Are The Halos Hunting Mr. Apology?

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Though Jason Giambi (above, right, with close friend David Chase) homered last night off Tim Wakefield in the Yankees’ 6-2 defeat of the Red Sox, the New York Post’s George King is cranking up the speculation regarding the embattled part time player’s next employer.

MLB isn™t the only outfit interested in Jason Giambi. According to a person with knowledge of the Angels™ thinking, the AL West leaders have an interest in acquiring the Yankees™ DH to bolster a lineup that is last in the league in home runs.

The Angels™ interest in Giambi, who was in a 1-for-26 slump and batting .268 going into last night™s game, was before the recent controversy surfaced. It™s likely the Angels, who have 30 homers, will wait to see what MLB does before pursuing a deal the Yankees would have to listen to very seriously.
The Angels have utility man Chone Figgins to move as well as backup catcher Jose Molina. And their farm system is loaded with young arms. However, if the Yankees have to eat a sizeable portion of Giambi™s salary to make the trade they would want more back for Giambi. As for Giambi, he has a blanket no-trade clause. However, the Angels play 20 minutes from West Covina, where he grew up, and an equal distance from the Orange County beaches Giambi enjoys.

I’m sorry to say I’ve not spent nearly enough time socializing with either King or Giambi to know exactly what “Orange County beaches” is supposed to be a euphasmism for.

4 responses to “Are The Halos Hunting Mr. Apology?”

  1. David R. says:

    Given that the Giambino, in just 24 hours, went from trying to commit suicide in his father’s backyard pool (with a Ziploc bag & a cinder block) to homering in a key Yankee victory, I think we should show the guy some overdue respect.

  2. Rog says:

    It’s a euphamism for good weather and pretty girls, dummy.

  3. GC says:

    whatever you say, Rog. But you can’t guarantee me that George King doesn’t make an elaborate INJECTING motion with his hands while he says “Orange County beaches”

  4. Pete Segall says:

    I shudder to think what “blanket no-trade clause” might mean.

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