Q : What Time Does The Orioles Game Start? A: What Time Can You Be There?

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(pic taken from Summer Of Dreams)

The overachieving Orioles beat the White Sox today, 5-3, in front of ten thousand or so witnesses at Camden Yards earlier.  The Baltimore Sun’s Peter Schmuck is quick to point out preparations for the Grand Prix Of Baltimore have created traffic issues in the neighborhood, but that aside, “the tiny crowds are just another symptom of a fan malaise that is going to take more than one exciting season to cure.”

Even though the Orioles have raised their national stature and are on track to have their first winning season since 1997, they obviously have a lot more work to do to get fans back in the habit of coming to the ballpark. Getting to the playoffs for the first time in this century would help a lot, but it might take another year or more of winning baseball to put a big dent in the hard-earned cynicism of Birdland’s silent majority.

If the Orioles continue to win, they will most certainly come, but never in the numbers that passed through the turnstiles of the ballpark when it was still an architectural revelation in the late 1990s. The opening of M&T Bank Stadium took a lot of entertainment revenue out of the market, and the arrival of the Nationals drew away a significant number of Washington area O’s fans. And, with the way the Orioles played over the past 14 years, it wasn’t too hard to convince them to go elsewhere.

Rosenbloom : Crime Pays At South Bend

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(l-r : Lou Holtz and a member of the criminal element)

The IMG Notre Dame Radio network will be without the dulcet tones of Allan Pinkett for this weekend’s season opener against Navy in Dublin. Pinkett, who opined earlier this week that the Fighting Irish needed “a few bad citizens on the team” (“that’s how Ohio State used to win all the time. They would have two or three guys that were criminals, and that just adds to the chemistry of the team”) has been temporarily removed from his broadcasting duties, a situation the Chicago Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom finds fault with. “This is embarrassing,” writes Rosenbloom, “when you’re representing the sanctimonious hucksters in South Bend.”

There is a lot of truth to Pinkett’s idea, either in actual criminals or in the spirit of lawless, reckless players. You know, crazy guys. Because you have to be crazy to play a game that includes criminal acts on every play.

Yeah, it’s a cynical view, but there’s a history of national champions and contenders with rap sheets.

Like, I don’t know, Notre Dame. Like, when the oily Lou Holtz refused to suspend quarterback Rick Mirer and linebacker Demetrius DeBose after their arrests at an off-campus party just before the 1991 opener.

And don’t forget how much NCAA trouble the Irish faced in the wake of Holtz’ reign. So, there you go: The Irish produced good teams when breaking laws and rules.

Kind of makes Pinkett’s point, doesn’t it?


Someone In The Big Ten Fails To Find Humor In Child Rape

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The New York Daily News’ Justin Tasch
reports an the above shirts have raised the ire of an OSU alum, Molly Litfin, the person responsible for an online petition calling for their removal from the marketplace.

As a parent, a human, and a graduate of The Ohio State University, I am beyond sickened that this shirt has been allowed to be produced. I know that it’s not only OSU that has used this nightmare as some kind of sick joke, but since it’s my alma mater & my hometown, I’m asking the officials at The NCAA, The Big Ten, and The Ohio State University to step up and be the first university to call for an immediate halt in production & destruction of these horrible, offensive shirts.

There’s one small hitch : there’s no evidence (not that I’ve found anyway), to indicate these shirts were licensed by the NCAA or Ohio State, much less any hint the school itself is guilty of having “used this nightmare as some kind of sick joke.”

MLB Advanced Media Formally Congratulates Yadier Molina On Having A Penis

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If you thought the war on women was being waged this week in Tampa, FL, there’s an smaller effort afoot in Major League Baseball’s midtown Manhattan officesCards C Yadier Molina risked having his brains scrambled in bearing the brunt of the above collision with Pittsburgh’s Josh Harrison last night, but the not-so-suave typist in charge of MLB.com’s Twitter feed picked a particularly uncerebral way to characterize the play. “Yadier Molina was forced to exit after this devastating collision, but he held onto the ball because he’s a man,” was the offending passage, which caused The Good Phight’s Liz Rocher to pen the following reply ;

What do you think is wrong with that tweet? Is it:

A) Sexist
B) Hideously unfunny
C) Stupid and in poor taste
D) All of the above

The answer, of course, is D. Sexism isn’t right anytime, anywhere (duh), and here it seems like whoever wrote that tweet was trying to make a joke. A bad, unfunny, unnecessary joke about a guy who had to leave a game after getting crashed into by another guy running at top speed. Isn’t that totally hilarious?! Even funnier? He held onto the ball! BECAUSE HE’S A MAN. It’s not because he’s tough as nails or good at his job. It’s because he doesn’t have ovaries or a uterus, which automatically make you inferior.

