Another College Football Upset Shocker

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After all, the Temple Owls were a three-point favorite for their home game against Buffalo.

And the Owls should be, wrote Mike Jensen of the Inky. After a sloppy start last week against Navy, Temple looked like a team capable of winning some games in the Mid-American Conference. (And when was the last time a sentence seriously included the words “Temple looked like a team capable of winning”?)

Won’t happen again, I’m sure. Buffalo 42, Temple 7. Embarassingly, Penn State plays both of them.

Plenty of entertainment in Ann Arbor so far, as the Ducks followed an end zone INT with a red zone failure (but a 3-0 lead), then answered a Michigan touchdown with one of their own that also saw them go for two. 11-7 Ducks.

Update: Wow.

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  1. Brendan Flynn says:

    I think that would be when Paul Palmer played there. Yes that Paul Palmer who was the runner up for the Heisman Trophy in 1986 before a brief stint with the Chiefs and stardom for the Barcelona Dragons. Army is their only hope for win this year. At least the Penn State game might make them some money by selling tickets. They’ve had bigger nastier dudes on their basketball teams: Kevin Lyde, Ron Rollerson, Wayne Marshall, Nehemiah Ingram. Maybe they need some 5am practices.

  2. Jason Cohen says:

    I’m a Brian Broomell man myself.

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