Miami Heat Sales Dept. Resigns En Masse To Spend More Time With Their Families

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Sorry, the above headline was supposed to read, “Miami Thrice Renders Heat Ticket Sellers Surplus To Requirements”. The Miami Herald’s Douglas Hanks explains :

In a statement, the Heat confirmed the dismissals of their entire season ticketing department Friday afternoon, saying that with an “exhausted” inventory of season-tickets “we no longer require a season ticket sales team to sell tickets.”

Stephen Weber, vice president of sales, delivered the news to about 30 ticket sales people Friday morning, according to one of the staffers who asked not to be named because he is seeking another job in sports.

Even when James was merely rumored to be heading for the Heat, the team saw an explosion in season ticket sales. The staffer said he and his colleagues were making cold calls to prospective customers and taking deposits for a waiting list that now has more than 6,000 names on it. The dismissals reflect the new Heat position in basketball: it can sell tickets without really trying.

“They let us go because there was really nothing left to do anymore,” the fired staffer said.

Why stop at the schulbs in the sales department? No one on earth knows more about certain coaches only needing to roll the balls out at practice in order to win a ring than Pat Riley — who’s to say Erik Spoelstra isn’t next?

“Look Around You”‘s Serafinowicz & Popper Present “Markets Of Britain”

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I already learned everything I know about music from these gentlemen, now they’ve got a thing or two to teach the rest of us about bargain hunting, the charms of open-air shopping and uh, giant pencils. Video culled from Boing Boing.net.

Gleeman : Twins’ Overly Wowed By Capps’ Cheap Saves

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“All-Star closer Matt Capps is coming to the Twin Cities” announced a breathless La Velle E. Neil III yesterday after the reliever was traded by the Nationals to the Twins in exchange for highly touted catching prospect Wilson Ramos and lefty Joe “Jersey Beat” Testa.  Aside from kicking Jon Rauch Rumble to the curb, Hardball Talk’s Aaron Gleeman opines that while Minnesota acquired “a good, solid late-inning reliever”, they’ve allowed themselves to be gouged based on Capps’ “93 saves for bad teams”.

Much like the Twins turning to Jon Rauch with Joe Nathan sidelined, Capps’ reputation as an “experienced closer” comes largely from teams simply giving him a shot to accumulate saves. Rauch has done a perfectly fine job filling in for Nathan, converting 21-of-25 saves with a 3.05 ERA and 27-to-9 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 38.1 innings, and if given a longer opportunity may have turned himself into an “established closer” just like Capps did. Seriously.

No one would ever suggest that trading Ramos for a reliever who’s slightly better than Rauch is a sound idea, yet by focusing on the save statistic the Twins have done just that and many fans will instinctively be on board with the move for an “established closer.” Now, don’t get me wrong: Capps is a quality reliever and represents a clear upgrade to the bullpen. What he’s not is an elite reliever or enough of an upgrade to part with Ramos.

Capps makes the Twins better for the final two months of this season and all of next year, but the improvement isn’t nearly as large as the “All-Star closer” label would have you believe and the cost involved is significant in terms of both players and money. Next season the Twins will pay a premium for a quality setup man they perceive as something more because of a reliance on a flawed statistic and they gave up a good catching prospect for the right do that.

Edwin Jackson To White Sox, But Is Kenny Dunn Yet?

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(Above: DBacks focus efforts to calculate final pitch count in Jackson’s July 2nd no-hitter.)

In spite of USA Today’s Bob Nightengale throwing a wave of revulsion into the South Side over the momentary prospect of violent moron Brett Myers passing muster with Kenny Williams, ESPN has announced that the Sox have traded Daniel Hudson and prospect LHP David Holmberg for journeyman hurler Edwin Jackson, he of the recent 8-walk 149-pitch no-no against his former Tampa Bay teammates. 

What remains to be seen is whether or not the deal is two legs of a table. The rumor mill concerning the Sox and Dunn has been spinning for more than two weeks, such chatter morphing into suggestions of a three-way pact putting EdJax to work for the Nats in exchange for Dunn’s stick.  While it’s uncertain at press time if Kenny plans to flip or grip Jackson, maybe USA Today isn’t the place to be watching for the answer.

“Moneyball” The Movie : No Word Yet On Jim Ross As Ringolsby

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(De Podesta : “who cast this thing, Plashcke?”)

The SF Chronicle’s Susan Slusser usually covers the A’s beat but recently had the distinct pleasure of snooping on the filming of Bennett Miller’s adaptation of Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball”.  In Friday’s paper, Slusser collects dirt dished by one of the movie’s extras, A’s batboy Jordan Iserson, who in a considerable stretch, is playing the part of an A’s batboy.

Actor Chris Pratt, playing Hatteberg, didn’t exactly have the same result in his at-bat that Hatteberg did when his pinch-hit homer beat the Royals 12-11 in the bottom of the ninth on Sept. 4, 2002. The A’s blew an 11-0 lead but managed to set the record for the longest American League winning streak, which still stands.

‘They said, ‘No matter what, if it’s in fair territory, act like it’s a home run,’ ” Iserson reported.

