Smiling Jeff Francouer Would LIke To Thank You For The Constructive Criticism

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“I went back and watched some film and you know what? I did. I don’t think my legs were where they needed to be last year. I don’t think I was strong enough. I took a step back and said, ‘You know what? They’re right.’ ” So confesses Royals OF Jeff Francoeur (above, right) to the Kansas City Star’s Bob Dutton, with the latter figuring that if he’s dubbed a horrible human being baseball’s worst everyday outfielder, “I want to take that criticism, accept it and let it drive me to be a better baseball player.”   So if you’re planning on abusive 2am phone calls or keying Francoeur’s car, rest assured, “”I don’t take it as, ‘This person hates me.’ If he’s a true fan, he’s going to want me to have a good year to help this team win.” (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

“The criticism this offseason when we traded Wil Myers – why the heck did we do that? – I sit there and say, ‘As a fan, looking from the outside, I’d lead that criticism.’ For fans, looking from the outside, I don’t blame them,” he said.

“I had a terrible year. Last year was so disappointing for me in so many different ways. First, obviously, the team and the way we performed after having expectations. Then myself. I just never did it. Never.”

Francoeur is vowing a big comeback year after sabermetricians – and fans – dubbed him the worst everyday player in baseball.

“I’m at that age, 29, where I should be getting into my prime. Not going the other way. That has fueled me and driven me a lot this off season, and it’s been a good drive.”


Happy 63rd Birthday To Dr. J., High Flying Thespian

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With all due respect to J Mascis and Marcus Camby Black Francis, Julius Erving. remains the most beloved UMass product of the modern era. In spite of this, it should be said that the above excerpt from “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” reveals the good Doctor to be the cheapest date of all time.

Szczerbiak : Pissing In Our Mouths And Telling Us It’s The Official Beer Of Madison Square Garden

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Based on his Knicks postgame autopsies this season, I am very hesitant to call former Timberwolves star-turned MSG mouthpiece Wally Szczerbiak the worst pro basketball analyst on television. Mostly because I’m starting to think he’s the worst sports analyst in any medium. After the Knicks were routed Wednesday night by the host Pacers, Szczerbiak demonstrated that his range is not merely limited to empty platitudes and painfully banal observations. He’s also adept at being an apologist for a team phoning it it. From the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman

At Woodson’s postgame press conference, Tina Cervasio, MSG’s Knicks reporter, immediately asked the coach about his pregame “sense of urgency” comment. “(Are you) shocked you didn’t see it?” she asked.

Woodson said he was very shocked. “I thought we had a good practice (Tuesday) before coming to Indiana,” Woodson said. “Nothing carried over.”

That “good practice” line was heard often at Rex Ryan press conferences this season. The media mocked it. So far, Woodson has steered clear of Ryansville, especially with guys such as MSG studio analyst Wally Szczerbiak running interference for him. After saying he didn’t know “how many excuses” you could make following the Indiana fiasco, Szczerbiak made one, saying the Knicks were operating with an All-Star break hangover.

“Some players (were) on vacation, some guys had a lot of stuff going on at the break,” he said. “Tyson and Melo went down to Houston, had to travel back, practiced and came here.”

Even Woodson wouldn’t buy that excuse.

Alleged Inventor Of The Wrap Sandwich Finds Another Sports Job

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The Connecticut Post reports that former Stamford, CT director of public safety Bobby Valentine will soon be named the new Athletic Director at Sacred Heart University. While SHU’s choice will no doubt be ridiculed in some quarters, I prefer to dwell on the positive. For starters, at least they didn’t hire Isiah Thomas. And perhaps Bobby V’s new career path can serve as a crowbar for a former associate? Now would the perfect time for SHU’s WHRT to reach out to the suddenly-unemployed Glenn Ordway.


Welcome The Once & Future Phony Tough Guy To Broadway

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A day after blown being blown out in Indianapolis, the New York Knicks signed 13-year professional veteran Kenyon Martin to a ten day contract in the hopes the former Nets/Nuggets F can compensate, if only slightly, for the unavailability of fellow senior citizens Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby.

Martin, rumored to be on the Knicks radar for some time, will probably find that few fans at MSG recall the following dispute during the 2004 Easter Conference playoffs, when Knicks F Tim Thomas took exception to K-Mart’s flying elbows. From ESPN.com, 4/22/04 :

Thomas saved his most caustic comments for Martin, repeatedly calling him “fugazy” — a slang term for fake used in the mafia movie “Donnie Brasco.”

“Just knowing his character, he’s a fugazy guy. I read a comment that Jason Richardson said nobody wants to mess with a pit bull, but I’ve never seen a pit bull who picks and chooses who he wants to bite,” Thomas said.

“He’s fugazy as far as the whole tough guy role. You get techs and you get fines and that makes you tough? Because your game is wild and crazy, that makes you tough? When a scuffle breaks out, you have 13 guys that can protect you. When it’s you and someone else, what happens then?

“Somebody call Don King and hook it up for us.”

Does San Jose Really Want An MLB Team That Trades In Such Dubious Imagery?

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Major League Baseball issued guidelines to Oakland A’s ownership earlier today for a possible move to San Jose, CA.  Putting the San Francisco Giants’ territorial rights aside for a moment, it remains to be seen if San Jose will welcome the franchise with open arms after Decibel Magazine dubbed the A’s, “The Most Metal Team In Baseball”.

The above image was circulated this morning by MLB.com, and I am sure I’m not the only person who finds it as disturbing as it confusing. Given the allusions to the occult, church-burning and drop-d tuning (especially drop-d tuning) it is imperative that Billy Beane — a close personal friend of that great patriot, the late Johnny Ramone — make some sort of public statement about exactly what the A’s believe, when they started believing in, and how much can we expect them to believe in it during the dog days of August.

On the bright side, Bartolo Colon (3rd from left) appears to be in the best shape of his career.

Dear Publishers Of The Generic Lunchmeat Times – Fuck Off

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Hello Gerard Cosloy,

I’m not sure if you are aware that The Deli will be present in Austin during SXSW with a printed pocket issue – you can see the 2012 edition here.
We wanted to let you know that we have added your showcase/party to our “Best Unofficial Shows” section!
The Deli is a NYC based magazine and blog that features underground/up-and-coming musicians.  We have a quarterly issue that centers around NYC musicians, and a yearly issue on SXSW which we distribute in Austin during the festival.

Since your show is featured, we hope that you will allow us to distribute our (free) magazine at your show.
Please let us know, and see you in March!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Much as I respect your right to freely assemble and exercise your First Amendment chops, I’m gonna have to pass on this one.  Yours is a commercial endeavor, not unlike that of CSTB (except for the part about this one not sucking).  This blog and the bands participating are going to great expense to put on this free show — we’re not spending money to help you promote your staggeringly undistinguished operation.  The very fact you’d even ask shows colossal ignorance and blatant disrespect for what we’re trying to achieve here.  Would the makers of Cheetos request permission to hand out free bags of their toxic product in front of the Doritos Jacked Tower?   Would Keystone Light attempt to hijack an event sponsored by Michelob Ultra?   Do representatives of British Knights creep around in the shadows during events at House Of Vans?  I THINK NOT.

hoping your SXSW is as boring as your site,