All Over The Bronx, They’re Chanting “We Love Wang”

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One night after the Staten Island Yankees honored their onetime pitcher with a commemorative bobblehead, the full-sized Chien-Ming Wang baffled the Devil Rays en route to a complete game, 2-hit shutout, as the Yankees defeated Tampa Bay, 6-0. Bernie Williams hit his 8th HR of the year, Derek Jeter was 3 for 5 with a double and a pair of RBI’s, and Alex Rodriguez….wasn’t charged with any errors (sorry).

Though I’m trying my best to concentrate on the Jon Lester/Kelvim Escobar duel taking place in Anaheim, I am somewhat distracted by Jason Stark’s insistence that not only are the Rangers and Astros very much in the mix for Miguel Tejada, but the Dodgers “have come down with a case of Tejeda Fever.” Nothing a B-12 shot shouldn’t clear up, I reckon.

The Phillies have traded David Bell to Milwaukee for 22 year old RHP Wilfrido Laureano. The latter was placed on the West Virginia Power’s suspended list earlier this month for undisclosed reasons, though perhaps a premonition that he’d someday be linked in baseball history with David Bell was enough to provoke some violation of club rules. Ned Yost’s son, Ned IV, is the Power’s first baseman (and presumably, the resident snitch), so perhaps there’s some greater insight at work. Greater than mine, anyway.

6 responses to “All Over The Bronx, They’re Chanting “We Love Wang””

  1. Rog says:

    That Yankee win should only count as half a win. I’m tired of Micheal Kay feigning excitement every time the home team piles it on against some AAA lineup. Fuck those people, I hate them.

  2. GC says:

    well, they all count. Were the Yankees to lose to D-Rays (not an unheard of occassion) it would be cited as yet another example of this aging, overpaid bunch being incapable of contention, etc. And the day Michael Kay becomes blase’ about a Yankee win is also probably the day he’s looking for work elsewhere.

    as for Sterling, I intend to watch a lot more Ivy League football this autumn (ie. one game)

  3. ben schwartz says:

    The only question mark over Chicago right now is what uniform Greg Maddux will be in on August 1. As to the Dusty Baker bet which CSTB hopes to make (while still spending that moundcharger $$$) Hendry no doubt realized that no new manager in 06 will guarantee him the team he’s paying for — re Prior, Lee, and Wood — will get off the DL and the Cubs are too far out at this point to make a turnaround probable with any new manager. Then again, if Dusty shows he’s a company man ahd sucks up to the right Parrothead, they will no doubt let him stay.


  4. Jon Solomon says:

    Good news! You’ll have three to choose from!


  5. jennifer says:

    Alex Rodriguez….wasn’t charged with any errors (sorry).


  6. GC says:

    it’s that kind of intolerant reaction from so-called fans that will have me demanding a trade.

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