Alberts : ESPN Destroyed Me

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Tired of playing a supporting role to College Gameday’s Three Amigos, Trev Alberts became the Butkis Award winner that wouldn’t kiss butt. As such, he’s now out of work and can’t say much on the record to the Lincoln Journal-Star’s Steven M. Sipple.

The 35-year-old former Nebraska football star was fired by ESPN earlier this month because of a disagreement regarding his role in the network™s œCollege GameDay lineup. He said Wednesday he can™t talk about the situation because of pending litigation. But he spoke enthusiastically and optimistically about his future, saying he™s keeping an open mind and considering various options.

He doesn™t envision resuming work as a college football analyst for another network.

œMy opportunities in broadcasting have probably been destroyed by ESPN, said Alberts, a native of Cedar Falls, Iowa, who now lives in suburban Atlanta. œMore than likely, I™ll be making a lifestyle and professional change, which I suppose isn™t always bad.

œMy wife and I have been praying a lot and looking for direction.

With his TV days apparently behind him, he said he™s become œintrigued by potential opportunities in construction and real estate, among other possibilities.

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  2. rhoops says:

    sorry trevor, but WHO exactly did you like on gameday. . . or which college football douchetard ESPN did you prefer???? certainly not fowler, corso, herbstreit or any of the other multitudes of complete morons they have there. . . alberts was a light in the tunnel as far as i’m concerned. you never liked his “style”? you sound like a sad hipster who wasn’t invited to the party. what about his impartial views and criticisms no matter who was playing? isn’t that more important than so-called style? because ESPN is ALL about style, and if his style was more than his substance, then, obviously he’d still be employed. . .

  3. rhoops says:

    and yeah, there should be an “on” inbetween “douchetard” and “ESPN”, next time i’ll read my post before i post it. . .

  4. eric says:

    trev, “lifestyle change”? espn scared you out of the broadcast closet?

  5. David Roth says:

    Now they’ve done it. Terrible though he was in the studio, Trev is now loose in the world at large. This guy’s running for Congress in ten years, book it. Guh.

  6. Some Guy says:

    Wow. Trev Alberts was a light in the tunnel? fowler, corso, herbstreit are complete morons? OK i’ll give you corso but even corso makes Trev Alberts look ignorant. I had to change the channel everytime he started talking. I remember during the 2002 Season when every week he would say how bad Ohio State was and how luck they were. Finally when the went undefeated in the regular season he said that they didn’t deserve to play in the national championship against miami. Real good analyst

  7. Alex says:

    Although I did get used to your cynicism and criticism of the Pac-10, I will miss you. GO USC!

  8. Keith says:

    Anyone from Cedar Falls, Iowa envisions themselves as a big fish in a very small pond (not to mention most are fucking morons!). And for this reason, it is no surprise that Mr. Alberts and his hayseed ilk have no direction and no talent-except to play sports and end up on the evening high school/college roundup on KWWL or KCRG TV. When the real world is encountered, they run and cry like the premadonna babies they were raised to be!! EAT SHIT!!

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