A Somewhat Desperate Plan To Derail OU’s National Title Bid

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Some folks aren’t taking today’s news all that well. Presumably, phoning in a bomb scare to Arrowhead Stadium is illegal and/or doesn’t afford Missouri a competitive advantage.

Hey TEXAS LONGHORN fans, of which I am OBVIOUSLY one – what’s done is done. Here is a pro-active activity to do in mass:

JAM the Oklahoma Sports Ticket Office now selling Big 12 Championship tickets from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM tonight. Just call the number and hang up or tell the ticket agents that OU Sucks or whatever. If enough Texas fans jam their phone lines it just might have an effect on Sooner turnout in KC next week.

Here is the information:

The OU ticket office will have limited phone sales from 5“7 p.m. this evening. Phone sales will resume at 8 a.m., Monday, Dec. 1, by calling (800) 456-GoOU or (405) 325-2424.

Y’think the person advocating the above plan is familiar with caller I.D.?

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  1. glenn says:

    I heard something about Mack Brown’s vote in the Coaches Poll having something to do with OU being tabbed for the game. If that’s true, there may be some problems in Austin this winter.

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