Are You Ready For The Deadspin Superbowl Party?

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This has been some kinda month for Deadspin’s Will Leitch. Not only has he been wowing a national TV audience with his star turn as Christian radio host Chris Kennedy (above) on “Friday Night Lights”, but I’m told he’s got a new best seller in the bookstores, “God Save The Fran”. It’s about time someone had the guts to write an entire book about how Fran Drescher has so much more going on than a nice pair of legs, and while I’m not sure Will’s the man for the job, America’s sports fans his associates (and Will’s editor) would surely say otherwise.

If that weren’t enough excitement, Leitch is hosting a Super Bowl party and Mr. Irrelevant’s Chris Mottram is nearly beside himself with anticipation.

Going to a party hosted and attended by sports bloggers (along with endless amounts of beautiful women, I’m certain) in a nondescript sports bar in a strip mall somewhere around Glendale, Arizona is more intriguing to me than, say, the Maxim party (although not as intriguing as Dan Majerle’s party). Plus, Steinz and Ufford will be there. Actually, I think those two will be everywhere together this week. Word is that they’re sharing a hotel room. Hilarity is sure to ensue.

Granted, my own SB XLII party is unlikely to consist of much more than sharing a plate of nachos and a couch with a dog and two cats (one of ’em prone to excessive coughing). But I couldn’t help wonder if a Leitch-hosted event would really be, y’know, off the hook (as the kids say) by comparison.

Judging from the snapshots on offer at Will’s Flickr page — helpfully linked to last week at Deadspin following the “God Save The Fran” publication shindig, this shall indeed be a killer event. A lot of major companies would balk at being associated with someone who exhibits this sort of cultural sophistication, but I salute both of them for standing by their man. Don’t let the pressure groups push you around, Harper-Collins and The Sporting News! Let freedom ring!

5 responses to “Are You Ready For The Deadspin Superbowl Party?”

  1. M. Cuban says:


    How have you not linked to Scott Simon interviewing your favorite Cards fan on NPR last weekend? You can hear the dear lad almost choke on his own tongue when Simon asks him why he’s such a flippantly racist fuck near the end…


  2. GC says:


    the Blizzards are on me.

    It’s a hell of an interview. Simon nails him — repeatedly. Answering charges of racism and pandering to his readers, Leitch protests that visitors to Deadspin, if not readers of his lovely book, “know it’s all in good fun”.

  3. David Roth says:

    That was some cross examininer/ambush-with-your-own-words shit, all the way, but I sure don’t think the guy was wrong. A really impressive interview — for that one guy who wasn’t Will Leitch. If I never hear someone say “uh” over a five-minute stretch that many times again, I won’t be surprised. Although it’s nice to know that Willie McGee (probably) was the first black guy Leitch’s sister ever saw. That probably absolves him of any charges of having crappy racial politics.

  4. mush nick says:

    if I were gay I’d be jerking off to the Shanoff book review every day. Come on Mr. Quickie!

  5. Fernando says:

    We are stupid pumped about the championship game. We have got a very good shoot out. I’ll take them Indianapolis Colts in a close one.

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