Sandomir On Hal & Hank Steinbrenner’s Bad Cop

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“In recent years, as George Steinbrenner has faded from view as the principal owner,” writes the New York Times‘ Richard Sandomir in Saturday’s paper, “(team president Randy) Levine has emerged as the strongest voice of the Yankees…no other Yankees executive ” not Steinbrenner™s sons, Hal and Hank; Brian Cashman, the general manager; or Lonn Trost, the chief operating officer ” is as willfully aggressive.”  Not even Tony Pena asking for a date comes on as strong!

œPart of Randy likes to fight, said Hal Steinbrenner, the managing general partner. œHe has a history of not backing down. He likes to be the bad cop. I™m the good cop.The family has never asked Levine to restrain his style. Hal Steinbrenner said he has œabsolutely applauded Levine™s castigations of Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky, a persistent critic of the stadium™s financing. Levine has angrily accused Brodsky, a Westchester County Democrat, of attacking the Yankees name for political ends.

Levine™s occasionally choleric behavior is not an act, he said, but evidence that he can change speeds on his rhetorical pitches.

œI get angry, he said, œbut I try not to let anger color my job.

The brusque Brodsky sees Levine as œsomeone who thinks the world responds to bullying and verbal violence. After a public hearing at which Levine, 54, turned red while yelling at him, Brodsky said: œHe couldn™t have been acting. His face was too purple.

At a hearing about stadium financing this month, Levine accused Brodsky of being on a œwitch hunt and of using œSoviet-style tactics in subpoenaing him, and told him that he is œnot the dictator of the state who can overrule everybody else.

Brodsky countered, œI will remind you, Mr. Levine, that the Giuliani years are over.

Levine turned from the witness table with a smile, his morning™s joust over.

œEntertaining, wasn™t it? he said as he left the Manhattan hearing room.

Like the Versus Commercial Says, “Hockey Fans Are Not Like Other Fans”

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This story seems have crashed the Columbus Dispatch for the moment, so, from SLAM! Sports and Sun Media:

According to a Columbus police report, a man wearing a Calgary Flames jersey has been arrested and charged with inducing panic after placing at least three threatening phone calls to the Blue Jackets — specifically targeting [rookie goaltender Steve] Mason — during Thursday’s 5-0 win over the Flames.

Charged with the misdemeanour, Peter Stenzel, 52, was picked up at his Dublin, Ohio, home.

“They got his number from caller ID, and it was given to special duty officers,” Columbus police Sgt. Rich Weiner told the Columbus Dispatch Friday.

“When they got to his residence, he was upset. He’s a passionate hockey fan.”

Security was on edge at the Nationwide Arena, and there was a beefed-up police presence because of the phone calls that came in between 7:45 and 8:11 p.m., between the end of the first period and start of the second.

Special-duty officers were placed around all the arenas entrances.

Sources told the Dispatch Stenzel threatened to “shoot” and “bomb” Mason during the game.

“It’s nice to see a fan who cares,” writes Deadspin. Hilarity!


Obama Fan George Will Finally Finds a Subject Where He Can Still Talk Like a Pre-Bailout Republican: Bud Selig

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[An autogrphed photo of Selig recently made out to himself.]

I’ve posted here before on Bud Selig’s tenacity when it comes to promoting himself.  Now he’s got a very public show of support, from noted Cub fan George Will, who writes in to Forbes Magazine to chastise it for criticizing the man that Bud Selig has declared a massive success “ Bud Selig.  Will argues that Selig is bar none the greatest commissioner Major League Baseball has ever had.  I™ll be the first to say, Selig™s business acumen and selling the game are definitely impressive.  That™s because Selig is the best business rep the owners have ever had, and he should be commended as such.  As far as what the job of baseball commissioner was designed to do, which is bring a sense of moral authority to baseball and give it credibility ” he™s about the worst it has ever had.  With a kind of Bush-like thinking Will has recently rejected, Will manages to both praise free market economics and extol the virtues of Selig, the CEO of America’s favorite monopoly “ baseball.  Will™s total blame for PEDs on the players union is also a bit much to stomach, since owners happily profited from their œignorance of the situation and did little or nothing to raise the issue.  Mr. Will’s fan letter can be found here. [And a CSTB thank you to Chris Lehmann for the link.]

