ITV’s Pseudo Springer Headed For The Scrap Heap

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The Daily Star’s Michael Booker reports Jeremy Kyle, the former life insurance salesman turned chat host / chav-tastic TV icon, will be removed from the small screen next February.

Kyle, 43, has come under fire for œexploiting dysfunctional families since he hit TV screens in 2005.

His shows have included œBrother, I™ll Prove I™m the Father Of Your Ex-Girlfriend™s Baby and œIf I Can™t Have Children, How Can It Be My Baby?.

Angry guests have tried to assault the ex-radio DJ when they objected to his comments about their personal problems.

In 2007 when a man head-butted his love rival. Security guard David Staniforth, 45, attacked bus driver Larry Mahoney, 39, after discovering he had begun an affair with his wife Jennifer after moving into their home as a lodger.

Staniforth, of Chesterfield, Derbys, is believed to be the first person convicted of assaulting someone on a British talk show. District Judge Alan Berg, sitting at Manchester Magistrates™ Court, branded the show a œhuman form of bear-baiting.

And he added: œIt seems to me the purpose of this show is to effect a morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people whose lives are in turmoil.

Cash-strapped ITV bosses now say the cost of screening the show daily is too high.

And one of the biggest bills was paying for œguests to stay at hotels near the Granada studios in Manchester.

An ITV insider told the Daily Star Sunday last night: œPeople appearing on the show love to get the chance to stay in a hotel at ITV™s expense but it™s too much to keep paying out.

œThe screenings will be scaled back until next year when the show will go for good. It is unfortunate but everything has a shelf-life and this has come to an end.

Chavez Ravine Is Not A River In Egypt : Lasorda Vouches For Piazza

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If this is the sort of defense that’s going to be mounted in support of Mike Piazza, MLB’s All-Time Leading Savatage Fan might as well throw himself on the mercy of Peter Gammons.  The LA Daily News’ Ramona Shelburne pestered former Dodgers skipper Tommy Lasorda about The Backne Heard Around The World, and the response from Piazza’s godfather was as thoughtful as it was unexpected.

“I don’t believe that at all,” said Lasorda. “He worked so hard. I saw him in the weight room working out all the time. Whatever (is in the book) is hearsay. I just don’t believe it. He comes from a family that’s full of good people. “I wouldn’t comment on it if I didn’t feel strongly about it. He has too much to lose. And he’s such a nice young man. He goes to church, he’s got a nice family. I know him. I know what kind of man he is and I just don’t believe it.”

There is no proof, and Piazza has not commented or confirmed anything. Lasorda said he was saddened to hear of the accusations.

“This is a guy that should be in the Hall of Fame. He’s out-homered every catcher that’s in there,” Lasorda said. “I just don’t believe it. Mike Piazza? No way. He worked too hard. I saw him.”

I’m no Dick Pound, but wouldn’t PED use enable a person to be in the weight room “all the time”? I have few strong opinons about Piazza’s guilt or innocence (after all, he never played for the Yankees — I kid, I kid) but you won’t find many ballplayers as pious as Andy Pettitte. Going to church (and refraining from masturbation) didn’t stop him from using HGH.

The comment about Metal Mike having too much to lose is utter nonsense. As an unheralded zillionth round draft choice, he had everything to gain.


Wales’ Craig Bellamy Adds Memorable Soundbite To Forgettable WC Qualifier

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Manchester City’s Craig Bellamy has previously revealed himself to be something less than a master of diplomacy, but his text harassment of Alan Shearer seems somewhat tame compared to his public statements in the wake of Wales’ 2-0 defeat to Finland over the weekend. When Bellamy’s playing career has run its course, surely an analyst gig with Sky or Setanta awaits?

O’s Radio Station Declared Their Own Rain Out

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The Mets’ Grapefruit League loss to Baltimore Sunday afternoon wouldn’t ordinarily be a big deal back in Charm City, but it might’ve attracted less attention than usual. As the New York Post’s Bart Hubbach explains, O’s fans following the contest on the radio might well have believed the game was rained out (link culled from Baseball Think Factory)

The Orioles’ flagship radio team of Joe Angel (above) and Fred Manfra quietly left the stadium here today during a 90-minute rain delay and didn’t come back for the final eight innings, telling their bosses at 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore that the game had been canceled.

“Yes, the rest of the game was not on the air back home and we don’t know why,” a baffled Orioles PR rep said later. “We looked over during the game and they weren’t there.”

What if, for example, All-Star reliever George Sherrill — who ended up pitching this afternoon when the game resumed — had hurt himself?

