Tebowing : I Liked It Better When They Were Doing The Lynndie (England)

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“Have you seen this yet?” asks Ben Schwartz, and I really wish I could say no.


Russell : NCAA Grant Petitioners Are The New @OWS

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Over 300 male student athletes from UCLA, Arizona, Purdue, Kentucky and Georgia Tech signed a petition last week demanding the NCAA find some grant dough amidst the zillions in growing television revenue. Beyond Sports U’s Ari Russell argues, “there is a synergy between the Occupy USA movement and the petition the brave young men signed,”. Besides, y’know, it being awesome to imagine John Calipari (above) trying to quiet down a drum circle.

With conference realignment occurring for the purpose of growing TV revenues, who’s representing the student athlete? The NCAA? They are too busy giving legal cover to the school presidents and suspending athletes for free meals and train tickets to see sick siblings to care about these young people. Let’s disregard the fact that the money is made on the backs of the student athlete and every fan knows it.

The business model of major college athletics seems to be identical to what the Occupy protesters fear. It’s a society where a perpetual underclass works to creates profits to a large corporation for inadequate compensation. It’s the type of greed that would make Gordon Gekko seem reasonable. In the days, weeks, and months to come more college athletes should take a stand. There is no one speaking on their behalf. They have nothing to lose. There is something they can do, and that’s sign the petition. Then maybe if the number is in the thousands, the mainstream media will start paying attention.

Independent Film Star Boasts Of Bedding Dan Uggla

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You were thinking Lili Taylor? Actress Bibi Jones, who helpfully describes herself as “the Taylor Swift of porn” (presumably a more lucrative gig than being the Bibi Jones of country music) has provided the blogosphere with easy content of late due to her entirely platonic relationship with Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, made news again yesterday, telling Business Insider’s Tony Manfred an unnamed player agent used her unique skill set as an escort for potential recruits.

Starting in the spring of 2010, the agent took her to Phoenix-area bars after almost every game and introduced her to major league players — some of whom she slept with.

She wasn’t paid, and never thought she was being taken advantage of.

“It wasn’t even expected for me to hook up with these guys,” she said. “It was just like I was arm candy for him. I was the one that wanted to hook up with these guys.”

She says she slept with “over 10” players in 2010, a few of whom she believes ended up signing with the agent.

She declined to name the agent, but says he represented major leaguers.

Jones used a Boston radio appearance Monday to implicate Braves 2B Dan Uggla as the willing recipient of her quality time. If she indeed, performed such services sans compensation, that’s almost as lousy a business move as publishing this entry without her photograph.

Bench : Blame Baseball’s Offensive Explosion On Personal Trainers

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Paging Jim Jupiter! Hall Of Famer Johnny Bench tells The Hickory Record’s Paul Fogelman he prefers the term, “The Blender Era” to “The Steroid Era” when discussing the prodigious home run totals of contemporary players. And that’s to say nothing of the insidious influence of The Perfect Pushup.

Q. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, baseball has just come through the era of performance enhancing drugs. Alex Rodriguez has admitted to using steroids, and it’s widely assumed Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens were users as well. Do you consider those guys Hall of Fame worthy?

A. We know a lot of the guys who took some of the juice. You see, I blame it on the trainers. I think that when (players) started getting the money, and they wanted to stay in shape, they wanted to work out. They got their own personal trainers.

Guys started working out and they stayed working out all winter. We never worked out. They said, ‘OK, we’re going to build some muscle and we’re going to do some protein and we’re going to do some stuff.’

You know, they go to GNC which now we know has lots of HGH and everything else and they got stronger and bigger. … I think the naivety of the players themselves created a lot of that.

Then it was the money, because if I hit 10 home runs this year and 40 home runs the next year, all of a sudden I get a contract for three years for 45 million or 40 million dollars.

There’s no way around the fact that these numbers have skewed the way a lot of people look at us. We shouldn’t be amazed that people are hitting 50, 60 (home runs), pitchers have gotten better, pitchers have gotten stronger.


