ESPN To Jason Collins : Come Back When Your Story Is As Big As The Jets Cutting Their 3rd String QB

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Either someone in the Bristol, CT editorial department is overly concerned about publicizing a major Sports Illustrated story, or their sense of perspective is slightly warped.


Price Accuses Blue Of Working Blue

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If you turned off the TV or flipped to another thrilling sporting event after Tampa tacked on a pair of runs in the top of the 9th today in Chicago to take an 8-3 lead, you likely missed Rays starter David Price’s postgame comments about a contentious exchange with home plate umpire Tom Hallion.

Oh fuck, who am I kidding?  Like I have any idea whatsoever if there’s a Rays postgame TV show, what channel it might be on and who plays the part of their scoldy Bobby Ojeda (presumably not Greg Vaughn, but like I said, I don’t know for sure).  The Tampa Tribune’s Roger Mooney provides the helpful testimony :

Price, upset he didn’t get an earlier called third strike on White Sox center fielder Dewayne Wise, yelled into his glove as he was walking off the mound after inducing Wise into an inning-ending comebacker. That’s when Price said he heard Hallion say, “Why don’t you throw the ball over the (blank)-ing plate?”

A number of Rays said they heard the exchange, including Jeremy Hellickson, who was eventually ejected for yelling at Hallion.

Price said he spoke of the incident to reporters because he wanted it out there. “Something has to be done about that,” he said.

“I’ll come right out bluntly and say he’s a liar,” Hallion said. “I said, ‘Just throw the ball.’ That’s all I said to him,” Hallion said.

No F-bomb?

“I’m denying what he said I said, pretty strongly,” Hallion said.

Price responded with this tweet: “Someone give me the definition of a coward, please.”

Good Thing There Are No Litigious Sports Entertainment Companies In Stamford, CT

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Image culled from Nutrition Jungle (h/t Wrestling Observer Newsletter).  Epic Labs’ marketing department is docked several points for failing to promise PHENOM-enal NRG.

Blair : Grapes’ Wrath Towards Female Reporters Is Archaic, Nonsensical

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“Hockey Night In Canada”‘s Don Cherry used a portion of last night’s “Coach’s Corner” regular season finale to come to the defense of Chicago’s Duncan Keith, who earlier in the week told a female reporter she was unqualified to weigh in on his assault of Daniel Sedin. Of Cherry’s comments (“they should not be walking in when naked guys are walking in”). the Globe & Mail’s Jeff Blair writes, “our National Daft Old Uncle has gone and done it again.”

The reason women have access to locker rooms, dressing rooms or clubhouses is simple: it allows them the same freedom that male reporters enjoy and, as a result, allows female reporters who wish to earn a living as sportswriters to do so. I mean, that’s it. Nothing more; nothing less. And as someone who, with all due respect to Don Cherry, spends much more time in locker rooms and the like than he does, I can put the old fool’s mind to rest: unless it’s one of the dumpier sports facilities out there – such as Fenway Park, for example – players usually shower and change in separate areas. Often, players are either in sweatsuits or street clothes when they are in areas where they do post-game interviews. If they have showered, they avail themselves of this new invention – it’s called a towel, Don – and the skilled ones among them have mastered the art of slipping on skivvies underneath the towel so prying eyes don’t get a sight of their unmentionables. It’s just not that difficult to maintain a sense of decorum.

It’s odd hearing a puck-head talk the way Cherry talks, because the truth is the NHL and NBA were the two sports that were at the front of the pack in ensuring equal access, which is the way it should be. There may be a time when all reporters – male and female – stop accessing to dressing rooms, likely because the nature of sports writing and sports journalism evolves to the point where it is no longer necessary. But as long as male reporters are allowed in, so should women have the right of equal access. Only Don Cherry could start a fire out of this much damp wood.


