April 21, 2019

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(EDITOR’S NOTE : From time to time, legendary Bronx baseball executive Randy L. visits CSTB to weigh in on the meaty matters of the day, sporting and otherwise. With the New York Yankees facing heavy criticism over their acquisition of All-Star reliever / accused domestic abuser Aroldis Chapman, Randy offered, no he totally insisted on having his say – GC)

Greeting and a very Happy New Year to all members of the Yankee Universe and the petty, envious, also-rans who typical hold us to standards they’d never dream of applying to a breeding ground for criminality like the one in Queens. But enough about Jeff Wilpon’s executive box, let me address some of your concerns surrounding our daring, you might even say genius move to enlist Aroldis Chapman in our effort to end a championship drought of some half-dozen years.

I realize some of the reports surrounding Chapman’s conduct in Cincinnati are deeply troubling, but are we really living in a society where a young man’s character can be judged by one isolated, albeit highly regrettable incident? If so, consider the virtual Old Timer’s Day lineup of Yankee greats who at one time or another received a first, second or third chance from the late, great George Steinbrenner, the man who frequently called me “the Jewish son I never had, ” (decorum and simple human decency prevented me from recording Mr. Steinbrenner ever saying this out loud, but you could see the real sentiments in his eyes) ; Steve Howe, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Luis Polonia, Jose Canseco, David Cone, Chad Curtis, Jim Leyritz, Chuck Knoblauch, Joe Pepitone, Andruw Jones, C.C. Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez…need I continue?

You cannot fashion a 25 man lineup exclusively composed of choirboys. I mean, you can, but chances are very slim they’ll be any sort of a baseball team worth watching, even if their voices are fantastic and they’re quite handsome. I mean, look no further than our own General Manager, Brian Cashman, a man whose high-risk sexual escapades with dangerously delusional librarians exposed this franchise to at least as much ridicule as acquiring the game’s best closer. At least that’s what I told Cashman when ORDERING HIM to get the Chapman deal done, no matter what a bunch of social justice whiners had to say about it.

If it turns out after MLB’s extensive investigation that Mr. Chapman is guilty of serious misdeeds, I am fully confident that Commissioner Manfred will take appropriate action (even if he barely did dick about a certain contractual albatross that we’re still stuck with). But what kind of message would the World’s Greatest Professional Sports Franchise be sending if we denied an otherworldly talent like Aroldis Chapman the opportunity to make a living, while at the same time, burying Brian Cashman’s transgressions, pretending that he’s not a walking, talking trigger-warning for a large segment of our fan base (ie. every female whose spouse or significant other has internet access)?

I realize most of this blog’s readers are lonely, desperate males prone to project their predictable anxieties on others, but lucky for the Yankee Universe, I’m way more evolved. It’s out of deep respect for women that I routinely hold Cashman’s feet to the fire. And I’m not using a euphemism here. There’s an actual fire pit and I’m talking about his bare feet.

This entire matter can be resolved thru what I like to call “Goofus & Gallant” mentoring. If I simply provide Chapman with a married couple who can serve as role models (ie. Gallant), and a reprobate ex-husband who can serve as an example of what NOT TO DO (ie. Goofus), it’s gonna be smooth sailing for the 2016 New York Yankees. A weekend or two in the company of our Michael Kay and the lovely Jodi Applegate should be a behavioral blueprint. A mere hour or two watching Cashman swiping left and right on what he very hopefully calls a “smartphone” should also be a very teachable moment, if not one that is thoroughly nauseating.

Randy L.

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April 21, 2019

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Atlanta pen and ink artist Nichole Epps is the creator of the one and only Jeff Teague wine glass, currently on offer via popular online auction site eBay. This spectacular, yet highly practical addition to your wine glass arsenal is described below :

The foam fingers and hands both glow in the dark. The piece was also specially made to be used as a fully functional wine glass. 25 percent of the final sale of this auction will help fund local Atlanta organization Back 2 Basics Kids Foundation, Inc.

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April 21, 2019

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a) the pic above is misleading — Motörhead were a quartet at this point (Lemmy, Wurzel, Eddie Campbell and Pete Gill) on this tour, and in the curious parking lot performance shown below.
b) supports were Exciter and Mercyful Fate. The latter dared appear in the tri-state area despite this being the height of Kickass Monthly editor Bob Muldowney’s fatwa against King Diamond.
c) perhaps due to the modest size of the venue, Motörhead’s “Bomber” lighting rig was not utilized ; instead, several members of the band’s crew ran around w/ airplane arms during the song in question.
d) there was an unfortunate incident at the Capitol Theatre’s box office when a well-known entertainer’s name could not be found on the guest list. I’ll refrain from the details because I’m pretty sure Jon Mikal Thor could still beat me up (or die trying).

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Saturday, ESPN made a big deal about Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer coaching his last game before retiring. Why not? Remarkable pair, VT and Beamer. They were able to have QBs Michael and Marcus Vick matriculate before they entered prison. – Phil Mushnick, New York Post, December 27, 2015

As of this writing, Marcus Vick has yet to enter prison. He’s been to jail, but not to prison. Surely a fair-minded person like Phil wouldn’t pretend not to know the difference? And what possible good is advanced but suggesting that Marcus Vick, for all his considerable faults, is a sure thing for prison?

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April 21, 2019

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#Patriots win the toss and elect to kick. #NEvsNYJ

— New England Patriots (@Patriots) December 27, 2015


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Unsurprisingly, Broncos QB Peyton Manning has dismissed charges stemming from an Al Jazeera report linking him to human growth hormone allegedly procured by his wife in 2011. As the Denver Post’s Troy E. Renck and Nicki Jhabvala report, Manning has the (paid) support of someone very accustomed to defending the indefensible :

Ari Fleischer, who heads a sports communications company and is an adviser to Manning, slammed the accusations in an interview with The Denver Post on Saturday night, calling the report “junk journalism.”

“There’s no truth to it, ” Fleischer said. “What they have is a well-known con man from England who secretly recorded a former intern.”

Charles Sly was an unpaid intern at The Guyer Institute from February 2013-May 2013, according to Fleischer. This disputes information in the documentary, which says Sly worked at the institute in 2011. Sly confirmed Fleischer’s account, telling ESPN on Saturday that he worked at the institute in 2013, not in 2011 as the Al Jazeera report alleges.

According to Fleischer, Manning was a patient of The Guyer Institute in the fall of 2011 for rehabilitation from neck surgeries. Manning has not been a patient since, Fleischer said.

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April 21, 2019

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On the bright side, at least The 7 Line haven’t figured out a way to profit from this.

(ADDENDUM : It seems these shirts are the handiwork of Barstool Sports. So there’s no bright side whatsoever)

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