So Agassi Was On Meth…What’s McEnroe’s Excuse?

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This is about as scary as things get at MSG without hiding a camera in Steve Mills’ office.  The always down with the cultural zeitgeist John McEnroe helps a far from capacity crowd at the Knicks home opener recall “The Young Ones”. Trailing the Sixers, 40-25, at the end of the first quarter, the hosts have apparently decided to pay Halloween homage to the Washington Generals.

Owner With A Boner : Artest Would Be At Home In The Palace

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The Lakers were humbled at home by the Mavericks Friday, a contest that saw new LA addition Ron Artest, in foul trouble early, rendered a non-factor offensively. Earlier in the month, the shy, retiring Mark Cuban predicted Artest would prove a divisive force for the Lakers, a charge the Dallas owner repeated yesterday after being asked to respond to Artest’s question, “what team do I fit on? should i not be in the NBA?” From the OC Register’s Janis O’Carr :

Cuban said Friday that he indeed was glad to see Artest on the Western Conference rival because there always is the possibility that Artest™s volatile nature will get the better of him and he will cause problems for the team.

œHistory repeats itself, Cuban said. œI™m not saying something you guys haven™t considered, right? That™s just the risk. Every team has to deal with chemistry and the impact of the chemistry on the team. Normally, you try to minimize that.

œRon is an amazing talent, he™s a great guy. I don™t really know him, but the way he™s handled this is phenomenal. I give him a ton of credit. But it is what it is.

So what team does Cuban think Artest would fit best?

œI don™t know the culture of every team, so I don™t know where he would fit in best ¦. Maybe Detroit?

Cole Hamels’ Most Lifelike Performance To Date

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Big League ‘Stew consider this viral campaign for Call Of Duty to be in questionable taste, and I can’t really argue with that. But on the bright side, after showing all the personality and range of a cardboard box in commercials for ESPN The Magazine and New Era, Hamels has clearly been working with some sort of acting guru.  With a little practice, he might manage something as impressive as this someday.

Sultan Of Sloth To Phantics : No, Not I’m Telling Ripken He’s Gay, Thank You Very Much

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There are sooo many enticing storylines to consider before tonight’s Game 3 of the World SeriesCole Hamels’ recent struggles. Charlie Manuel’s alleged diss of Andy Pettitte.  A-Rod’s interior decorating.  But leave it to the New York Post to come up with the most intriguing talking point of the weekend — former Yankee David Wells’ low opinion of Philly fans.  “The people in that town would give The Finger to their own mom,” argues Boomer (above), “It™s not Brotherly Love in that town ” it™s Brotherly Hate.”

When I was in Philadelphia earlier this postseason with Cal Ripken Jr., Dennis Eckersley and Ernie Johnson for TBS, we got booed. We were just doing our show out in center field and people were walking by saying œYou fat piece of [bleep]. . . . Tell Cal he™s gay. . . . Ernie Johnson sucks.”

I™m like, œWho the hell are these people? We™ve got no part of baseball.

We™re doing the game and TBS stuff and these Phillies fans are just f-bombing us to death.

They are angry people. It™s going to be tough, because they are very vocal, foul and can maybe cause havoc on some of the younger guys, but I don™t think they will give the Yankees any problem. The only problem will be for these Phillies fans, when they lose. The Yankees will shut them up.

I put Philadelphia, Cleveland and Oakland atop my list for the worst fans in baseball, with Philadelphia No. 1.

Curiously, rather than cite any examples of CBP being a hostile environment for visiting teams, Wells makes it very clear it’s a very tough place to broadcast.  Would it be out of place to suggest Philadelphians are not necessarily terrible baseball fans, but rather, have a very low tolerance level for poor analysis?

Milton Bradley And Vernon Wells – Not Untradeable If They’re Swapped For Each Other

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(Cubs GM Jim Hendry and Milton Bradley, back before they got to know each other)

When Buster Olney floats the possibility of an (admittedly unlikely) Oliver Perez-for-Milton Bradley swap.  the circumstances are rather obvious ; the only way the Cubs will be able to jettison an obvious scapegoat escape their contractual obligations to their tempermental outfielder is if they take on an equally brutal salary in exchange.  The Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliot quotes one unnamed Cubs insider as saying there’s some truth to  rumors of a Bradley-for-Vernon Wells discussion (“”It’s early on, but we think this one has some legs”)

Wells has six years left on his contract extension, $107 million remaining, including the $8.5-million final instalment of his signing bonus, which is due in March. Team president Paul Godfrey and former general manager J.P. Ricciardi signed Wells to the contract extension.

The Cubs’ idea is to split the difference on monies owed — Wells’ $107 million and Bradley’s $21 million for a difference of $86 million. Each team absorbs $43 million.

The Cubs have to deal Bradley. Other possible landing spots: The San Francisco Giants for lefty Barry Zito, who has four years remaining at $83 million; the Indians for Travis Hafner, three years for $40.25 million, Giants’ Aaron Rowand, three years at $36 million, the Dodgers for Juan Pierre, two years at $18.5 million, and Tampa Bay’s Pat Burrell, one year at $7 million.

If You Ever Envisioned A-Rod As A Unicorn, Think Again

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“What kind of aesthetically challenged dolt doesn’t have a portrait of themselves as a mythical creature from Greek mythology?’ asked WNBC’s Josh Alper, formerly of the late, lamented The Feed, responding to claims by Us Weekly that Yankee 3B Alex Rodriguez had not one, but two such framed illustrations in his boudoir, featuring his own visage re-imagined as a centaur.

Thanks to Faith & Fear In Flushing‘s Jason Fry, here’s an example of exactly what Kate Hudson saw the first time she visited A-Rod’s bachelor pad.


Erin Andrews, Fuck Off : Recalling The Journalistic Chops Of Penny Crone

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For New Yorkers of a certain vintage, shots of a manical Penny Crone cackling away in front of celebrating Yankee fans were a big a part of the local TV news tapestry, right up there with regular Freddy “Sez” sightings.  The exploits of the former WNYW reporter — now selling real estate for a tony NYC agency — are remembered fondly by the New York Times’ James Barron.

Early in Derek Jeter™s career, she took a look at him in street clothes, and wondered about the fit of his slacks.

œI walked right up to Derek Jeter and I said, ˜Derek, why don™t you wear tighter pants?™  she recalled. œAnd what did Derek say? Not too much. He looked at me like I was nuts.

“Gatorade man? She yelled that at someone who walked into the stadium with a large barrel of ” well, you know. He was blocking her shot, which ruins everything in television news. The man turned out to be Willie Randolph, a Yankees coach at the time and later the manager of the Mets.

There was the day she went to a bagel factory and the anchor introduced her as œan industrial accident waiting to happen.

And there was the time she interviewed Yogi Berra and called him œYogi Bear.

œMy husband told me that Yogi Berra was named after Yogi Bear, she said, œso I thought his name was Yogi Bear. So we™re sitting in his living room, me on one side, Yogi Berra on the other, the fireplace, and I said, ˜Good evening, Mr. Bear.™