It’s Nearly 2009 And No Longer Necessary For Sir Charles To Remind Us He’s No Role Model

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(not, we should stress, a recent photograph)

From the Arizona Republic :

Charles Barkley was arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving early Wednesday morning in Scottsdale, Gilbert police said.

An officer with a law enforcement task force that targets drunken driving saw the former NBA star run a stop sign around 1:30 a.m., said Gilbert police Lt. Eric Shuhandler.

Barkley declined to submit to a breath test but was given a blood test. The results have not come in.

After Barkley was processed, he was cited and released. He left in a cab, Shuhandler said.

Shuhandler said there was nothing remarkable about Barkley’s arrest and that it is customary to release people after they’ve been arrested on suspicion of DUI.


WSC Touts Clough For Derby Vacancy

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“Most of us have experienced dreams or nightmares on the same repeated themes, whether it’s falling from precipitous heights, sitting an exam without revision or going to work with no clothes on,” muses an uncredited When Saturday Comes Daily scribe. “For Chris Hutchings, however, the nightmare is a reality. He keeps being appointed as a football manager as successor to his friend Paul Jewell, only to be sacked soon afterwards, then hired again as Jewell’s assistant at another club.” Indeed, corporal punishment enthusiast Jewell is out of work yet again, and WSC is very quick to offer an alternative to Derby County’s inexplicable alleged interest in Paul Ince.

If Nigel Clough (above) were to leave the current Conference leaders Burton Albion to take on either of the clubs with whom Brian Clough won League titles it would be only the fourth time that a club has been managed by father and son. The most recent case was Kevin Bond whose turbulent spell at Bournemouth fell a long way short of emulating his father John’s record there in the early 1970s. The other two instances both involved Fulham. Harry and Joe Bradshaw were in charge at Craven Cottage in the decade either side of World War One while the two Bill Dodgins, senior and junior, both managed the club between the late 1940s and early 1970s – Dodgin junior was also one of his dad’s successors at Brentford during that period.

While Derby and Forest can both lay claim to the elder Clough, Nigel’s direct ties are to the latter, with whom he spent the best years of his career, winning fourteen England caps. If he is considering a move to the City Ground, the recent travails of of another former England player may give him pause for thought. Paul Ince moved up three levels in going from MK Dons to Blackburn in August and, irrespective of whether he was given enough time, he clearly found the gap a difficult one to breach. Nigel Clough had an indifferent start to his spell at Burton who finished in the bottom half of the Conference in his first three seasons in charge, but his side has steadily improved over the last three years and currently hold a seven point lead at the top. Clough has had five years more experience in management than Ince but they have all been at the same level, three steps below the Championship.

Curry : Mets Prefer Lowe To Perez

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As long as you’re not married to him, starter Derek Lowe has been one of the more dependable pitchers in the big leagues over the past decade.  Reliability, however, is not a word often associated with the enigmatic Oliver Perez, whom according to the New York Times’ Jack Curry, might not receive a contract offer from the Mets.

After methodically studying the starting pitchers left on the free-agent market, the Mets have determined that Derek Lowe would be the best addition to their club. The Mets have shown that by offering Lowe a three-year contract for about $36 million, according to people who have been briefed on the discussions.

The Mets do not want to offer Lowe more than three guaranteed years, so if he holds firm in his pursuit of five years and $90 million, he may not be close to signing. Lowe, who turns 36 in June, has averaged more than 200 innings and 15 wins the last seven seasons.

When the Mets pursued the free agent Francisco Rodríguez, they benefited from being one of the only teams willing to spend for a closer. Before the season ended, there was speculation that Rodríguez would get a $75 million deal. The Mets signed Rodríguez for about half that, giving him a three-year, $37 million deal.

The Mets are hoping the same happens with Lowe, and that he eventually falls to them for less than the $18 million a year he is seeking. Boras would not say how many teams had made offers to Lowe, but he said there were more teams involved in talks with Lowe than a week ago.

