King Of Prussia Memorabilia Dealer Provides Excellent Teaching Moment For Area Youth

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To wit, there’s only a handful of crimes you can commit that are so socially unacceptable, a combination of otherworldy throwing/scrambling skills aren’t enough to repair a public image. Drowning dogs is apparently, not one of them. Would Michael Vick’s story be any less inspirational if he were merely holding a clipboard for Kevin Kolb?  Or if he was driving a DHL truck?  I’m in agreement with ESPN.com’s Jeff MacGregor — while Vick deserves a second chance, he’s hardly the only person who ought to get a shot at turning his life around.  That the Eagles QB was more likely to get one than most persons in America’s penal system is only a sign of the times if you believe commercial activity is a recent invention.  The NFL and society will put up with an awful lot as long as you’re a viable commodity.

Vikes Fire Coach / Favre Chauffeur

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(above : a very unpopular Halloween costume in 2010 and for years to come)

In what will qualify as perhaps the least surprising news item of any sort this month, the Minnesota Vikings —- all but guaranteed playoff elimination with a 3-7 record — have axed head coach Brad Childress.  From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Judd Zulgad ;

The team announced that Childress has been relieved of his duties and that defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has been named the interim coach and will serve in that capacity for the remainder of the season.

Childress, 54, signed a contract extension through 2013 last November but it was reported last week that the final year is the team™s option and that Wilf will have to pay Childress $6.6 million for 2011 and 2012.

Owner Zygi Wilf spent only a brief time in the Vikings locker room following Sunday™s loss and appeared livid as he departed. He refused to comment but NFL sources indicated he made the decision Sunday night that Childress would be fired.

On his twitter account, offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie said he was riding to Winter Park with teammate Naufahu Tahi and that “we have no clue what the vibe is gonna be like.”


Mets Opt For Trigger Tempered Manager Not Named Wally Backman

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On Monday, the New York Mets will reportedly announce the hiring of 61-year-old Terry Collins (above) as their new manager,  succeeding the deposed Jerry Manuel.  Collins, who led Houston and Anaheim to five successive 2nd place finishes between 1994 and 1998, has been described as “high-strung”, “high-strung”, and most worryingly, “high-strung”.  I’m pretty sure that veterans like Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran will respond well to Collins’ brand of constructive criticism (when have they ever shown a tendency to sulk?) and given Collins’ alleged track record in player development, it’s a wonder the Mets don’t want him to manage Buffalo and New York simultaneously. While this news may or may not represent a blow to the credibility of Dino Costa, please keep in mind that none of the other candidates for this position — including the vaunted “Final Four” that included Bob Melvin, Wally Backman or Chip Hale  — can claim tenure as manager of the Chinese WBC squad on their resumes.  When and if MLB institutes international play, Collins’ Mets will possess a pronounced competitive advantage over China’s professional teams.  And for the plethora of Chinese free agents on the Mets radar in 2010 (or perhaps later, given the team’s financial constraints), what other MLB team would represent as attractive a destination?

Tribune : Irish Aren’t Breaking A Sweat Over Alleged Football Rapist

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(given the excellent judgment shown by both of these men this autumn, why would you suspect they’d protect a sexual predator?)

Hours after Notre Dame defeated Army, 27-3, in the first college football game contested at the new Yankee Stadium, the Chicago Tribune’s Stacy St. Clair and Todd Lighty reported a female student committed suicide last September, nine days after she told Notre Dame authorities she’d been sexually assaulted in a South Bend dorm room.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seeberg, a freshman at neighboring St. Mary’s College who had battled depression, apparently overdosed on prescription medication in her own room during the third week of classes in September. The player, meanwhile, has remained on the field.

More than two months later, Notre Dame refuses to publicly acknowledge the case, and what actions university officials have taken to investigate her allegation remain largely unknown.

Campus authorities did not tell the St. Joseph County Police Department investigating Seeberg’s death about her report of a sexual attack, county officials said. Nor did they refer the case to the county’s special victims unit, which was established to handle sex offenses, according to prosecutors.

Notre Dame police could have turned the case over to the county’s special victims unit, which is trained to handle sex-crime investigations. However, officials did not do so, and a campus police log shows the matter was assigned within the department.

A spokeswoman for St. Joseph County Prosecutor Michael Dvorak said campus authorities have not asked the office to charge anyone in connection with the alleged sexual attack. She said she “couldn’t say” whether the office had been consulted on the case.

Seeberg was interviewed by Notre Dame police about the alleged attack, and a source said she provided two written statements and pointed out a player from his picture on a Notre Dame roster.

The Tribune is not identifying the football player because he has not been charged with a crime. He has not responded to e-mail messages seeking comment.

The university declined to make first-year coach Brian Kelly available for comment about the allegation against his player, saying any such incident “would be addressed institutionally, not by the football coach.”

The Only Person Unimpressed By Blake Griffin’s Dunking Ability? Frédéric Weis

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I’ll say this much for Knicks free-agent acquisition C Timofey Mozgoz ; he’s clearly unafraid to draw a charge, end up on a poster or have the most popular Google search result for his name turn out to be Blake Griffin’s crotch in his face.


Islanders Reward Critic By Banning Him From The Nassau Mausoleum

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(at least one of these men would prefer a little less coverage from the blogosphere, thanks)

You’d think Former Islanders P.R. flack Chris Botta’s SNY-hosted NYI Point Blank would be something the team would fully embrace, given the paucity of traditional media coverage for one of the least popular professional sports franchises in the tri-state area (I’m leaving Hartford’s UFL squad out of this because I cannot remember their nickname). However, following what the Islanders apparently thought to be too much analysis of their dismissal of head coach Scott Gordon, Botta’s media credentials were revoked. That’s what you get for thinking outside of The Blog Box, folks. In the view of Hockey Independent’s BD Gallof, “ultimately, this will all backfire for the Isles (and perhaps the NHL.”

I certainly think despite my thoughts on how Botta runs PB, it is a crime against him to pull his credentials. I personally think this is dangerous ground for not only new media, but the hockey teams who seek to punish. All it takes is a lawsuit to dictate legally how they can act than the NHL’s inability to draw up guidelines. For the NHL still has a vast schism between draconian naysayers and blog supporters.

So now the Isles put forth an action with no previous attempt to solve the issue. Mind-boggling, yet par for course. Once again they look silly and idiotic to the rest of the hockey world who still consider them a circus. Accountability, communication, problem solving, and poise seem lost to the brass that now resemble a pile-in to a clown car. They open Pandora’s box, pissing off a fanbase and losing much public support in another bout of poor timing having piggybacked the firing on their coach. All it takes is legal action to swath through the confusion and have hands forced league wide.

Happy 54th Birthday, Mark Gastineau

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On this night only, it is fully permissible to approach a person of either sex at the nighspot of your choice, and ask, “may I have this sac(k) dance?” (video link swiped from David Gionfriddo)