And The Worst Part Is, Santa’s Not Wearing Pants

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Awful Announcing found the above Xmas ornament via the Boston Herald earlier today, and it is very safe to say Sportress Of Blogitude‘s Weed Against Speed isn’t going to shell out $16.50 to hang one on the S.O.B. tree.

You have got to be shitting me. Who in their right mind would want one of these? Better yet, who would be willing to humiliate themselves and walk into a Hallmark or Kohl™s store and purchase one of them? I don™t care if for some reason or another you find yourself with a half-witted,  mouth-breathing, ham-fisted  mongoloid on your holiday shopping list that would actually want one of these abominations, don™t go and buy one. This will not stand. This affront to Christmas will not stand, man.

I’m a bit less offended, but do hope at the very least, Vince Doria’s family got a few of these for free, what with his likeness being used.

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