April 21, 2019

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Reading somehow managed to blow a 4-0 lead over Arsenal during the latter’s 7-5 League Cup triumph on Tuesday night, a humiliating result for the hosts, even taking into account that ” Theo Walcott’s regulation-time equaliser was scored in the 63rd of the four extra minutes added on by the referee”. Still, ” a four-goal recovery is a four-goal recovery is a four-goal recovery” writes The Guardian’s Scott Murray.

As for Reading, well, everyone has their off days, like Arsenal did when shipping eight at Old Trafford last season, or like Arsenal will when shipping eight at Old Trafford this coming Saturday, unless they get their act together sharpish. But nevertheless, having become the first-ever team to score five times in an English domestic cup game yet still lose, the crumbling Biscuitmen could take some time to get over this. “It’s embarrassing for us all, ” stuttered Reading boss Brian McDermott, who has given his players two days off to recover, during which they have been advised to go home and sit in the shower while holding their knees and rocking quite a lot. “I might throw the DVD of this game in the bin, ” McDermott added, eschewing professional analysis in favour of going home and sitting in the shower while holding his knees and rocking quite a lot.

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Man, good luck blaming this one on Carmelo Anthony.  Look, I realize Knicks F Amar’e Stoudemire will still be famous and wealthy when he wakes up tomorrow, but in the past 7 months he’s lacerated his hand in a moment of impetulance, called a Twitter critic a fag and suffered a serious knee injury.  I don’t believe in a higher power, but if I did, I’d suspect that he or she isn’t nearly done making Stat’s life miserable.

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Pittsburgh’s ill-advised decision to put their Florida instructional league prospects thru Navy SEALS drills has been ridiculed far and wide, but Pirates club president Frank Cooley (above) insists, “nothing could be further from the truth” when it comes to claims his players are poorly prepared. Indeed, the next time something like this happens, there’s no one you’d rather have on your side. From the Altoona Mirror’s Cory Gigers :

“When we struggled at the end of last year, there were a lot of things that were overblown, in my opinion, because people were rightly frustrated and disappointed in the major league team’s play over the last two months, ” Coonelly said on my radio show Tuesday while attending the Curve Booster Club’s annual members-only dinner at the UVA Club.

Coonelly addressed what he thinks is the issue, and his words sounded at least in part like an explanation for Kyle Stark’s highly unusual implementation of a military-type training regimen for minor leaguers after the season.

“It’s mental conditioning, ” Coonelly said, “the mental toughness that is more of an issue than the player hasn’t been drilled, hasn’t been trained on these things, doesn’t know how to do them.

“It’s performing the fundamentals of the game in the highest pressure situation, and so we continue to work with our players throughout our system … teaching them how to perform well under pressure situations, how to control their emotions, how to be mentally and physically tough so that when they face the adversity, whether it be in the minor leagues or when they come up to Pittsburgh, they’re prepared.”

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April 21, 2019

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While some of KG’s NBA brethren participate in anti-bullying PSA’s, look forward to our Kev shooting an altogether different type of video for the kids. ie., “How To Remain A Hard Ass Well Into Your Late 30’s”.

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Golden State’s 2012-13 season starts tomorrow night in Phoenix, an occasion that led Sports Illustrated to poll an unidentified NBA scout for his unexpurgated thoughts concerning the Warriors roster. To say he’s taking Mark Jackson’s squad lightly would be an understatement ; Andrew Bogut is “nothing special”. Stephen Curry is compared to Grant Hill (ie. the Grant Hill that was frequently injured) and Richard Jefferson is “paid way too much money and he thinks he’s better than he is.” And thru all of that, it’s former Knicks F/C David Lee — “a great guy, but talk about overrated” — who receives the harshest criticism.

Lee is looking for his own numbers big-time. I’m guessing he leads the league in rebounds off missed free throws. He has turned himself into a 20-and-10 guy — an accomplishment, for sure. But he’s never been a guy who is constantly helping on defense. The story you hear from the Knicks is that his teammates used to call him FEMA, because he’s never there when you need him. Lee is always there when he can take a charge, but when you’re getting beat around the basket after contesting a shot because you’re trying to make a play, he’s not coming over to cover for you. He takes charges and pumps his fist, but when you really watch him you see the things he doesn’t do.

Lee has a lot going for him, though. He has a reputation for being a gym rat and he does a lot of things well. But what you need from him first and foremost is to be a defender, and he’s just not that guy. You can’t put up those kinds of numbers without being a hell of an NBA player, but I don’t think you can win with him. Maybe if he were playing for somebody who had juice, like one of the Van Gundy brothers or Gregg Popovich or Tom Thibodeau, then you could get the best out of him. If he played for a coach who cared about the defensive end and would put him on the bench, then maybe Lee could have an unbelievable career. But Mike D’Antoni didn’t emphasize the defensive assignments, and Mark Jackson doesn’t care about them, either.

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We’re two days away from the very first Brooklyn Nets regular season home game, and what better time could there be for the New York Post’s Steve Serby to interrogate Gerald Wallace Avery Johnson Tornike Shengelia owner Mikhail Prokhorov? In Serby’s not-quite-extensive Q&A we learn (amongst other things) that Prokhorov’s ideal mate is “beautiful, smart, sexy and makes a mean bowl of borscht.”

Q: Best piece of advice your mother or father gave you.

A: It’s a long story, but basically I had written an essay in school about wanting to grow up to be a Red Army commander, because I’d seen in a film how well they ate and, as I was in the middle of a growth spurt, I was hungry all the time. The school called in my parents and asked them why they weren’t feeding their child. They were aghast. At that point my parents told me: “It’s bad to lie, but you don’t have to tell everybody everything.” They made me re-write my essay to say I wanted to grow up to be a cosmonaut.

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April 21, 2019

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Just before the entire East Coast ends up underwater, the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg recalls a Sandy (fire)storm of an entirely different sort, collecting various press accounts of the January, 1985 evening in which Redskins RB John Riggins attended the National Press Club Foundation’s annual banquet.   Riggins, famously said to have dozed off during President George Bush’s speech, had the good fortune to be seated next to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, says of the incident, “we’re linked together for life, which is good for me, but not so good for her.”  From the AP :

One of those at Riggins’ table, People’s Washington bureau chief Garry Clifford, confirmed that Riggins told Mrs. O’Connor, “Come on Sandy baby, loosen up. You’re too tight.”

Ms. Clifford said the justice laughed and appeared not to be insulted. “It was a very funny evening…No one was dying of embarrassment, ” she said.

Associated Press photographer Ron Edmonds said he stepped over somebody sprawled on the floor at the end of the evening, not recognizing the person as Riggins.

“They took him out the VIP door, ” said Edmonds. “They were dragging him, feet behind.” He said the person being dragged was mumbling incoherently.

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