And You Thought Michael Irvin’s Speech Was Emotional

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(when you’re in the Hall, who’s gonna complain about moonlighting for a new blog?)

Today marks the debut of White Lines, the long-awaited football blogsterpiece from the minds behind Yard Work and Hard Wood. And much the way they’ve attracted some of baseball and basketball’s biggest names, W.L. is off to a hot start, having uncovered the first draft of John Clayton’s Hall Of Fame acceptance speech.

In reality, I™m not that great a writer, nor that masterful a prose stylist. But compared to the rest of these mental midgets that masquerade as football writers in this country, I™m Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwickin the Barbarian Mother Funky Stay High Dollar Bill Shakespeare.

And as for my ESPN career ” let™s just, for today, pretend that the last 12 years never really happened. I mean, even I have some kind of shame.

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