Al Davis, Cheating Death, Mulling Another Move To L.A.

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Just days after the Raiders denied Al Davis, 81,000, was in poor health, the Oakland owner (above, left) is said to be (again) infatuated with Southern California. Or at least that’s the claim of CSN.com’s Paul Gutierrez, quoted by Pro Football Talk’s Greg Rosenthal :

“You hear the Raiders involved with L.A. all the time because I think Al Davis still believes that’s his territory,” Gutierrez says.

Davis has said he would listen to offers from Los Angeles, but Gutierrez admits it’s far-fetched.  Davis believes the best spot for a stadium is in the Bay Area on the same land where the Colosseum resides.  Plus the folks in L.A. reportedly don’t want to deal with Davis anyhow.

Much as I’d agree a return to LA seems unlikely, who amongst us wouldn’t relish seeing the Raiders take up temporary residence in the The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum if only for the handful of times a year Davis and Lane Kiffin might collide in the parking lot?

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  2. Tone says:

    Bring them back, The Crypt Keeper will be dead soon, but the team will live on!

  3. W.R.N. says:

    Mr. Davis is the soul of the Raiders, and always will be.

  4. LASucksNorcalC0ck says:


  5. Nelson G. Sosa says:

    He must be insane if he thinks L.A. is the home of the Raiders.
    If you don’t remember when either the cowboys or the giants use to play agains the Raiders the crowd was mostly rooting for the visiting team, are you guys crazy, Oakland is the only home for the Raiders, and playing in the coliseum is a disadvantage, since the fans are so far away from the field, when we score touchdowns the players will need oxigen when they get back from the stands, how about this, I remember the packers playing in Greenbay and a couple of game in Milwaukee, why can’t that be arrange it will be great and Oakland will still be HOME true field advantage, I know the game is a business but that will give LA the chance to have a team playing some games.

  6. frank nicholls says:

    i have met al and many of the greats of the raiders and i doubt they will ever leave oakland again

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