All you would-be announcers might want to get your resume tapes ready, because there could be an opening or two in Baltimore very shortly.

The Baltimore Sun’s Ray Frager took the time to contact Angel, who insists the decison to vacate the premises was made by his radio paymasters (“Fred Manfra and I would much rather have preferred to stay and finish
the broadcast after the rain delay”).  Angel’s version of events has been corroborated by Dave Labrozzi of CBS Radio, so perhaps those audition tapes Hubbach refers to might well be sent elsewhere.

The World’s Most Dysfunctional Arena : Where Dignity Goes To Die

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The New York Knicks have 3 home games remaining in the 2008-09 season.  While the club is lottery-bound, the basketball product isn’t nearly as shameful / desperate as Cablevision’s continued attempts to give the Garden all the ambience of a suburban U.S.A. shopping mall and/or middle school assembly.

If You Want the 2018 World Cup…

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…why not hire the guy who has ordered covert assassinations and/or secret bombing campaigns in half the world’s countries to coordinate your efforts? At the very least, Henry Kissinger is a recognizable brand — one that kills your democratically elected leader and installs a junta of crypto-fascists backed by fruit corporations or whatever, but a brand nonetheless. And considering that Alexei Lalas was probably in the running for some advisory role or other, maybe Hammering Hank’s role on the committee seeking to bring the World Cup to the U.S. in 2018 or 2022 makes some sense? And, to be fair, Kissinger was a part of the committee that actually brought the ’94 World Cup to the U.S., so maybe…no, actually it’s still pretty offensive. The AP, via ESPN, reports:

“I don’t think we have a huge chance in 2018. I think it will probably go to Europe,” Kissinger said Monday. “We’ll certainly contest for it. And just as ’86 guaranteed that we got it in 94, so I think bidding for 2018 will give us a great chance for 2022.”

…FIFA’s executive committee will vote on the 2018 and 2022 hosts in December 2010, and many think the 2018 vote will come down to England or Spain. Kissinger thinks Russia, which has never hosted soccer’s showcase, will get strong consideration. Next year’s tournament is in South Africa, and Brazil will stage the World Cup in 2014.

“I think Europe will probably get it in 2018,” he said. “Our best shot is ’22, but I hope we can get it in ’18. But it’s hard to believe Europe will let it go three times in a row.”

Kissinger received FIFA’s order of merit in 1996, with the governing body saying his “support for football from the high-profile position of his public office has contributed greatly to raising its visibility and credibility in the United States.”

Kissinger grew up in Fuerth, Germany, and still pays attention to Germany’s national team, die Deutsche Nationalmannschaft. “I follow them and I wish them well, but I don’t feel about them like I do about the Yankees,” he said. He also roots for Juventus, because he is friendly with the Agnelli ownership group, and Manchester United and Arsenal.

He also roots for the oppressive crypto-corporatist Chinese government, because he is friendly with its leaders, and resigned his spot on the 9/11 Commission because he preferred not to reveal the extent to which his consulting company does business with essentially every bad government in existence. Of course he loves the freaking Yankees. Thanks to Brendan Flynn for the link.

High Anxiety : Detroit Docs Dispute D-Train Diagnosis

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The Tigers placed SP Dontrelle Willis on the 15 day disabled list yesterday with what the club is calling an anxiety disorder, Said move raised the suspicions of the The Detroit News’ Lynn Henning, who took the time to quiz the area’s mental health professionals.
“I can’t speak of the specific situation, but to the best of my knowledge, you cannot diagnose an anxiety disorder by a blood test,” said Hiten Patel, a psychiatrist at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. “Most psychiatric conditions cannot be diagnosed by blood tests, and anxiety disorder cannot be diagnosed in such a way.”

Agreeing was Taft Parsons, medical director of the Kingswood Hospital, the in-patient psychiatric facility at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

“There’s no anxiety disorder, no psychiatric disorders, which are diagnosed by blood tests,” said Parsons, who explained that anxiety might be a symptom of a medical situation identified by blood work, such as a thyroid condition. “But (anxiety) would not be the disorder itself. Only a symptom.”

Dave Dombrowski, the Tigers president and general manager, was careful about providing details of Willis’ health, citing confidentiality laws. But he said: “It’s something that our doctors have discovered, and we’ve been working on it for a while to try to make sure exactly what this is. The doctors discovered that.”

GM Dave Dombrowski declined comment Sunday after being informed of the psychiatrists’ response.

The Tigers owe Willis $22 million through the 2010 season. But if he were to spend the bulk of this season or 2010 on the DL, insurance policies that are routine for highly paid players would likely be responsible for as much as 50 percent of his compensation.