An Around The Horn Halloween : Jay’s Scarier Than Usual

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Mariotti’s Kate Hudson is most certainly not the slump-buster A-Rod is looking for. And good thing Kevin Blackistone is wearing a name tag, otherwise we’d have no way of knowing who he’s supposed to be . However, the latter deserves massive credit for prefacing every spiel with “i’m gonna let you finish, Kate Mariotti…” Somebody remind me, did Mariotti dress up as Ozzie G. last year?

2 responses to “An Around The Horn Halloween : Jay’s Scarier Than Usual”

  1. Jay says:

    When will you douchebags realize you’re poverty-buried no-lifes?

  2. ben schwartz says:

    Jeez, Jay, if you’re doing so well why do you have to put on women’s clothing to make a living on tv?

    that said, i had to go down to the dmv today and none of the costumes seen on “around the horn” (a sporting phrase borrowed from a bill tilden visit to a all boys tennis camp, i believe) tops anything LA’s best civil servants wore for their dress up day. which is odd, since no one knows mascara application better than mariotti.

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