Arresting Visual Images Of The Week : Nails’ Dangerous Twizzler Addiction

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The Twizzlers sort of match Lenny’s tie, but almost as impressive as the Dykstra ensemble was Nails’ succinct dismissal of an alleged $7,000.00 debt for airplane rental with “that’s my fuckin’ ashtray money, bro.”  Not for a moment do I suspect the reporter added the gratuituous “bro”.

4 responses to “Arresting Visual Images Of The Week : Nails’ Dangerous Twizzler Addiction”

  1. Ben Schwartz says:

    The list of high end success stories on Wall Street these days is pretty short. Treasury Secretary Dykstra, anyone?


  2. Jason Cohen says:

    He looks like he’s ready to join “Law and Order”

  3. David Roth says:

    Or audition for a remake of ‘That’s My Bush.’

  4. Ben Schwartz says:

    In the top picture he’s a little bit Peter Ustinov, in the bottom somewhere between Ted Koppel and fat Jake Lamotta from RAGING BULL.

    What’s with the return of “bro,” btw?

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