“His first swing was a weak broken-bat groundball and everyone rushed out there like it went into the fifth row.”

Pratt, who stars in the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” looks a lot like Hatteberg, however, “and he’s got his mannerisms down,” Iserson said. “You have to do a double-take to make sure it’s not Scott.”

Wednesday night also marked the first appearance of actors Brad Pitt (playing Billy Beane) and Jonah Hill (as Paul DePodesta) during the on-field portion of the filming. Iserson said that both wowed the crowd of extras filling the stands, and Hill grabbed a microphone and told a few jokes.

Former Giant Royce Clayton is playing Miguel Tejada, and onetime Oakland pitcher Jason Windsor is playing John Mabry, Iserson said. He said the former minor-leaguers playing Barry Zito and Tim Hudson look especially like the real thing.


July 29 In Tweets : Property Of Nilbog Athletic Dept.

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  • in honor of ’80’s night at CBP http://youtu.be/GCn-0eQfqlk #
  • SBB credits rise of Dodger cap sales to gangstas on a) Manny being Manny, b) Matt Kemp dating Rhianna. TRENCHANT STUFF http://bit.ly/9O6VZZ #
  • if @ebertchicago really didn’t know that “Troll 2” wasn’t a sequel, i can feel smug/superior for exactly 90 seconds. OK, all done. #
  • Salisbury/Haynesworth confrontation that ended w/out SEAN WHIPPING IT OUT http://bit.ly/czbL2Z #
  • is this SFW? RT @ProFootballTalk: Rams rookie Mardy Gilyard will do whatever the veterans ask http://is.gd/dRoYk #NFL #
  • much as I find Lee v. Oswalt comparisons thrilling, there’s a team in Flushing that acquired neither of ’em. #bankruptwilpons #
  • Pirates sideline reporter wonder how kids might react to learning they were playing “Call of Duty” vs. asst. Bucs. How about, “who cares?” #
  • @kanyewest has been on Twitter for an entire 24 hours and the pissing match with @the_ironsheik hasn’t started yet. WTF? #
  • Pacers eager to move Dunleavy http://bit.ly/asR7kw can’t imagine why http://bit.ly/9yKNuy #
  • fascinating : further ways to gouge fair-weather/Strassburg fans the next time Nats’ phenom “can’t get loose” http://bit.ly/deCPiz #
  • “Buddy Holly Story” aside, it’s yr finest hour! RT @GaryJBusey: Wait…..I was in “Surviving the Game”? #filmconfessions #
  • the question oughta be, if LeBron’s crew didn’t know @ArashMarkzi was a writer, how’d the latter get such access to the party scene? #
  • did @ArashMarkazi really fail to ID himself as a reporter to the LeBrontourage? Or is ESPN protecting LBJ? http://bit.ly/9gLmE8 #
  • RT @magelb: Source: Oswalt has accepted deal. Astros waiting to hear back from Phillies. Happ and Gose part of package. #
  • one rotten first inning by Santana was all that separated the Mets from a sweep of STL. 19 runs scored in 3 games – #rdon #039;tfirehojo? #
  • more people read the cached version RT @darrenrovell1: Arash Markazi’s ESPN.com story on LeBron won’tt be posted again. http://tl.gd/2qik5v #
  • former Pats QB /Stingley teammate Steve Grogan : Jack Tatum “wasn’t a good person” http://bit.ly/ctAdAk #
  • O’s hire Buck Showalter http://bit.ly/dBQMOO #
  • the morning after the Mets’ pen was sorely taxed, R.A. Dickey is the anti-Ollie #
  • agreed RT @scratchbomb: the Mets didn’t exactly roll over last night, either. #
  • huge stuff from Dickey today ; 2 of 3 from STL might be too little, too late but nice to see the Mets doing something besides rolling over #
  • bye bye to Cambridge, MA’s awesome Twisted Village record shop http://bit.ly/cmFY2b #
  • Boris, Mohawk, Austin http://tweetphoto.com/35505673 #

Are You Sure They Don’t Need An AL Club In KC? – The Movement To Return The A’s To Philly

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Despite the removal of a November ballot measure to determine whether or not San Jose taxpayers would like to foot the bill for a new ballpark for the Oakland Athletics, if you believe the A’s relocation from the East Bay is a matter of “when” rather than “if”, why not have ’em set up shop in Philadelphia again? That’s the question posed (sort of) by Bring Your A’s Game, a self-described “quixotic campaign” helmed by J.T. Ramsey, perhaps the only person in Philly not thoroughly consumed with the acquisition of Roy Oswalt or debut of Dominic Brown.

(Connie Mack, a collector stuff most folks ignore)

These efforts had me thinking ; if a team receives lukewarm fan support — despite impressive achievements between the lines — is there really something totally fucked up about proposing they relocate to a sports mad northeastern city that routinely sells out it’s boutique ballpark?   But enough about moving the Braves back to Boston, this A’s business could be a real windfall. Especially if you’re Peter Angelos looking to sell more tickets to visiting fans.