August 26 In Tweets : Hey, We Already Ran This ‘Reyes To Cease Baseball Activities’ Story

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  • esp. if she’s on Charlie Rose RT @fangsbites: Tonya Harding on any TV show should include her whacking someone on the knee. #
  • huge chants for Francoeur. They’re yelling “LATE INNING DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST”. Admittedly, not a very catchy chant #
  • Francoeur thrown out going 1st to 3rd by Wes Helms ; Darling likes the “calculated gamble”. Helms was pretty shallow at the time #
  • Darling on the Marlins financials – teams w/ first class ballparks paid by the public oughta spend on players. Y’know, like his bosses. #
  • Darling on Hanley Ramirez : “if you have hair like that, you’d better hit”. Now we know why Wattie from the Exploited never made the bigs #
  • looks like Tejada beat that one out. Ruben’s never gonna get in the hall of fame if he keeps being victimized like this #
  • SNY’s Cohen says Reyes reinjured the right oblique – unfucking real how much playing time Jose’s missed in his short career #
  • that’s how we all feel when Francoeur is in the lineup RT @BobKlap: #Mets officials say Jason Bay is still experiencing nausea, vomiting. #
  • #extendhojo RT @EliFromBrooklyn: The Mets, with David Wright’s blast today, have 96 HRs on the season. In 2009 – the team finished with 95. #
  • Nuggets new GM’s task – move Melo, K-Mart and JR Smith http://bit.ly/chaKMZ #
  • surely a game-used Magik Markers guitar is worth more than $50 http://bit.ly/duSW2I (via Derek Erdman) #
  • (ferries = new Brokaw/Weston project) RT @treorsi: Tre Orsi + MV Ferries + Arc In Round + Z. Cale @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn tonight. #
  • sad. and I always thought Mick Foley was more of a Billy Joel kinda guy http://youtu.be/Gpq8TTFWDs4 (via @drkmtch) #
  • “Jeremy Piven In My Eyes” RT @mosurock: I was more dismayed with the use of a Death song, in that no cast members actually died. #
  • i totally get the gag of a Dramarama song on “Entourage”, but no one in their right mind wanted to ever hear that again #
  • yeah, but the NCAA rulebook is SOOOOO dull. RE http://bit.ly/az4lAu #
  • what part of of “they lost hundreds of millions” do people not get? RE http://bit.ly/9qghbX #
  • RT @Amareisntreal Willing to trade some Knicks seats for good tickets to high holy days services #
  • HD is not always a good thing. I’ve not seen a human as radioactive as WNBC’s Bruce Beck since the heyday of WWOR’s Reg Wells #

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