After Flip Saunders’ 3rd Consecutive Eastern Conference Finals Loss…

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…I humbly offer the following bits of consolation to the Motor City :

a) your hockey team is still involved in some tournament or another.

b) it takes a special city to provide a home to a band that dropped a trio of 7″‘s paying homage to Suicide, INXS and Sparks earlier this spring.

c) as long as Todd Jones is pitching for the Tigers, lonely young men from all over North America will consider Detroit a likely destination.

d) while the Pistons didn’t win Antonio McDyess the trophy he’s long coveted. Boston and LA might have this year’s NBA Finals dance partners, but they don’t have any FAYGO.

One response to “After Flip Saunders’ 3rd Consecutive Eastern Conference Finals Loss…”

  1. Nathan says:

    Nice to see someone saying something positive about Michigan.

    Every time the Wings, Pistons, or Tigers get into the national spotlight, it’s like we get peppered with articles from the main stream media about how horrible Detroit is (as if those of us living in the state don’t know how bad our economy is and how bad everything is going in Detroit right now, from the mayor to the same old problems that have plagued it since the ’60s).

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