Prematch Brawl At Vicente Calderón Stadium Leads To Death

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Following clashes between supporters of Deportivo La Coruña and Atlético Madrid Saturday, a 43 year-old traveling fan of the former has died after being fished out of the Manzanares river, having suffered cardiac arrest, hypothermia and head injuries. From World Soccer.com :

The Spanish Professional Football League (LFP) had attempted to suspend Sunday’s match between Atletico Madrid and Deportivo following news of the violent incidents outside of the stadium, but according to the Spanish publication AS, LFP officials were unable to locate any representatives of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) – who have the authority to issue the order to the match referee to stop the contest.

LFP president Javier Tebas had been concerned about the potential problems between rival supporters. Shortly after being informed that fans were fighting in the streets outside of the Vicente Calderon, Tebas attempted to have the fixture called off. It is understood that both clubs agreed to have the match suspended, but FEF officials were unable to be located in order to issue the order.

The violence reportedly began at 9am local time and LFP officials became aware of the incidents a half an hour later. The match between Atletico Madrid and Deportivo kicked off at noon. According to various reports in Spain, the fighting between the rival ultra factions continued for an hour.

Incremental Progress In Flushing : Sherman Predicts Mets Inaction Without Writing, “Besides, They’re Broke”

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(I simply refuse to believe this picture of physical well-being cannot be flipped for Starlin Castro)

Following the acquisition of free agent OF Michael Cuddyer, persons waiting for the Mets to flip some of their quality pitching surplus for a prominent position player are advised not to hold their breath, as one anonymous exec quoted by the New York Post’s Joel Sherman warns, “this might be the worst time in history to be out in the trade market with pitching.”

“No free-agent starters have signed [except A.J. Burnett],” the executive said. “You have the potential to trade for Cole Hamels or Ian Kennedy or a bunch of other really good starters, maybe even Johnny Cueto and Jordan Zimmermann.”

“And every organization now thinks it has pitching. Maybe not as much as the Mets, but more than in the past. No one can find bats. I just think the teams with bats are king right now.”

For example, the Mets have been lined up with the Cubs often as trade partners because New York has tons of young pitching and Chicago a bevy of young bats. But, the executive reasoned, the Cubs also have money. They can, for example, buy Jon Lester or Max Scherzer now and a year from now, when they are better positioned to win, delve into next offseason’s potential trove of Zimmermann, Cueto, etc. And never touch the prospect bats if they do not want. Or just keep hoarding them for trades.

Of course, unless you think a plethora of quality pitching on the market is the only reason Sandy Alderson’s hands are (somewhat) tied, Sherman reminds us that w the Mets “cannot expect a big return for No. 3-5-type starters who come with varying levels of injury concern,” especially not when those starters (Niese, Colon, Gee) come with contracts more likely to make them candidates for a late season salary dump-4-prospects.


Wishing A Very Happy 65th Birthday To Dirty Dutch Mantell

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Though I deplore Zeb’s use of the slur Jewish American Princess, I salute his service to this nation, promo cutting ability and hope he’s having a wonderful day.


Kawakami : It’s All Over For Harbaugh In Santa Clara

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After a listless display against Seattle Thanksgiving night, Niners CEO Jed York (above) felt compelled to issue a public apology via Twitter (“this performance wasn’t acceptable”). Along with citing the regression of Colin Kaepernick, the tenuous status of offensive coordinator Greg Roman and the somewhat reserved ambiance at Levi’s Stadium, the San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami wonders, why, with 4 games left to play (including a rematch in Seattle, December 14) did York show up his head coach?

The only logical reason: York wanted to prepare 49ers fandom for major changes ahead, and let’s all assume that York’s main focus is on Harbaugh’s future.

York and general manager Trent Baalke set this up, intentionally or not, by tacitly suggesting that this was an all-or-nothing season for Harbaugh.

That inflated the conversation about Harbaugh’s future, that trickled into the locker room, that created a sense of doubt about this team if it all faltered and now Seattle has opened up the divide for all to see.

The last time York used words like this, it was near the end of the 2010 season and Mike Singletary was fired a few hours later.

Dan Snyder’s Happy Holiday Message

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(via Washington’s irony-free Facebook page)


Eddie Money & His Socks Would Like To Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving

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photo courtesy Carson Craig. Let’s get organized!

Wigan’s Whelan : Big, Big Fan Of The Shrewd Jews

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Over the summer, it was revealed that former Cardiff City manager Malky McKay had made an unflattering reference to then-boss Vincent Tan in a text message to a colleague (“not taking no for an answer from the chink until the 20th time or unless somebody big blows us out of the water. Can you tell him that”) along with an equally unsavory characterization of soccer agent Phil Smith (“go on, fat Phil. Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers”). Upon McKay’s appointment as Wigan’s manager last week, club chairman Dave Whelan found himself under the Football Association’s crosshairs after well, pretty much stating he shares McKays’ sophisticated world-view. From The Guadian’s David Conn :

When appointing Mackay, Whelan said he did not think the manager did “a lot wrong” in the texts. He said it was “nothing” to call a Chinese person a “chink,” as Mackay did of Vincent Tan, the Cardiff owner.

That was strongly rejected by the British Chinese Project and seven Chinese cross-party political and community organisations, who called for “a fitting punishment” by the FA, saying in a statement: “We, the UK Chinese community, refute the claim that there is nothing bad about calling a person of Chinese ethnicity a “chink” – this is at best nonsense, and at worst racist.”

Whelan also said it was not antisemitic or offensive of Mackay to have said of the football agent Phil Smith: “Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers.”

Whelan told the Guardian this only meant Jewish people did not like losing money, like anybody. Asked if he did not think it was offensive, because the claim that Jews love money has been used as a negative stereotype, Whelan said: “Do you think Jewish people chase money a little bit more than we do?”

Asked to clarify if that was his belief, Whelan said “Jewish people do chase money more than everybody else”. He added that he did not think that was offensive at all, because Jewish people are “very shrewd people”.