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Gordon Wittenmyer reports the Cubs are very close to swapping starter Jason Marquis for Rockies’ reliever Luis Vizcaino, with a a bid for free agent OF Milton Bradley being Jim Hendry’s next move after Marquis’ salary is off the books. If Wittenmyer is correct about the Bradley acquisition, the Cubs will become Milton’s 7th team in 10 years. Which cap will he don on his Anger Management Hall Of Fame Plaque?

Caps Owner : I’m Not Your Punching Bag

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Washington Capitols owner Ted Leonsis has received his share of CSTB coverage in the past, mostly for a physical confrontation with an angry fan, later for his attempts to curry blogger favor with a lavish desert cart. This past December 23, however, the former AOL executive retreated to cyberspace in an attempt to reason with angry Caps rooters who failed to understand that “we are all in this together (and a quick apology note now would be nice as well)”.

Some folks didn’t reach for their remotes last night and change the channel. Instead they pounded out emails to me with rants, curse words, demands and some pretty basic œhow could you? emails. Trade this guy, fire that guy, sell the team, etc. etc. I received two of these gems moments after the Rangers scored their fourth goal.

I would like to rise above the fray. Be nice. Be positive and enjoy the ride we are on as a team. I understand your passion but it is getting old having to read venom and angst and fury. What I may just do is block you from my email and make sure you are NOT allowed ever to post again on our message boards as well. There is no need for the over the top rants so I am really asking you if you are œtrue long term fans just tone it down a notch.

Be nicer and perhaps don’t hit the send button as much. Would that be too much to ask? Thank you.

Chances Are, He Won’t Be Interviewing In Oakland : Shanahan’s Done In Denver

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Cleveland and Detroit’s respective terminations of Romeo Crennel and Rod Marinelli came as a surprise to no one ; had the New York Jets not terminated Eric Mangini yesterday, certainly there would’ve been an outcry from some quarters.  But the Broncos’ decision to can Mike Shanahan after 14 seasons in charge of Denver is nothing short of what Chet Coppock would call “a bombshell”, despite the former Raiders assistant failing to win more than one playoff game since John Elway’s departure. While the Crypt Keeper points to Bill Cowher possibly succeeding Shanahan, ESPN colleague Woody Page argued earlier in the day that Pat Bowlen “doesn’t have the backbone to fire Shanahan.” Presumably, an apology column is being penned at this very hour.

Liverpool Captain Fights For His Right To Party (To Phil Collins)

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Not since Al Leiter supervised Scott Kazmir’s banishment from Flushing over a boombox dispute has a star athlete’s MOR-mania made such a splash, as Liverpool FC talisman Steven Gerrard finds himself facing assault and afray charges after commemorating a 5-1 win over Newcastle with an alleged brawl barroom brawl in  Southport.  The Guardian’s Sachin Nakarni and Helen Carter suggest the incident may have been provoked by (ahem) musical differences.

The fracas took place at the Lounge Inn in Bold Street, following which the venue’s DJ, a 34-year-old local man, required hospital treatment after suffering facial injuries. Police were called and subsequently arrested six men on suspicion of assault in nearby Lord Street.

It remains unclear what exactly happened at the popular celebrity nightspot, but one report has suggested that Gerrard and a group of his friends got involved in an altercation after the DJ refused to allow them to choose the songs played on the venue’s sound system.Gerrard is a big fan of Phil Collins and counts the singer’s greatest hits as his favourite album.  He is also partial to Coldplay.

The Lounge Inn remained shut yesterday but evidence of a fight inside could be seen through the windows. Spots of blood were clearly visible on the floor, along with shards of broken glass.

A Few More Snippets For The Derrick Rose ROY Highlight Reel

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Prior to last night, Da Bulls — coming off 7 straight road losses — hadn’t won a game in the Swamp in nearly 8 years. I’d like to think it was because they were as traumatized as myself at the promise of a Cabela’s outlet just miles from the Lincoln Tunnel, but chances are, basketball reasons contributed to the streak, too.