If Bears Fans Can’t Bully The Right Chris Conte, They’ll Take What They Can Get

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After failing to prevent Green Bay’s Randall Cobb from scoring a dramatic last minute TD that catapulted the Packers into the playoffs — and ended the Bears’ season — Chicago S Chris Conte would seem a likely target for Twitter-harassment.  The thing is, Conte’s not on Twitter, but another Chris Conte, a reporter for Nashville’s WTVF (above), caught the brunt of the abuse.

“I will kill your babies,” one person Tweeted.

“I hope you die of AIDS,” another one said.

“Wrap your mouth around a tail pipe until you pass out,” a third person suggested.

Most of the things these people posted online for all the world to see are of course protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, but you have to wonder if somewhere along the way we’ve lost a small piece of common decency toward one another.

I personally didn’t take any of these comments very seriously but there are too many young people out there who are victims of this type of cyber bullying who can’t just brush it off.

High Anxiety During Mike Shanahan’s Final Day At Redskins Park

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After a 3-13 season and rumored friction between his employer and franchise QB, there’s nothing surprising about Monday’s dismissal of Washington head coach Mike Shanahan. Even so, the behavior of Daniel Snyder’s staff during Shanahan’s farewell press conference makes the public relations tactics of James Dolan seem entirely reasonable by comparison. Or at least slightly less batshit insane. From the Washington Post’s Kent Babb :

Reporters weren’t allowed to stand in the parking lot between the media building and the team facility after Snyder and Shanahan arrived. The team assigned two public-relations interns to patrol the area, assigning them walkie-talkies and instructions to keep doors and window shades closed. Reporters therefore watched and shot video through uncovered windows and slits between curtain and sill, and when one of the shades came detached from a doorway, a team employee tried to reattach it with several strips of Scotch tape.

As GM Bruce Allen’s press conference was winding down, a television reporter with a history of asking confrontational questions raised his hand and was handed a microphone, at which point communications director Tony Wyllie signaled to end the meeting. The reporter, WUSA-TV’s Dave Owens, waved off the team employee trying to retrieve the microphone; Wyllie then walked over and, after a brief tug of war, pulled the microphone from Owens’s hand.

As Mike Shanahan prepared to leave, his Audi was moved to a curb near a side exit. Security guards patrolled the lot like Secret Service agents, presumably to prevent a reporters’ rush on Shanahan’s car — though, after his news conference, there was little interest in such an advance. As the guards waited, their eyes scanning the mostly empty lot, a team employee said the situation was no longer a PR issue; it was rather a security measure.


Even On Tecmo Bowl, Randall Cobb Is Still Wide Open

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“Once the quarterback breaks the pocket, guys are scrambling around trying to find somebody to cover and a lot of times, a guy is running free”

Pinpointing The Exact Moment When Randy Levine Said, “Now I’m Gonna Have To Turn My Back On You” To A-Rod

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New York Magazine’s Steve Fishman recently dove headfirst into Alex Rodriguez’ legal & public relations battles and has followed a lengthy article from earlier this month with excerpts from “a trove of the electronic correspondence between Rodriguez and (Yankees president Randy) Levine.”  By the February of 2013, what had previously been a somewhat chummy rapport between the superstar and the executive (pep talks!  steroid gags!) had turned downright frosty ;

Rodriguez: Randy, […] As you can imagine, I’m feeling left out, I can’t be with the team at spring training and this leaves an empty hole in my life. And on top of that I’m dealing with the backlash of all these ugly rumors and false stories. […] Of course I am very concerned about these rumors and about what the team is doing and saying about me. … People have been telling me that you have an 8% bounty on my contract.[…] Maybe all of this is coming from my cousin […], who knows. He claims he met with the Yankees and that you are after me and it has me concerned. I hope this [e-mail] is the start of us clearing the air between us. I don’t want us to be enemies. I am loyal to the team. I only want the best for the Yankees organization. But I do need reassurance from you and I need to know what is going on. It is bad business for everyone.

Levine: First off, neither I nor anyone at Yankees every met with your cousin. This is being handled by MLB and we r allowing them to do their job. There is no bounty on you. We have no idea who MLB is meeting with or what course their investigation is taking. It is entirely in their hands. We r not talking to the media on this issue, we have said this is being handled by MLB, and we will have no comment until the investigation is over. That’s it. There is nothing else going on. I wish u health and a good rehab.


EMI’s Alleged Kiss Off To Cronos : Would A Simple, “Thanks For Your Submission” Have Been So Difficult?

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I’ve heard of Kobe Bryant manufacturing motivation, but this is ridiculous.  Pic culled from Quelli Della Calibro 38.

If Andrew Bynum’s Not Quite An Immovable Object In The Paint, At Least He’s Tough To Trade

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On Friday, Cleveland suspended C Andrew Bynum (above, right) indefinitely for “conduct detrimental to the team”, though a similar punishment could well be levied upon GM Chris Grant (above, left) , who signed Bynum to a two year, $24 million pact last summer.  The Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s Mary Schmitt-Boyer alludes to “a pattern of behavior from Bynum and whether (Bynum) was fully committed to basketball”, along with digging up a quote from earlier this season in which the former Laker/Sixer hints his knee troubles have him contemplating retirement (“My knees are my knees. They’re not going to get better, they are what they are. That’s really it. … I feel like I can still be a double-double guy in this league, but it’s just going to take some modifications to my game and whether or not I want to accept the challenge and do that,”).   Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski claims the Cavaliers, “have no intention of Bynum ever playing another game for them,” though it seems the feeling’s mutual.

“He doesn’t want to play basketball anymore,” a league source told Yahoo Sports.

The Cavaliers believe Bynum has been a “disruptive” presence within the team and have lost hope the partnership can be salvaged, sources said. Bynum often expressed a lack of desire to play and practice and was convinced by the Cavaliers not to quit previously, sources said.

Other teams that met with Bynum during his free agency last offseason were concerned about his desire to play and commitment to continue the rehab needed for him to play in the NBA after repeated knee problems, sources said.

The Sequel To “We Bought A Zoo” Is Not Going Entirely Well For Nu-Media Bard Jose Canseco

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Shea Hillenbrand could’ve told you there’d be days like these, Jose.