Apparently, Clothes Do Not Make The Man

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Of a report in today’s Boston Herald citing Patriots coach Bill Belichick (above) as “The Other Man” in a New Jersey divorce case (Belichick has supposedly been carrying on with Sharon Shennoca, “a slim, blue-eyed 41-year-old stay-at-home mom,” and former New York Giants receptionist), the Human Whoopie Cushion writes, “It’s impossible for anyone to deny Belichick’s coaching prowess over the last few years. But who know what he was capable of?”

Good grief, apparently the Spicy Crunchwrap Supreme spokesmodel has forgotten the whole mess just a few months ago in which the coach was linked to Bonnie Bernstein, along with insinutations by the Globe’s Ron Borges that Belichick might be doing something unsavory “when everyone else is sleeping”. If a professional “sports” blogger’s sole claim to fame is his ability to stay on top of others’ zipper problems (aside from his own, naturally), is a little research (said in Geico caveman voice) too much to ask for?

(Sorry, I forgot about the other claim to fame.)

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  1. Joel says:

    The hard-on you have for that guy is unbelieveable. It is not exactly like you have been above and beyond linking to such innuendos. Hell, you just showed us you have in this friggin post.

    Please go post some more nude pics of the former Mrs. McCartney, king of “sports” bloggers.

  2. GC says:


    I’m sorry, you still haven’t answered my question from the last time you graced us with your witless babble : does the Human Whoopie Cushion’s ejaculate taste like Spicy Crunchwrap Supreme? I think it’s kind of rude for you not to share.

    as far as being above and beyond “linking to such innuendoes”, how could I claim to be so if I’m LINKING TO THEM AGAIN in the above post? Listen, dude (and by “dude”, I mean “fuckface”) I linked to the Scott’s Shots piece fuckkkking ages ago, and did the same when BSM decided to petition for Borges’ firing. So did Will ,


    making it kind of mind blowing that he’d suddenly forget about the Belichick rumors. Unless of course, his attention to detail rivals your ability to pen a halfway entertaining or informative comment.

    Considering that David Scott is one of Screechy’s bigger fans, it is particularly inexcusable for Will to have somehow forgotten about Mr. Hoody No Goody’s zipper issues.

    I’d also like to point out that I have NEVER posted a nude picture of Heather Mills McCartney.

    As you can see, she is, as they say in the trade, non-nude. Still not sure what’s up with the Stuart Adamson lookalike, but I will not speak ill of the dead (and the Skids were pretty good for a while)

    Still, since you are so clearly dying for some kinda amputee tuggin’ material, here you go:


    please continue to frequent this lovely website. Your traffic = more loot from Bodog = David Pinto’s kids can afford to go to one of those schools where you make up your own major.

  3. Jeff Strike-her says:


    don’t be ignorant all your life. Take a day off!

    The editor is only modestly endowed in the man-parts department (less so if he’s been doing blow and cracker jacks all night). This, however, is what I’d call an unbelievable cock.

    Belichick? Never fucked him. But I’m game.

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