An Open Letter To Dan O’Dowd

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(Josh Fogg was born in December. Just like Jesus.)

Dear Dan,

Thanks for taking the time to chat with XM 175’s Rob Dibble and Kevin Kennedy this afternoon. Without top-flight guests such as yourself, well, we’d have to listen to them talk even more often!

That said, I was curious why you found it necessary today, when discussing the make-up of your young Colorado Rockies team, to describe said players by saying “they’re all good Christians”.

I don’t claim to know nearly as much about professional baseball as yourself, so maybe you can explain to the CSTB readership how being a good Christian would make someone a better player. It might very enlightening to learn why the religious background of any Rockies employee — uniformed or otherwise — is considered relevant.

This is the sort of follow-up question I would ordinarily expect from halfway competent broadcast journalists, but given that you were appearing on Dibs and K-Squared’s show, well, I guess I shouldn’t expect miracles.

in humidors we trust,


P.S. Do any of the Ten Commandments cover falling down the stairs carrying deer meat?

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  1. Dr Morbius says:

    Christianity Matters is the new Character Matters.

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