A Version Of “Mother” That Will Have You Crying “Uncle”

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The folks at Legion Of Rock Stars have already done their worst to Loverboy and Billy Idol, but there’s little that can prepare you for their meditation on, uh, Chuck Biscuits’ sole entry in the Billboard Top 40. (thanks to Eric Bradford for the link)

2 responses to “A Version Of “Mother” That Will Have You Crying “Uncle””

  1. Rob says:

    LRS redefines live art. To see them live unlocks some of the mystery behind these completely awesome (and, for some, perplexingly confusing) videos. There should be a Grammy for groups like this! To paraphrase Ty Pennington, “There’s just one more thing to say here . . . Rock on LRS, Rock on!”

  2. mondofzz says:

    I’ve been saying for years that LRS is the only important rock band of the last 25 years. I guess people are starting to listen.

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