Astros Give Cooper The Final Two Weeks Off

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Houston fired manager Cecil Cooper earlier today, appointing former Round Rock Express skipper Dave Clark interim manager for the season’s final 13 games.  The Chronicle’s Richard Justice accuses Drayton McLane and Ed Wade of having “waited until a season had been lost to make a move they should have made months ago”,  and The Crawfish Boxes’ Dying Quall concurs, opining, “just don’t care that we fired Coop.  I would have a month ago.  I would have jumped for joy and swung from rafters shouting the good news, but it’s too late.”

Does this really do anything for the team itself? I doubt it.  Wade and McLane have watched the magical point in the season where firing their manager could perhaps help the team rally to glory weeks ago.  The front office has also now sunk a few million with the contract extension they offered him in April.

This just feels like a symptom of the greater issue that plagues this franchise: a complete lack of willingness to be bold.

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  1. Ben Schwartz says:

    read about this from a roger clemens tweet and realized i’d rather hear about it on the street.

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