Astros Survive, Lidge Fumes

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Astros 5, Braves 4

(Scrappy delivers the no-confidence vote ; Lidge has the presence of mind to avoid saying “fuck” on television)

Innocent-until-named-in-the LA Times Andy Pettitte pitched 7 strong innings, and a 9th inning throwing error by Atlanta’s Edgar Renteria provided what proved to be a crucial insurance run for the Astros. I don’t mean to bitch about the quality reportage of the Houston Chronicle’s Jose De Jesus Ortiz (after all, he’s on deadline and doesn’t have the benefit of reading his own stuff to see what’s he’s missed, nor can he simply cut and paste from the Houston Chronicle), but how do you not mention Phil Garner dissing Brad Lidge in favor of Dan Wheeler?

Congrats to the Sultan Of Sloth’s San Diego Padres and the DePodesta Free Zone that is Dodger Blue on each qualifying for the postseason earlier today. We’ll not know which of the pair has won the NL West and who will travel to Flushing as the Wild Card until Sunday’s games are done, but we are 100% certain the Phillies’ valiant late run has come to a close. Though a blown call on Chase Utley’s 3-run HR that wasn’t this past Tuesday cost Philadelphia dearly, perhaps calling up Cole Hamels sooner might’ve made a 2 or 3 game difference, too.

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  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    I was hoping beyound hope that the Sultan of Sloths gout could have kept the Phillies on life support but alas…

    I am as disappointed as the next Phan about the Phillies again falling just short of the playoffs, especially being that they would have going into them from a position of strength (although Gordon may have been a tragedy in the waiting), but in reflecting on the big picture, I am chins up. At the beginning of the season it was shaping to be a year where they were in transition but should be in contention for at least a wild card, and in an odd two-phased way, that is what happened. For the first time in a generation,
    for the last 2 months, the Phillies had a rotation where 6 IP was a minimum and not a ceiling, Howard had one of histories most monster years, Chase Utleys hitting streak, the emergence of Cole Hamels and a nice surprise feel-good story in Chris Coste. The Phillies do have some $$$ to work with this off-season and the shopping list really isnt that long. The priorities are right-handed protection for Howard, a 3B (Aramis Ramirez would take care of both needs), perhaps a solid middle rotation starter (depending on Moyers and whether or not his family concerns will preclude him from re-upping) and for Pat Gillick to do a better job as far as bench and bullpen depth (please, no more of the likes of Arthur Rhodes, Ryan Franklin, Abe Nunez etc, and make contingency closer plans if/when Gordon starts breaking down again). So, there is every reason to hope that the Phillies can go into 2007 with a team capable of winning 90+ games and giving the Mets some competition.

  2. Jason says:

    I didn’t see the game, did sparks really fly between Lidge and Garner? Because I thought Lidge had been behind Wheeler in the bullpen pecking order for more than a few days, maybe even weeks.

  3. GC says:

    Garner motioned for Wheeler, Lidge at first gave him the “what the fuck?” look, then proceeded to yell into his own glove (above). Over Da Lidge barely acknowledge Scrappy when the latter came to fetch the ball, then proceeded to brush him off when the manager tried to console him after the game. CLASSIC stuff, though I really shouldn’t be giving Ortiz too much grief. In the overall scheme of things, they probably had some heavier shit to discuss in the visitors’ clubhouse late last night and earlier today. Way to distract the club, Rocket!

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