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The Cardinals' bid is believed to include an option for 2010. The proposal represents a significant break from the organizational philosophy under current ownership. [p>] Burnett is the first starting pitcher to command a four-year bid since a group headed by Bill DeWitt Jr. purchased the club in March 1996. The Toronto Blue Jays p>, Seattle Mariners and New York Mets also are believed to be competing for Burnett. The Blue Jays reportedly offered Burnett a five-year deal worth about $50 million, leaving the club unsure if geographical factors and emotional ties may help their case. Burnett grew up a Cardinals fan. Guaranteeing a fifth year was considered vital to any team's chances of landing Burnett, a hard-throwing righthander who has spent his career with the Florida Marlins. For the Cardinals, such a commitment was too much, leaving some within the organization unsure about the team's chances. Significant debate took place before the club tendered a four-year offer that represents the most lucrative ever made by the Cardinals for any pitcher. P> dewitt finally gave his blessing wednesday, and p> the offer was made.

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