Ty Lawson Learns That Lithuania Is One Tough Town

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I must admit, I’ve not previously contemplated following the Twitter feed of Nuggets G Ty Lawson — currently toiling for Lithuanian side BC Žalgiris during the NBA lockout — but on the evidence provided by Pro Basketball Talk’s Kurt Helin, I’ll not ignore his posts in the future.

Just Farr A Laugh : Tony La Russa’s Worst Phone Calls Of All-Time

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Let’s just ignore for a moment, the ease with which Ron Washington neutralized Albert Pujols’ bat during last night’s 4-2, Game 5 Texas victory. Tony La Russa’s (mis)handling of the Cardinals pen during the home 8th inning has made the St. Louis manager an object of national ridicule to the degree you’d think he’d picked up another DUI (with Eddie Money on the car stereo) rather than…uh, used the wrong reliever twice in the same inning. Here’s some choice reactions. “In one night, the Tony La Russa Cardinals became the baseball version of the Nixon White House,” sneered Fox’s Ken Rosenthal. “And you thought the fog of war never came to the World Series,” kids the Washington Post’s Tom Boswell, while Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci concludes, “La Russa no doubt will try to explain what happened again Tuesday on the off day, but this is like trying to untangle a huge box of many strands of Christmas lights you simply chucked away last December. It’s not going to be pretty.” But we can leave a few of the best lines to someone all too familiar with Tony’s patented attention to detail, the Post-Dispatch’s Bernie Miklasz ;

Even if crowd noise was a factor, how does anyone get ‘Rzepczynski’ confused with ‘Motte’ or ‘Lynn’ mixed up with ‘Motte.’ Do any of those names sound alike to you? Here’s an idea: Whitey Herzog does those hearing-aid commercials; please have him send a few units to the Cardinals bullpen.

Hey, maybe they should install one of those automated-voice systems on the bullpen phone.
“For Marc Rzepczynski, Press 1.”
“For Jason Motte, Press 2.”
“For Octavio Dotel, Press 3.”
“For Arthur Rhodes, Press 4.”

I don’t know why Ron Washington is smart enough to pitch around Pujols, but La Russa continues to allow Napoli to beat the Cardinals in important situations. Napoli has nine RBIs in this World Series and is slugging .846. Is there a reason why it makes sense to challenge him?


Rovell’s Tebow Analysis : Pointless, Simplistic

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“Hatred For Broncos’ Tim Tebow Is Fascinating, Complex”, reads the headline for CNBC business reporter Darren Rovell‘s piece on the (allegedly) widespread animus aimed at Denver’s 24-Year-Old-Virgin. A day after the former Heisman winner narrowly defeated the worst team in the NFL, Rovell attempts to determine why anyone might dislike the saintly QB and he comes up with a whopping two conclusions. a) they’re jealous, and b) Tebow is overexposed.

It seems like haters do come out stronger than those that love him on days like yesterday, where he played horribly for the first 55 minutes of the game. Bill Glenn, the managing director at The Marketing Arm, which runs the Davie-Brown Index, thinks it starts with jealousy.

“They probably hate because success breeds contempt,” Glenn said. “He’s kind of like the goody two shoes you knew in high school. Nobody’s perfect but he seems to be. He wins BCS titles in college, the Heisman and goes to prisons and speaks.”

There’s also disdain because of the perception that he gets more time than he deserves by the media.

Rovell, who prefers taking polls via Twitter to say, 5 or ten minutes of actual research, conveniently neglects to mention Tebow’s role as an anti-abortion activist Jeff Pearlman has characterized Tebow’s missionary work as “going to poor outposts to peddle a particular (historically questionable) vision of Godliness to the ‘savages'”. Suffice to say, Tim’s humanitarian efforts in places far flung do not extend to handing out free condoms. So the weariness over all the Tebow fawning isn’t simply resentment over his success. Some of us would would be sick of the guy even if he was 3rd on the Broncos depth chart.