Sweet 16 Twitastic Thumb-fest

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(Xavier’s Terrell Holloway, determined to command more viewers tonight than Alec Baldwin)

Pittsburgh and Xavier
will be tipping off in Boston very shortly, and in the unlikely event you’d prefer to follow my as-they-happen observations from the TD Bank North Garden than follow CBS’ analysis or a more qualified live blogger, you do so in the box to the right, or by following the CSTB Twitter feed.

I’ll be hanging around for Duke/’Nova, too, unless there’s an impromptu DMZ reunion happening somewhere down the road.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served on Your Blog

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Here’s what CBS Sportsline’s Mike Freeman has to say about the dismissal of a lawsuit filed against him by pro golfer John Daly in 2005:

Now John Daly can return to what he does best: getting cut, getting drunk and getting fat.

Several years ago I wrote a column that called Daly something that was wholly true then and is even more accurate now. I called Daly a repugnant loser who is more scoundrel than hero. I blasted him for his treatment of women and his reckless lifestyle….

The victory is not just one for freedom of speech. Athletes should be held accountable for their deeds just like writers are held accountable for theirs.

Just as all of you are in your everyday lives.

So I’ll repeat what I said several years ago.

Daly is a disgraceful human being who, if he were Allen Iverson, would be despised and wouldn’t get the dozens of second chances he has received.

Is “Allen Iverson” some kind of code? I didn’t even know he was a golfer.

PS – On an unrelated note, if you’re not paying attention to those twitter widgets (twidgets?) on the righthand side below the ad, GC will be live from Boston shortly (and I’ll be on the couch).

Oh No Fucking Way Dept., Los Angeles Bureau: Did Isiah Interview With Donald Sterling?

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Actually, per ESPN’s Chris Sheridan, Zeke and Donald Sterling definitely had “informal but substantive” talks several weeks ago — The Donald being in the market for an executive to take the pressure off High-Voltage Bummer Generation Device and nightmarish martinet/Head Coach Mike Dunleavy. Dunleavy, who brokered the talks, was apparently playing some sort of practical joke. See how much, if any, of this makes even the slightest bit of sense:

Thomas remains under contract to the Knicks for the remainder of this season and two more, but he has the franchise’s permission to seek employment elsewhere. He was fired as Knicks coach and general manager last spring and was replaced by Donnie Walsh in the front office and Mike D’Antoni on the bench.One source with knowledge of Thomas’ thinking said it now appears he has shifted his focus to pursuing a head coaching position at the college level. The same source said Thomas’ name was discussed at the highest levels of the Grizzlies organization when Memphis fired Marc Iavaroni earlier this season.

…Dunleavy has generally won praise for his salary cap management and his most recent personnel moves…[His] coaching is actually the area where the most justifiable criticism could be directed. The Clippers entered Wednesday night’s game against New York 37 games under .500. He has clashed with some Clippers players, most notably Baron Davis and Chris Kaman, although Sterling has been publicly supportive of Dunleavy and overtly critical of his players, most recently when he went on a postgame rant in the locker room after a loss to San Antonio earlier this month.

It is hard to know where to start with this. ClipperBlog’s Kevin Arnovitz just reprints half the Sheridan story under the headline “When Real Life Exceeds Parody.” Brendan Flynn, who sent me this link, writes, “You can’t make this up. Bill Simmons could try — and if Isiah Thomas becomes the Clips GM, I’ll want to read his column again. Dear god: Could one organization have Sterling, Thomas and Dunleavy? Really?” The answer, it seems, is that only an organization already featuring Sterling and Dunleavy could conceivably also support Isiah Thomas.

Scary Depictions Of Boston Sports History

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As seen at Allston, MA’s Sports Depot.  I can get over the omissions of Ted Williams, Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, Jim Plunkett and Carl Yastrzemski, but cannot quite reconcile why there’s a basketball growing out of Tim Wakefield’s shoulder.