Milicic tells the Commercial-Appeal’s Ronald Tillery, bemoaning his current state, pigeonholed as a defensive specialist.  “This isn’t the way I want to finish my career.”

Milicic, who will be a 2010 free agent, could return to Europe.

“I lot of days I think that,” Milicic said, “because the only way to be me is in Europe. I don’t want to be a defensive player the rest of my career. It’s not really what I want to do.”

Milicic lost the starting job this season to rookie Spaniard Marc Gasol, partly based on his offensive inconsistency.

“In Europe, I can be a different player with the ball going through me,” Milicic said. “Here, you take a shot and you just don’t want to miss. You think too much.

“I want to get my confidence back on the offensive end. I want the ball to go through me so I can have a chance to miss without worrying about it. And I want a chance to make plays. (Europe) has good basketball, and it would be closer to home.”

Finishing at the rim isn’t always Milicic’s strong suit because he tends to play with finesse around the rim instead of dunking with authority. His shooting touch from beyond the foul line comes and goes, too.

“And he’s got to make his free throws,” Iavaroni said. “People are going to foul him. Finishing and making free throws is a big part of being a center. We’ll get back to (having the ball go through Milicic) when I see the focus and efficiency on offense.”

Milicic’s status as the no.2 overall pick in ’03 ahead of Carmelo Anthony, D-Wade and Chris Bosh means anything less than NBA stardom will have him forever characterized as a bust, perhaps unfairly.  And while we’ll never know exactly how much Larry Brown is to blame for stunting Darko’s development, the underachieving center probably would’ve been better off playing professionally for a few years in Europe prior to landing stateside.

Black Friday II: Ocho Cinco Awake, Unharmed

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From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Among the first in the Best Buy store in Florence was not a typical customer. Bengals wide receiver Chad Ocho Cinco, aka Chad Johnson, arrived early to get some bargains. Ocho Cinco acknowledged his benching last week for being late to a team meeting.

“I was bad last week. Sleepy,” he said. He said he was in the store to buy coach Marvin Lewis a gift.

Seen later with a Rock Band kit, portable stereo and a Cuisinart four-slice toaster, Ocho Cinco said, “I’ve been trying to call coach, but he doesn’t answer.”

It was 5:25 a.m.

Given what we learned about his naps last week, the question is did Chad stay up all night, or wake up early? And does Marvin really need a toaster?