A-Rod : My Rep As A Preening Narcissist Is Highly Exaggerated

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Though the New York Daily News’ “[email protected]” gossip column neglected to cover the Thurston Moore/Rat Bastard/Kenny Millions collaboration that took place at Miami’s Art Basel, the paper’s trio of Carso Griffith, Brian Niemietz and Lisa Lang did manage to catch up with injured Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod, likely to be Kevin Youkilis’ understudy when and if he returns to active duty, denied the second most prominent rumor about his off-field activity.

“No, I do not have a painting of my upper body on a Minotaur,” he told [email protected] at a toy drive over the weekend. “I don’t know where they get that stuff.”

The story, first reported by Us Weekly in 2009, had a former fling of A-Rod’s claiming two “centaur” paintings hung above the third baseman’s bed.

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