Anna’s Quickie (Non)-Divorce

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This just in from CSTB reader Maura Johnston:

Tabloid favorite Anna Benson no longer wants to divorce Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kris Benson.

On Tuesday, she dismissed the divorce petition she had filed last week in Atlanta, attorney Jeffrey B. Bogart said in a press release. Instead of splitting, she expressed a desire to reconcile her marriage.

“Anna did a lot of soul searching over the weekend, and it is her desire to repair her marriage,” Bogart told ESPN.com.

Though it wasn’t specified as terms in the filing, it now appears the Orioles batboys are safe.

2 responses to “Anna’s Quickie (Non)-Divorce”

  1. Bill Lyons says:

    Here’s My Theory

    All press driven

    Anna thought she was a celebrity on her own and she read the press and blog reaction to when she announced the divorce. Contrary to her dilusion, she is nothing more than a loudmouthed pitcher’s wife.

    Everyone realized what a useless whore she is. Not only that, even with a third rate pitcher for the f-ing Orioles as a husband, people STILL realized what a useless whore she is.

    Just check the press and blog coverage. Or even her own website playing the song “Golddigger”. Didn’t think people would notice, eh Anna?

    Run home to papa, Anna. You still have time to catch up to your meal ticket.

    Fuck her


    I still would, though.

    Good Night, and God Bless

  2. GC says:

    you’ve got some serious issues….of Guys Who LIke To Use The Word Whore Magazine!

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