Ms. Roscher has a point here. If an MLB.com representative opined, for instance , that black men lacked the skills to become general managers, the person responsible would rightfully face termination (after claiming the account was hacked). If the same author suggested a ride on the 7 Train was an unsavory experience due to the rich cultural mosaic on board, he or she would probably be pounding the pavement tomorrow. But suggest to MLB’s target audience that lady-folk are too dainty to withstand physical punishment, that’s apparently a-ok, if not business as usual.

At least one person has pointed out that taking umbrage with MLB.com official Twitter posts might result in being blocked. If that’s the case, who’d have suspected Bud Selig and Dino Costa would have nearly that much in common?

Stay Dead, Pauline Kael (Continued) : The Film Criticism Of Brandon Beachy

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Challenging Channing Frye for the title of Dean Of American Professional Athletes Turned Film Critics, Braves P Brandon Beachy awards Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”,  “four out of 5 Beach Balls” (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

I thought Christian Bale, one of my favorites, delivered another great performance. My natural inclinaiton to think back to watching “The Princess Diaries” with my little sister always makes me skeptical of anything Anne Hathaway is in, but I was pleasantly surprised with her portayal of Catwoman. If I had one complaint from this otherwise very entertaining movie, it would be the voice of Bane. I found it to be ridiculous and a little distracting.


Kneel, Hamburger (SV) : A Target Even Easier Than Anthony Kiedis

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When is the appropriate moment to say a team’s hopes for the new season are utterly doomed? In the case of the Bundesliga’s Hamburger SV, how about after 90 minutes of competitive soccer? The Guardian’s Raphael Honigstein reports that’s all the time it took to generate, “newspaper stories that read like obituaries.”

“A club does away with itself, HSV have become a caricature of themselves,” wrote Die Welt. “Not fit for the first division,” sniffed Hamburger Abendblatt. “Their fiftieth year in the Bundesliga could well be their last,” warned Süddeutsche Zeitung. Tabloid Morgenpost went further still: “Sixteen weeks without the Bundesliga were not long enough as far as the Hamburg supporters were concerned. Every day at HSV without football is a good day.”

“No one’s ever gone down after the first game,” argued manager Thorsten Fink on Saturday, not unreasonably. But neither a lack of perspective nor typical media knee-jerkism can be blamed for headlines such as “naked fear” (Morgenpost) – Hamburg’s catastrophically inept 0-1 home defeat by Nürnberg was in truth only the latest low point in a painful, drawn-out decline. “It’s been a constant for two years now, there’s has been no development, we haven’t made one step forward,” said midfielder Marcell Jansen with alarming honesty. “I don’t feel as if there was any progress,” admitted sporting director Frank Arnesen.

Fink is sticking to his “it’s all about confidence” defence but his utterings are increasingly unpersuasive. “We didn’t believe in ourselves enough to take the lead, how can a side that’s been criticised all year play well?” he wondered. Not that criticism is the problem, however, it’s the team. And those who are responsible for it.

America’s Most Highly Compensated Flight Attendant, Urban Meyer, Would Like You To Power Down Your Mobile Devices…

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…..LEST YOU BE TWEETING HIS PRESS CONFERENCE.   If you thought Jim Tressel’s ethical missteps might’ve resulted in a sea change at Ohio State, rest assured that under the Meyer administration, the power of Buckeyes football trumps all other considerations.  In the words of the Akron Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd, “this reeks of a power-hungry program flexing a little muscle in a rare area where they don’t have any and searching for control in areas out of their domain.”

Want to ban your players from using Twitter? Fine. Want to keep the coaches off it? That’s their prerogative. But attempt to tell a room of reporters from around the state when they’re allowed to report news and problems are sure to ensue.

It appears as if, at least for this week, everyone in the room abided by the request. I didn’t use my Twitter account during the news conference because I wanted to reserve judgment on the policy in hopes of hearing a better explanation. I didn’t really get one.

After speaking with a couple of the school’s media relations people, the reasoning ranged from the success they had banning Twitter during some closed practices over the summer to how reporters can’t really listen to the news conference if they’re constantly tweeting what Meyer is saying.

My job is to decipher what is worthy of reporting instantly on Twitter and what is worth saving for later. I don’t need OSU officials to make the decision for me.