Psych 101, With Dr. Bill Lee

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Though he’s not currently under the employ of the ballclub he’s most commonly associated with,  Bill Lee claims that from time to time, he’ll chat with various members of the Red Sox taxi squad in Pawtucket, RI (“I’m like a horse whisperer, I can break bad habits.”).   Mass Live’s Evan Drelich quizzed the Spaceman about his diagnosis of Daniel Bard and the enigmatic Alfred Aceves (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

Bard’s problem is breathing, as Lee sees it. Maybe a run from the highest mountain in Maine, Mount Katahdin, to the ballpark would help, Lee said with a laugh.

“He wasn’t picking up home plate, he didn’t want to let go of the ball,” Lee said. “He was having an anal retentive moment, which goes back to Otto Rank and (Sigmund) Freud. When you start going back to your glove, you’re going home to mama. You want to break that habit. It’s a breathing problem.

“Correct his breathing, correct his pitching. Got to work from that principle first. And I told ’em to take him to Mount Katahdin and run him all the way back to the ballpark. By the time he got back, he wouldn’t have a breathing problem.”

It was a bad day,” Lee said of Aceves’ final outing with the Sox before his demotion. “It was just a bad day. He didn’t want to pitch, Oakland was all in their hoodies and everything else and they came out to play and the Red Sox didn’t. And it was a bad day and he didn’t cover first base and then he blamed no runs. He just had a bad day. We all have bad days. But he’s still a very good pitcher, and a very good long man.

“He’s a very sensitive guy and we had a tragedy in this town. Ballplayers are like canaries in a mine shaft. Miners used to take them down, and if there was any whiff of gas, a canary would die and allow the miners to get out. He’s a sensitive guy, very emotional. But he can be tough and durable. We’re all like that.”

Fuck With Russell Westbrook, You’ll Have To Deal WIth This Guy

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(image taken from Everyjoe.com)

Well, one of ’em, anyway. Following OKC G Russell Westbrook’s season-ending injury — widely blamed on Houston’s Patrick Beverely —- a Thunder ballboy (above) is accused of issuing death threats via Twitter. From the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen :

Mitchell Brown sent a tweet that threatened, “Patrick Beverly (sic), I’m coming to kill you.” He sent another using Beverley’s Twitter handle; “@pavbev21 I’m coming to kill you.”

Capt. Dexter Nelson, a spokesman for the Oklahoma City Police Department, said officers in conjunction with the Houston Police Department and the NBA are looking into what he described as “Internet threats.”

Nelson could not elaborate on the matter, state law prohibiting authorities from commenting on a juvenile case unless an arrest is made. In addition, he said the department does not comment on suspects.

Thunder spokesperson Matt Tumbleson said, “We do not condone his comments. He works game nights on a voluntary basis. We will handle this matter internally.” Shortly after Thunder officials were told of the tweets, Brown deleted them with an apology:

“Yesterday I posted something completely Inappropriate and I need to apologize. I was out of line and it will not happen again.”

He later removed that tweet and instead said his account was hacked.


Tharold Simon Accomplishes The Near-Impossible, Makes The Honey Badger Seem Like A Low-Risk Pick By Comparison

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LSU CB Tharold Simon (above, right) was projected to be a middle-round selection during the in-progress 2013 NFL Draft, however, showing an uncanny knack for the dramatic, the Eunice, LA native managed to drum up some publicity between Thursday and Friday’s draft sessions. KATC’s Ian Auzene details Simon’s exciting night out in his hometown :

According to police records, Tharold Simon’s car was blocking Beulah Street when an officer asked him to move it. According to the report, Simon told the officer, “I own Eunice,” and “I’m gonna buy these projects and you are gonna be mine,” (sic) before finally moving his vehicle. The officer noted in the report that Simon spun his wheels and “backed the vehicle in an aggressive manner” and turned his radio “all the way up” while moving his car. The report also says Simon told the officer that “the mayor was on [his] side” and that the officer would be fired if he wrote a ticket. Simon is charged with public intimidation, resisting an officer, and unnecessary noise violation. He was released on bond.

Simon, a graduate of Eunice High School, is expected to be selected in the middle rounds of this weekend’s NFL Draft. Eunice city officials are scheduled to proclaim today “Tharold Simon Day” during a ceremony this evening. Eunice Mayor Rusty Moody says the ceremony will go on as planned.