August 29 In Tweets : Hopefully The Final Aldo Nova Appearance On CSTB

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  • how d’ya know when the Red Sox have scored? LOUD NOISE coming from Tropicana Field @homefielddisadvatage #
  • in honor of tonight’s DYS/FU’s reunion in Revere, MA, here’s an interview with their mentor/svengali http://youtu.be/-vKqFLA3c_U #

  • I’m no Yankee fan, but I’m sure you’ll agree, Ivan Nova > Aldo Nova http://youtu.be/GylirgHFqeQ #
  • i applaud young F. Cervelli’s displays of raw emotion, and look forward to his upcoming PSA’s re: the hazards of beating off in public #
  • John Schooley’s One-Man Band, @beerlandtexas, Saturday night #
  • Planet’s greatest organist, Wally. DUH RT @wallacematthews: Nancy Faust Bobblehead Night here on sept. 18. how many of you know who she is? #
  • Dickey today : 7 IP, 6 hits, one earned run, 2 walks, 2 K’s, lowers ERA to 2.56 and barring Taka collapse, picks up 9th win. #
  • in honor of NZ’s earnest effort against Spain today http://bit.ly/bU0lXR #FIBA #
  • Fox Sports’ Bill Brown says Sharapova “hasn’t won much”. Just 22 singles titles, 3 grand slams. #
  • love hearing Astros’ TV guys tsk tsk over Beltran’s “unmovable” status. From the team that dumped Berkman, is STUCK with Carlos Lee. #
  • Dibble – on “hiatus” or simply fired? RE http://bit.ly/dsSrPf #
  • Golden Boys, Lake Travis, Volente TX, Friday night http://yfrog.com/2oyvubj #

2 responses to “August 29 In Tweets : Hopefully The Final Aldo Nova Appearance On CSTB”

  1. dan quisenberry says:

    this day in cstb tweets: just one ben wallers mention short of a hook or crook records trifecta

  2. GC says:

    if it didn’t happen on the day of a rare cricket post, it might never occur!

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