WEEI Continues To Embrace Nu Media

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(above : afternoon radio host who will have to send his own harassing text messages for the next 5 working days)

Over the past two years, Boston’s WEEI has engaged in an aggressive embrace of vehicles beyond mere-sports yack , with the radio ratings juggernaut spending freely to position itself as an online sports portal ala ESPN.com. Perhaps that competitive stance went a little too far, writes the Boston Herald’s Jessica Haslem, as Glenn Ordway producer Andy Massaua has been hit with a one-week suspension for text-pesting WEEI’s rivals at WBZ.

œAndy (has to) think about, and reflect, on his irresponsible and sophomoric actions that will not be tolerated by this station, said WEEI-AM (850) program honcho Jason Wolfe.

Damon Amendolara, also known as D.A., the nighttime host on WBZ-FM, said he couldn™t even read about 80 percent of the WEEI producer™s texts on the air during his show Thursday.

The texts, he said, were aimed at several Sports Hub employees, including Amendolara and Chuck Perks, who does sports updates and used to work at WEEI.

Amendolara read some of the texts on-air, including one thinly veiled homophobic insult, œD.A., isn™t Chuck Perks™ strength spinning records . . . in P-town?

Amendolara, who never identified Massaua by name, said the texter™s number was the first the station ever œred-flagged as a problem. The station called the phone number and got the ™EEI producer™s voice mail, he said.


Cheer Up, Greece. You Could Be Chester City F.C.

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Slightly overshadowed by the financial woes of EPL side Portsmouth F.C. is the fate of Chester City, a club whose 126 year run seems to be coming to a farcical conclusion.  Chester were docked 25 points after entering adminstration at the end of last season, and have failed to make payroll (or turn up for matches) on multiple occasions this year. From The Argus’ Steve Hollis :

Blue Square premier clubs, including Crawley and Eastbourne Borough, have voted to expel Chester City from the competition.

The decision was reached at a meeting at Rushden and Diamonds this morning where more than 75% of the clubs agreed with the Football Conference’s recomendation to throw Chester out.

It means all of Chester’s results so far this season will be expunged. That means Crawley, who have yet to play Chester, move up two places in the table to ninth and also close the gap on six of the eight teams above them.

There’s Two Kinds Of People In This World :

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A) Persons who pay too much for Nazi Dust records and B) everyone else.

Jay McGwire Joins Jose Canseco in Exclusive Mark McGwire Biographers Club

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[Pictured, Mark McGwire reporting to Cardinal Spring Training.]

A second tell-all is on the horizon regarding Mark McGwire’s steroid use, and it begs the questions, a) how much more do we want to know (even about Cardinal steroid use), and b) just how much of a spite generating, grudge-inducing bastard is Mark McGwire to inspire two books on his steroid career?  I mean, this is the “aw garsh” bawling bash brother who burst into tears in front of media while accepting his massive Cardinal contract (while  doping). Apparently, Canseco, and MM’s own biological bashing brother, have no problem laying him out cold.  What’s up?  Not surprisingly, Jay McGwire is on his big brother’s You’re Dead To Me list.  As the AP reports,  the feud apparently started over Mark McGwire giving Jay’s son a swat on the butt.  Of course, what’s left out is that given McGwire’s strength at the time, the kid flew an impressive 600 feet:

Jay McGwire says in the book that he persuaded his brother to start using steroids regularly in 1994 and set him up with a supplier. He says Mark regularly used an array of drugs through 1996 that included Deca-Durabolin, human growth hormone, Dianabol, Winstrol and Primobolan. McGwire later used androstenedione, a steroid precursor that wasn’t banned by baseball until 2004, when it became a controlled substance.

“I’ve already come out and said what I’ve done and apologized,” Mark said. “As far as I’m concerned there’s really nothing new. It’s kind of sad as a brother what he’s done, but I’ve moved on from it.”

Jay McGwire, a former bodybuilder who turns 40 on May 5, said he was introduced to steroids by friends in 1989, beginning with pills of Anavar. He says his brother only gave in to using steroids after an injury-filled 1993 season.

McGwire hit 70 homers for the Cardinals in 1998, shattering Roger Maris’ record of 61 set in 1961.

The brothers haven’t spoken since 2002. They fell out after Jay McGwire’s stepson, Eric, tickled Mark and caused Mark to spill coffee on himself. Mark then swatted Eric on the backside. Jay’s wife, Francine, then refused to attend Mark’s wedding.

Johnny B Badd : Schooling Young Mets On How To Suck Up To Journalists

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Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone reports the Amazins were made to endure a “media training session” earlier today in Port St. Lucie led by former Mets Darryl Strawberry, Mookie Wilson and John Franco.

That’s the same Franco, by the way, who last season assailed his old ballclub for a “no leadership”, leading David Wright to respond the former Captain Fucko “doesn’t know what’s going on in this clubhouse”.   The former closer is a weird choice for such an advisory role, but perhaps Gary Carter is otherwise occupied.

Former ROY Eric Hinske Thoroughly Uninterested In Being Buried In A Jewish Cemetary

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Newly acquired utility dude Eric Hinske ascribes “no special significance” to the above design, writes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jeff Schultz of the newly 45 hours of tattoo work that cost the former Blue Jay nearly $5K.  To paraphrase Mike Piazza’ diss of Pedro Martinez,  all that money and you just can’t buy class.

œIt™s just traditional Japanese styling tattoo, he said. œI got a tattoo of a cross on my left arm when my grandfather died and I liked it so then I got one of a dragon on my other arm. I just liked the way it looked. Then I got addicted to it and I couldn™t stop. I had my arms and chest plates done so I just wanted to tie it all together so it looked like 0ne big piece. So I just got this big Japanese warrior and this snake wrapped around with the snake™s mouth open, with wind and clouds and stuff. It™s pretty cool.

Indie Grappling Promoter : The Iron Sheik Killed My Wedding

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Maryland Championship Wrestling booker Dan McDevitt has a plethora of funny stories to share with Express Night Out’s Chris Porter, and unsurprisingly, the nu-media sensation / shoot interview dynamo that is The Iron Sheik is at the center of one of ’em. McDevitt might have made some questionable decisions in his wrestling career, but none more costly than inviting the Sheik to his wedding in 2005.

“My wife’s side of the family knows nothing about wrestling, they’re not into wrestling ” so they’re very much normal. And the Sheik gets up there and says I’m one of his closest friends and what a great person I am and he loves me so much ” “Danny McDermitt.” So, he calls me by the wrong name ” and I think, ‘Oh, this is going to be good.’

“So, he’s drunk, and he says, ‘I just want to say to everybody, I have so much respect for Danny because he didn’t kill the Jews like Hitler. And he’s not like Saddam Hussein. And he’s not a no good son-of-a-bitch like Osama bin Laden.’ And I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Man, to make me sound like a good guy, did you have to compare me to the three worst dictators in the world?’

“Meanwhile, my side of the place ” the wrestling [side] ” is going crazy, screaming and yelling. And my wife’s side of the family is absolutely horrified.

“Then Stevie Richards comes running and pulls out a ‘Hulkamania’ sign and [Sheik] goes into a tangent about ” [the usual one] you’ve heard on YouTube.

“Everybody on my side of the family is in tears; my wife’s side of the family is getting up and leaving, walking out of the hall. It was kind of just downhill from there ” 10 months later I was divorced.”