A Concerned Reader Forwards The Scariest Football Video Of All Time

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Yes, even more frightening than the tape culled from the Hooded Casanova’s boudoir. Rog has long claimed to be haunted by the clip above, and now that it’s available on YooToob, he observes, “it’s interesting how the video begins at night in the stadium and ends in the daytime out near the parking lot.  I guess they really did Ram It all night long, though the cheerleaders are long gone by the time the clip ends so…make your own conclusion.  And Eric Dickerson shows the charisma that got him that MNF gig a few years ago.  I’m sure this was part of his demo reel.

btw, I also found the Raiders’ video which features a very stiff Howie Long looking even whiter than Todd Christiansen and Matt Millen.  I hope Al Davis doesn’t see this.  The old man might think this was shot recently and try to fire Tom Flores again.  Yikes.”

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  1. Greg D. says:

    Does anyone act more gay than the “Mountain Man from West VA?”

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