Astros Send Redding To Padres, Rocket Routed

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Houston have traded righty Tim Redding to San Diego in exchange for catcher Humberto Quintero (above). The former, previously in contention for the 5th spot in the Astros’ starting rotation, leaves Dave Burba and Brandon Duckworth fighting for the job. The latter, the protagonist of Vladimir Nabokov’s classic “Lolita”, hit .250 with two home runs and 10 RBI’s in 23 gaames for San Diego last year.

Houston’s Roger Clemens had a rough, extended outing today against Detroit. Before I get into gloating mode, however, you’ll note that the Mets’ Kris Benson flashed the sort of form you can usually expect from him in anything other than a walk year, getting hammered by the Cardinals.

After leaving yesterdays start against the Mets after just one inning, Nationals starter Tony Armas Jr. was placed on the 15 day disabled list, diagnosed with a right groin pull.

In happier news, Tony Armas St. reports that his groin feels just fine.

2 responses to “Astros Send Redding To Padres, Rocket Routed”

  1. ben schwartz says:

    You’ll have plenty of gloat time this season with the Rocket off the juice. I think the same’ll happen with that angry Randy Johnson in NYC, too, meaning Steinbrenner will have Wells, Brown, and Johnson all fall apart on him. I have NOTHING to back up this theory except for the way these two keep pitching in their 40s like they’re Satchell F’n Paige.


  2. David R. says:

    Ben – Senor Wells, his gout, his bad back, his focused Krukian cross-training regiment, and his drunken wanderlust are now part of the problem facing the World Champeen Red Sox. As is Mr. Schilling, his Lloyd’s of London tendon sheath, and his supposed ‘roid use (according to my idiot friend, a Yankee fan that hates on his favorite team when they win the damn World Champeenchip – oh, he’ll have the fun this year). Trot Nixon is also supposedly on the juice, because he was mediocre, and then he improved after a few years of mediocrity, and then threw out his back and/or tweaked his groin and/or contracted a staph infection from wearing the same damn unwashed undershirt for 3 months.

    Of course, the REAL PROBLEM in baisbol is actually “players coffee” (just like Hank Aaron used to drink!), and it’s a shame Senator McCain can’t tear himself away from the Bush twins’ week-long gams to see this.

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