Dear Phil Mushnick : Can You Find It In Your Heart To Accept My Apology?

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FYI: For the past few years, a photo of me frequently has appeared on the Internet — cut, paste, perpetuate. The Internet’s great, that way: It can run forever with whatever anyone chooses. One small problem with that widely distributed photo: It ain’t me. Oh, well. – Phil Mushnick, “Equal Time”, NY Post, 12/1/2013

“Cut, paste, perpetuate.” Does Phil have my number or what? In all seriousness, even though most of the photos of Phil that I’ve used over the years were knowingly taken from a rather disreputable Internet source (ie. the New York Post website), it never occurred to me they might not actually be Phil.

In the interests of actually chasing down a story like a real journalist, I’m proud to say that I’ve finally uncovered a genuine photograph of the real Phil Mushnick. I don’t know if he can forgive my past transgressions, but I do pledge that going forward, I’ll only use this picture :

Cumbucket Media’s Entertainment Division Prepares For A Holiday Gala

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beerland122113 copy

The region’s 117th most influential record label presents a FREE holiday show featuring some out of town ringers, the DJ stylings of Johnny Vomitnoise and many of your friends doing the awkward Austin-people-in-winter-clothes thing. Full details after the jump : Read the rest of this entry »

The Closest Thing Andrei Kirilenko Has Seen To Public Activity Of Late

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All things considered, Ice Cube is taking being pipped to the post by Killdozer in rather good humor.


Pelini : My Record (Of Losing 4 Times For Six Consecutive Seasons) Speaks For Itself

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There was plenty of tension to go around during Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini’s postgame press conference after losing by 21 to Iowa at home. As you’ll see from the above clip, Pelini considers open speculation about his job status harmful to the team and holds the notorious, ferocious journalists of Lincoln, NE responsible for the disappointing results.

So if Pelini didn’t have enough problems already, now he’s dissing Deadspin by omission.

Spurs’ Villas-Boas To Mouthy Fan : Do I Come To Where You Work And Knock The Blow-Dryer Out Of Your Hands?

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OK, that’s not really what embattled Tottenham manager  André Villas-Boas said to a heckling Tromso supporter during Spurs’ 2-0 Europa League victory Thursday night.  But the following story, culled from The Guardian’s David Hytner, suggests Villas-Boas might’ve been no match for Robin Ficker.

Villas-Boas snapped during the Tromso tie when he heard Reidar Stenersen Jr taunting him over his job prospects. Stenersen, a 29-year-old hairdresser who supports Manchester United, directed the chant at Villas-Boas in the early stages of the game. When he did it again at half-time and Villas-Boas pointed at him, he found himself removed by security.

Stenersen was told that he could return to watch the second half from the stand on the opposite side of the ground but he declined and retired to the pub.

“I first sung after five minutes that he would be ‘sacked in the morning’ and he looked at me,” Stenersen told the Norwegian newspaper Nordlys. “At the half-time whistle, when it was still 0-0 and I started the same song, he pointed at me and suddenly the security came and threw me out.

“I know he is under a lot of pressure so I think my words hit him, even though I am only a little guy in little Tromso. He was being a bit petulant. This is the same thing that can be sung by 60,000 at the Emirates Stadium or other grounds.”

NMA Recognizes The Iron Bowl Is At Least As Newsworthy As Steven Slater Or Anthony Weiner

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Though the above clip is certainly up to NMA’s high standards, I cannot be alone in feeling disappointed Harvey Updyke Jr. was not immortalized in cartoon form.


On This Special Day, Let’s Give Thanks (For Low Chlorine Levels)

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Lest anyone think I’m simply relying on Ted DiBiase’s old gimmick for easy content this Thanksgiving, I prefer to consider this a helpful gesture towards my dear friend, Fred Wilpon. In the event the Mets are offered $500,000.00 in order to let Virgil throw out the first pitch Opening Day, they should be advised the money isn’t real (kind of like this stuff)