Mitch Albom : Doing Everything In His Power To Take The Heat Off Phil Anselmo

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In case you missed it, Florida State recently settled out of court to the tune of nearly one million dollars with former undergrad Erica Kinsman. Kinsman, who accused FSU QB Jameis Winston of rape in 2012, sued claiming continued harassment denied her of rightful opportunities under Title IX. Either The Sports Reporters’ Mitch Albom considers this a frivolous charge or simply believes victims of sexual assault shouldn’t, y’know, CASH IN. Because it’s a such a lucrative thing, being sexually assaulted.


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(EDITOR’S NOTE : the following was first posted on February 8, 2004. Since our archives from year one are on permanent vacation — or so it seems — you’ll just have to take my word for it. No one in their right mind would boast of republishing this recipe on an annual basis for 13 fucking years if it weren’t true . Of course, no one in their right mind would watch a pattycake NFL exhibition game when they can watch Paul Giamatti getting peed on John Scott’s big moment in the spotlight – GC).

Excuse me for having to spell this one out for our European readers. Pro Bowl Sunday is a BIG event for Americans. All over the country, families come together for Pro Bowl Parties. Advertisers pay hundreds of dollars to televise commercials featuring their newest products. Each year on Pro Bowl Sunday, battered womens’ shelters report the number of victims admitted to their care decreases by two percent, testament to the calming nature of the contest . If the NBA All-Star Game is, in the words of Michael Wilbon, Black Thanksgiving, then the Pro Bowl is sort of like Yom Kippur for Gambling Degenerates & Football Obsessives of All Races.

In this household, the Pro Bowl’s importance is matched only by that of the NHL Skills Competition (skate-sharpening, carrying Eric Lindros off the ice) and the entire NASCAR calendar. And with that in mind, here is CSTB’s Award Winning Pro Bowl Chili Recipe :

Ingredients :
750 g of Sainsbury Lean Minced Beef

1 jar of Uncle Ben’s Hot Chili
simmer the minced beef in a wok or non-combustible container until brown.

drain the fat in a colander.

remove half the beef and serve to CSTB’s Proofreader (allow some 20 minutes for cooling or you’ll be very very sorry)

put the other half of the beef back in the wok, add the contents of the Uncle Ben’s jar.

go watch NFL Countdown for 30 minutes

serve over a bed of white rice (if you don’t have any white rice, you can always try to cut the taste by swallowing without chewing)

Serves 1 – possibly two if you can get anyone to come over to your house for the Pro Bowl.


Gilbert Arenas’ Embrace Of Social Media Has Taken (Another) Turn For The Self-Destructive

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Kind of amazing to think that once upon a time, Gilbert Arenas’ unfiltered thoughts made him the toast of blogosphere and mainstream media alike. In the present day however, beyond the reach of NBA discipline, Arenas has segued from creepy WNBA critiques to taunting Flint’s poisoned water supply victims to finally, serving himself up as a perpetrator of credit card fraud.

QB-Turned-Doc : Moderate Amounts Of Homicidal Violence Are Alright

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On the same day that Dr. Bennet Omalu of “Concussion” fame opined that O.J. Simpson suffers from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Stanford Medical Center Professor Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain MedicineEd Riley (above) tells the San Jose Mercury News that despite what he deems “substantial risk” for professional footballers, he’s ok with his son suiting up for Whitworth University.

Riley, who played quarterback for Whitworth, veers from the hard-line, anti-football sentiment in the medical community. He isn’t convinced that a limited football career — high school only — poses a greater long-term risk of brain damage than other activities favored by adolescent boys.

The only known data on the topic is hardly current: It’s from a Mayo Clinic study on high school players in Minnesota in the 1940s and 50s. The study found no elevated risk for degenerative neurological disease, although the lack of facemasks in that era likely limited the number of helmet-to-helmet collisions.

“You have to put it in perspective,” Riley said of high school football. “There’s risk, but no more than doing other things.”

Could adding four years of collisions in college football elevate his son’s chances for brain damage down the road?

“Clearly, there are risks,” Riley said, “but it’s a risk that for him is worth taking.”


In Which Wu Ke Plays The Part Of Guillermo Mota To Jason Maxiell’s Mike Piazza

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Backstory courtesy Dan Devine and Ball Don’t Lie. Hot tip for Carmelo Anthony — you can get away from a pursuer much faster if you’re not backpedaling.

Despite The Best Efforts Of Jay Cutler, The Deceased Lived A Full & Happy Life

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Chicago Tribune, January 26, 2016


Do Not Watch The Following If You Are Hungry

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Thomas Micklethwait is considered a heroic, larger than life figure in this household. He’s already a living legend (SORRY, LARRY) for his tenure in The Hex Dispensers and subsequent introduction of astonishing brisket, ribs, sausages and world class sides to the former Trailer Space region via Micklethwait Craft Meats. Many of us have gazed longingly at the inner gatefold of ZZ Top’s ‘Tres Hombres‘, but how many have possessed the skill, patience and appetite to re-create this historic album art and then consume the entire spread?